Résultats examens 2022

En résumé

Ingénieur chimiste de formation et en poste au sein de la société PPG dans le laboratoire développement électrodéposition pour le domaine de l'automobile. Responsable de l equipe Developpemennt.Support technique pour l'industrialisation des nouvelles formules.
Développement de nouveaux produits et amélioration des formules actuelles.
Dynamique,bon relationnel, ouverture d'esprit,organisée pro-active pour le changement et l'amélioration continue
Anglais et allemand courant

Mes compétences :
Recherche et Développement
Gestion de projet
Team management


  • PPG Industries Division Automotive - Responsable Développement Cataphorèse Automobile Europe

    2016 - maintenant
  • PPG Automotive Coatings France - Development Chemist Engineer, EDP Auto

    2012 - 2018 Development Chemist engineer in Electro-coating Lab, Automotive Coatings
    Back up to Lab Manager Europe Development E-Coat
    To develop new electrocoat products or modifying existing products to meet current and future customer needs of the automotive industry. This includes planning, organization and execution of development programs.

    “Cross labs initiatives” related projects, especially with European Electrocoat Resin and Pretreatment laboratories and Allison Park Research Center, for products development and new technologies transfer projects.

    To provide support to plant production (Saultain, Caivano and Valencia) and Development center in manufacturing of new products through scale-ups, trial runs and technical expertise.

    To coordinate and update the Key Performance Indicators related to lab activities or product launches.

    Develop and/or improve lab test methods to simulate coating performances.

    To solve problems through the creative use of technical and scientific knowledge.

    To participate to the AMDEC working group and assure ISO/TS and HSE standards are fulfilled and maintained at their higher levels. To coordinate the quality activities and tools (documentation, BPI, metrology)

    To be responsible of Topcoat activity for SPS Lab

    Management skills: be in charge of technicians and applicator.
  • PPG Packaging Coating Deutschland - Ingénieur chimiste R&D

    2010 - 2011 Development Chemist Engineer, Monobloc Aerosol and Tubes, Packaging Coatings

    Project management: development of new coatings for plastic tubes and monobloc aerosol cans Technical service: Improvement of coatings to meet customer requests
    Manufacturing support: Quality control
    Evaluation/ Measure of oxygen barrier permeation for UV coatings
  • PPG Packaging Coating Deutschland - Stagiaire ingénieur R&D

    2010 - 2010 Developement Chemist trainee, Monobloc Aerosol and Tubes department, Packaging Coatings

    Project for customers: development of UV varnish for cosmetic plastic tubes, having an oxygen barrier. Set up the oxygen permation device and statistical analysis of the key factors on the measurement.
  • Pelikan Hardcopy Switzerland - Stagiaire R&D

    2009 - 2009 R&D trainee in Inkjet printing inks department

    Evaluation of the reactivity of photo-initiators in UV curing printing inks.
  • Protec&Gamble - Staigaire production

    2008 - 2008 Production placement, Making LENOR softeners,

    Performed the role of the Team Leader: coordination of action plans between operations ans supply chain.
  • Exxon Mobil Chemical France - Stagiaire qualité

    2006 - 2006 Trainee in quality department

    Study on the ratio of grease in polypropylene using two different methods.



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