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Ressources humaines
Chasse de tête
Réseaux sociaux


  • Blue Infinity - Recruteur

    2015 - maintenant Dans une équipe de 8 personnes, 4 nationalités différentes, je parle français et en anglais dans mon activité quotidienne:

    * Recrutement
    - Recueil d'informations auprès des commerciaux IT
    - Debrief du poste lors des confcall client
    - Rédaction des annonces
    - Diffusion des annonces sur le site carrière, LinkedIn, TurnoverIT
    - Sourcing sur notre base de données Taléo, réseaux sociaux professionnels, jobboards
    - La sélection des candidats
    - Pré-qualifications téléphonique
    - Prise de références
    - Négociation salariale
    - Entretien face à face
    - Reporting managers
    - Coaching candidat avant entrevue avec le client
    - Gestion administrative liée au contrat de travail
    - Intégration des nouveaux employés

    Technologies: Java / J2EE, .Net, Avaloq, PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, angularjs, nodejs, BackboneJS, DojoJS, Zend, Bootstrap, CMS (Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, Prestashop), SAP , HP ALM, PL-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, LAMP

    Profils: Développeur/Architecte Software, Manager de Tests, Développeur Web, Designer Web, Ingénieur DevOps, Intégrateur Web, Administrateur / Ingénieur / Architecte Système & Réseau , Technicien de support, Chef de projet Fonctionnel / Infrastructure / Software / Web, Business Analyste

    Domaines: Banque, ONG, Luxe, Biens de consommation

    Site Web:
    Site Carrière:
  • SPIE - Recruiter

    Cergy 2012 - 2015 * Getting information from operational people
    * Writing announcements
    * Advertising on the intern website, job boards
    * Sourcing
    * Selection of applicants
    * Phone pre-qualifications and face to face interviews (individual and collective)
    * Reporting
    * Integration of new employees
    * School relationship
    * Internal mobility

    Profiles: Business Manager, Service Delivery Manager, IT Ingineer, Sedentary IT technicians, mobile IT technicians, helpdesk for hotliners
  • Experis IT - Recruiter

    Nanterre Cedex 2012 - 2012 * To Create and to broadcast announcements on the intern website and Job Boards

    * To determine the most suited applications to the needs of the managers

    * To define and implement a recruitment strategy based on profiles

    * To research candidates through means available

    * To make phone pre-qualifications and face to face interviews

    * To write reports

    * To track candidate throughout the process

    * To Update daily from the database and internal tools
  • Global Recruiters Network Czech Republic - Researcher

    2010 - 2010 *Doing internet or publication research to locate similar companies or companies with similar positions to the client.

    *Contacting the company by phone to obtain the name of the person holding a position similar to the open one.

    *Contacting that person to see if they are interested or if they know of someone else they can refer.

    *Conducting a first interview with potential candidates.

    *Research also entails compiling lists of companies and contact numbers in particular industries(e.g. chemical manufacturers) for future use.

    *Inputting candidate information into contact database. Sorting through existing CVs, categorizing and re-organizing them

    *Contacting old candidates to obtain updated information and ascertain their current career interests/direction.

    *Following job ads placed by companies that we want to work with.

    *Other functions can include correspondence, and potentially, first interviews with people who have sent unsolicited applications (i.e. to "info' email address), and subsequent candidate management if they are viable.

    *May also be responsible for finding other interns, both from abroad as well as through local school programs.
  • Groupe Léa Nature - Assistant in Human Resources

    Périgny 2010 - 2010 * Recruitment (announcements, selection of candidacies, answers to candidacies, recruitment interviews)

    *Administration of the personnel (files mutual insurance company and foresight, updated of the files of the personnel)

    *Development HR (updating of the definitions of function)
  • Y.O.F.A.A.E.T. Ghana - French teacher

    2009 - 2009 * Teaching French language in a school as part of an internship humanitarian

    * Entertainment of children

    * Teaching songs

    * Supervision
  • La Rochelle Actions - Salesman

    2008 - 2009 *Participated in the research of new firms
  • Boutique Léa Nature - Shop assistant

    2007 - 2008 *Setting up products


    *Inventory Management

    *Management of correspondence sales


    *Management of the shop

    *Processing orders and dealing with customers complaints

    *Contributed to and helped to refine the sales objectives

    *Cash and credit card handling
  • C.L.S.H. Puilboreau - Coordinator

    2002 - 2011 *Entertainment for children

    *Supervision of children

    *Setting up activities


    *Supervision and monitoring of trainees BAFA