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  • Monexion - Fondateur & CEO

    Paris 2012 - maintenant Monexion is a secured service that handles expenses and payments between friends. It's simple, free and fast. Monexion works on iOS, Android and desktops.

    Monexion is the new and only social payment network. Friends can split common expenses inside an event and Monexion will handle all the accounting.
    Each participant can enter an expense, chat with other participants or even share his pictures.

    Payment is included in the app: so you don't have to send checks, go to the ATM or find bank infos of your friends. Just one clic and Monexion makes the payments.

    Also you can use Monexion to just send and receive money for any reason (drinks, cab rides, sports, etc), to organize group gifts or manage your roomate expenses.
  • Raymond James Paris - Head of Trading & Middle desk

    2000 - 2011 RAYMOND JAMES INTERNATIONAL (Paris Office)
    Three main activities:
    • Head of the sales trading, US securities – buy side traders, quants and PM based in France, Switzerland and Monaco. Management of the desk order flow, trading strategies and business relationships. Bespoke trading for a wide panel of clients and their various needs in term of execution services. (Care, Vwap, Twap, close, POV, pair, spread, baskets, etc)
    Trade reporting (margin, profitability, coms generated) tools created for the desk.
    • Front to middle systems – Implementation and development of all the trading, connectivity and middle systems for US & EU team in Paris. Moved to Fidessa late 2009, the whole process is now in place and fully automated.
    In charge of the electronic business growth, management and improvement (Fix DMA & EDA) for US & EU desk. 50+ Fix connections created or moved to the new OMS.
    • Pure sales – Own revenue generated with an established client base.

    Team management: 4 front – 4 middle (EU & US)



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