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I was born in London, England and now reside in Columbus, Ohio.

I have lived in the Middle East, France, Switzerland and visited Germany, Canada, Ireland, Spain.

BA. Hons: Psychology
BSc. Study of World Religions. Bath Spa University.

Executive/Entrepreneur Coach
Distinction fromBCI

Professional History:

Twenty five years in Personnel and Recruitment across Leisure and Healthcare industries in managerial posts responsible for staff, performance targets, continuous business development, expansion of regional deployment.

Current Key areas of emphasis:

As COO of
Social Networking
Research and development in Social Network Analyses and real world applications. Enhancing the virtual experience to upgrade online interaction dynamics though new technologies. Humanising the cyber experience and its implications for a social revolution.

Start-Up Business School (Beta)

Entrepreneur: A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the RISK for a business venture.

Start-Up Business School provides clients with the knowledge and tools to succeed for early stage businesses, providing a range of support services that are appropriate to the product, its market, available funding and its stage in the lifecycle. This century may very well be seen as the "Entrepreneurial Age", with thousands of independent and determined individuals taking the entrepreneurial challenge each year.Our world of constant change demands the vision, innovation, and dedication of entrepreneurs.

Start Up Business School provides hands on effective training for entrepreneurs; identifing the current needs for fast track entrepreneurial education and training in real world terms. In the U.S. alone, 90% of all businesses are small businesses.

Start-Up Business School provides a clear path to success by offering a world-class education in the do's and don'ts of creating and maintaining a successful business.

Start Up Business School supports, mentors and educates entrepreneurs to levels of excellence and develops the values and characteristics of best practices for sustainable business success. CDO

Develop behavioural excellence initiatives in the workplace.

Professional Overview:
Corporate Programmes help to-

Formulate a clarity of vision and action plan
Energize the management team about new opportunities
Increase personal and team effectiveness and initiative
Cultivate a new ‘organizational conversation' that creates the future

Cognitive-behavioral development applications.

Developing CSR Programmes for Corporate/Community initiatives for a new evolution in entrepreneurial and civic developments.

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Social network


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