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Trilingue : Français - Néerlandais - Anglais - (et allemand de base)
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Habitant en Belgique Flamande depuis maintenant près de 20 ans, je suis la personne idéale pour servir de "pont relais" entre la culture et habitudes Francaises, Wallonnes, Flamandes et Neerlandaises (je connais également très bien la Hollande / Pays-bas pour y avoir de nombreuses relations de travail, et habiter à 2 km de la frontière).

N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour tout renseignement. Je suis ouvert à toute proposition.

que fais-je ?

- Strategy - Change - at C-level and BOARD level
CEO-directeur general & general management / Analysis/Audit - Recommendations - Implementation - People coaching

Daniel in a nutshell:
- 12 years CEO in 2 SMEs for turnaround (2 times 6 years): new strategy, new products, new organisation, new culture
- technical education (Chemical engineer, PhD in Physics) + eMBA
- Fluent in English, French, Dutch- international experience
- different sectors known in the industry (metals, recycling, building, facilities

-- > a perfect combination of THEORETICAL knowledge and PRACTICAL experience : we did it ourselves !
We share the mistakes we did and the successes we booked.

• Developed a Startup in intra-preneurship : Created a new profitable Business Line (my “start-up” within an international company)
• Managing turnarounds: Re-shaped and re-positioned 2 companies in different sectors based on turning Innovation into Commercial excellence
• Changing Company culture: Introducing new leadership principles based on a creative collaborative team spirit (outside-in approach, Ownership, Entrepreneur, Innovative)

Customer focused approach for sustainable profitable growth:
• A good understanding of the “new” customer of tomorrow and of the day after tomorrow
• A strategic, tactical and creative thinker with flair for innovation & interest in new trends

Leveraging the value of different cultures, charismatic personality with a sense of humor, able to inspire
• French nationality, living & working 20 years In Flanders with global customers and suppliers
• Set up of diverse teams to stimulate a new Business approach based on customer focus
• Public speaking. Organizer of congresses and Innovation days and many public presentation

Proud to be the father of the Award-winning “Battery Recycling Unit” technology and business line (for electric cars) of the today’s world leader company, Umicore

CONTACT: +32 475 90 91 45 / /

Mes compétences :
Accompagnement de dirigeants
Traduction anglais français
Business Transformation
Transmission d'entreprise
Business strategy
Accompagnement au changement
Stratégie commerciale
Direction générale


  • HRD Antwerp - Director Strategy & Change a.i.*

    2018 - maintenant 1) Review the current vision, strategy, products and organisation as external advisor
    2) Make recommendations to change the company returns and company culture
    3) Implement the changes

    * on behalf of URfuture, for the Board of Director of HRDAntwerp

    CEO, Change, turnaround, culture, strategy, organisation,
  • URfuture - Self employed Innovative Business coach - Vision & Strategy- based on Customer needs and Innovations

    2018 - maintenant 1° STRATEGY & CHANGE (analysis, recommendations and implementation)
    2° non-executive director positions in Board of Directors

    - Currently, for a company in the region of Antwerp, make a comprehensive STRATEGIC AUDIT & RECOMMENDATIONS : Mission, Vision, Strategy, commercial offer, internal organisation, and this for their worldwide organisation. NOW also IMPLEMENT the recommendations

    - For a newly created management consulting in the Benelux (Devoteam Management Consulting), define the market positioning, customer offer and internal organisation for the industrial market. Positioned in "change management" : As-IS and To-Be definition and change implementation.

    Don't hesitate to contact me (+32 475 90 91 45)!

    Board of directors, non-executive, Innovation, strategy, transformation, coaching, change management, venture, new technology, commecialise, business development, strategy, vision, turnaround, customer centric, customer needs,
  • IRIS sa - Directeur general

    2014 - 2018 Le groupe Belge IRIS est actif dans 4 domaines de services aux entreprises:
    - IRIS Cleaning pour le nettoyage
    - IRIS greencare pour les entretiens d'espaces verts
    - IRIS Building pour les travaux de realisation de bureaux
    - IRIS anticorrosion, pour l'entretien et le traitement anticorrosion des surfaces metalliques (industrielles)

    Member of Direction Committee of the Iris Group, and STRATEGIC COMMITTEE of the Iris Group

    The IRIS group is composed of 2 activities: Facility services (Cleaning, Building, Greencare, facilities) and Industrial Coating (Anticorrosion). The group IRIS generates a turnover of 120 mio euro per year and employs more than 3 000 people.

    The objective was to “RE-INVENT” the company and increase its competitiveness
    Major achievements:
     Market leader in the BeNeLux, the turnover grew by 25% in 4years in stable market
     Created a new footprint in France and in The Netherlands
     Defined a new business model based on commercial excellence and differentiation
     Created and developed a new future-oriented, agile & customer-focused team and organisation
     Put in place from scratch an Innovative and R&D spirit with key partnerships and external views

    Organized in 2017 the first Innovation Day ever done so far with demonstration of 7 new self-developed technologies (Geleen, NL, in Nov ’17)

    Key words:
    turnaround, customer focus & needs, strategy, vision, commercial excellence, innovation, agile organisation, external focus, team building, coach, empowerment, inspire, transformation
  • International Lead Association (ILA) and ILA Europe - Directeur general

    2009 - 2013 The International Lead Association (ILA) is dedicated to encourage the responsible use of lead and its compounds.Representing lead producers from all over the World, ILA is the umbrella global organization under which regional organizations can operate (ILA Europe, A ssociation of Battery Recyclers US, Interbnational Lead & Zinc Study Group, Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium)My role and achievements as Director are:- to re-organise the team and structure of ILA into a more pro-active and powerfull organisation- to define and develop the communication startegy for the lead industry- to represent at European level and manage the REACH Consortium which operates to meet the requirements of EU regulation of chemicals and their safe use- to organise, steer and select papers for the 2 yearly congresses : the International Lead Congres and the European Lead Battery conference
  • Campine nv/sa - Membre of Direction Committee

    2007 - 2018 Campine sa/nv is the mother company owning 100% shares of Campine Recycling nv/sa.Campine sa/nv is the world top 2 in antimony oxide production and a strong player in production of plastic master batches (flame retardant concentrates). Antimony oxides are mainly used in flame retardants in plastics, and as catalyst in PET production. Main end users are in electric & electronics applications, cables, automotive and packaging industries(180 staff and turnover €150 Mio including recycling, 10 kTon/y Sb)Major achievements & responsibilities are:tre-define - together with the CEO, Financial Manager and Site manager - the mission, values and strategy of Campine sa/nv to increase business sustainability and profitability.tEmployer representative at the “Health and Safety committee at work”: define and implement a “Health & Safety” spirit which decreased the number of accidents injury level by 80% and lead in blood by 20%tCampine’s Management and Campine Recycling's representative at the company's (Campine) works council: developed a constructive dialogue platform to win all together. tIntroduced & educated people the whole organization to Lean manufacturing, based on the “minimalism” approach (Pr. Jaikumar, Harward university). tIntroduced & educated people to information management, knowledge management & learning organisation
  • Campine Recycling nv/sa - Directeur general

    2007 - 2012 Managing Director of Campine Recycling nv, reporting to the Board of Directors with as mission to redefine and reorganise the existing business to secure short term viability and develop long term growthCampine Recycling is a lead battery (lead-acid) recycler and produces pure lead and lead alloys, with €100Mio income per year, 50 000 tons of lead production per year and 80 headcounts on payroll (escl. Corporate activities).Major achievements are:tSet up a sustainable business model by defining a new mission, vision and general strategy for the companytDeveloped a new marketing/commercial (sales and purchases) positioning strategytOperational process optimization: implemented of Lean manufacturing that increased Productivity increased by +30% and reduced cost/ton by (20%)tOptimized supply chain & throughput time to improve effectiveness and optimise working capitaltContinuous improvement: Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by 20% (outside/excluding breakthroughs)tDefined and implemented a comprehensive hedging strategy to control the financial risks and exposures (to metal price and currencies fluctuations)tIntroduced a new ERP/MRP system (SAP) to streamline commercial and production activitiestDefined KPIs and dashboard for efficient steering, via a “push” systemtAligned workforce with strategy and motivated the team by communicating clear targets, priorities and reinforcement of the team spirit and entrepreneurship attitude
  • Umicore - Business Line manager-START-UP (intra-preneurship)

    Bagnolet 2005 - 2007 Creation of a new independent P&L for the recycling of Li-ion and NiMH batteries for mobile, laptops and Electric & Hybrid Vehicles (EV/HEV). A 30 staff unit with turnover of EUR 10 Mio in 2007.Winner in 2004 of the European Environmental Press Gold Award (EEP) organized by European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP) and received during a Ceremony at Pollutec, Paris.Major responsibilities and achievements:tDeveloped a completely new Business Line for the recycling of rechargeable batteriestThe new Business Line has been started from scratch, based on a personal idea which came through the Innovative development funnel (so-called "Umagine"). tIn 2007, the Business line “Umicore Battery Recycling” counted 30 staff and realized a turnover of EUR 10miotP&L responsibilities (Finance/ Business development/ Operations/HR) tFocused on Business Development to grow global customer portfoliotLed technical developments (patented plasma technology) in Belgium, and Production operations in Sweden (Hofors)tActive participation to European Directives & Basel Network actions tMember of the Mobile phone Partnership Initiative of the Basel Convention tUmicore representative at Eurometaux, European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA).
  • Umicore - Innovation & Venture Line manager

    Bagnolet 2003 - 2005 The “Umagine Experience” : Embrace innovative & creative spirit within UMICORE group by organizing brainstorm and risk management sessions to identify “viable/profitable” new technical ideasMajor responsibilities and achievements:Venture Line Manager : Proof profitability & viability of a new business activity based on a new technical & commercial idée.The idea was to develop a process (Thermal) for the Environmentally Sound recycling of rechargeable batteries used in mobile phones, laptops and Electric and Hybrid vehiclestTest the feasibility of the innovative idea on technical, commercial and financial fieldstCreate and develop business plan, market analysis, customer segmentation and value propositiontDevelop and improve the process & get it patentedInnovation manager tCo-developed and animated Global Innovation cell “Umagine”, throughout the UMICORE grouptEnhance the “innovation spirit” & creative thinking
  • Umicore - Senior Research manager

    Bagnolet 2000 - 2003 Major responsibilities and achievements: •tDevelopment of a know-how on the Blast Furnace technology tDeveloped a Blast Furnace simulating programtSet up a test method to optimize slag composition for the flow sheet at Hoboken Precious Metals Recycling facility of Umicore. tImproved the Lead Blast Furnace production capacity and stability.tImproved process and Total Quality of the product•tLeadership of several high temperature research projects tProject & people managementtLab scalet : t3 technicians and 5 workers.tPilot scalet :t3 technicians and 4 workers.
  • Lhoist - Project manager

    1998 - 2000 The group Lhoist is the world leader in lime and limestone with production facilities worldwide.Main responsibilities & achievements:Expert for the furnaces proces for production of lime from limestone. Development of standardised test to define the quality of the lime obtained in function of type and origin of the limestone and the thermal processtGlobal Team Leader : Calcination & Lime Production Processes•tImplementation of a new limestone calcination and lime characterization test (patented), generating :tNew quarry exploitation management plan. tKilns process optimization & Capacity increase. tImprovement of product quality, leveraging New Products and Thermal Treatments - Lhoist R&D tMentoring PhD students & followed up collaborations with EU UniversitiestPrecipitated calcium carbonate synthesis (PCC) improvement. •tProduction plants Support & Quality Management in Termal treatment processes.tImplementation of a 2 days training course on Calcium Inorganic Chemistry, together with HR and VP Research & Development. tLHOIST R&D presentation during open doors in several Lhoist plants.
  • DGA/DRET - National Research Center of French Army - Research Engineer-service militaire

    1992 - 1993 Experimented a new concept for air filtration based on activated Carbon fibers