En résumé

After 9 years in Cameroon, where I ultimately had to restructure an industrial company in a very unfavorable context, I had the mission during the past 6 years in Gabon as PESCHAUD General Manager, to structure the subsidiary in order to suit the standards of the oil and gas industry and increase Peschaud business in the country.

During those 15 years, I have built strong technical skills in business development, organization, human resources while working in highly challenging environments.

From July 2014, I will be in charge of the Group’s International Business Development, based in our French headquarters in Saint Germain-en-Laye.

Mes compétences :
Contrats internationaux
Négociation contractuelle
Business development
Oil Gas industry
Management d'équipe
Direction centre de profits
Direction de filiale
Management de projets
oil and gas


  • PESCHAUD ET COMPAGNIE INTERNATIONAL - Business Development Manager

    2014 - maintenant Plant PESCHAUD's flag in new countries

    2008 - 2014 Peschaud is a regional leader in oilfield logistic and assistance in remote environment.
    As subsidiary manager, I am the Executive Chairman focal point.

    My main achievements are as follows:

    - Set-Up a long term business development strategy that enabled to increase the initial turnover in 2007 from 9 M€ to 40 M€ in 2013 (est. 2014: 55 M€) while increasing profitability & market share

    - Manage a pool of 650 employees including 45 expatriates (2007: 135 empl.)
    In a country where unions are very active, I systematically managed to anticipate any social issue by ensuring good communication with the local employees, having heart to fully integrate the requirements of local content, opting for a revised dynamic wage policy and training staff at all levels to promote their development

    - Leader on HSE commitment by setting new standards on regional market in order to comply with O&G international HSE standards to guarantee best service delivery

    - Organization of the company to support its development :
    o Set up of a dedicated ERP & a HR management software ; creation of purchasing and cost control departments
    o ISO 9001-2008 & International Safety Management certifications in process (Q3 2014)

    - Finance : budget preparation, creation of dashboards and key performance indicators 

    - Oil&Gas operators focal point for:
    o Application for tenders
    o Contracts negotiations
    o Awarded contracts follow-up while liaising with customers and ensuring operations’ supervision

    Main clients:
    - SHELL - Provision of Marine Vessels & Services – 7 years (+2) contract
    - PERENCO - Provision of all-included logistics services for Rigs Caroil 7 &17 – 4 yrs
    - SINOPEC ADDAX – Provision of logistics on site – 2 yrs
    - SCHLUMBERGER – Base Logistics – 3 yrs
    - MAUREL & PROM – Workover Logistics – 3 yrs
    - TOTAL - Provision of Crew-boats – 5 yrs (+2)
    - KCA DEUTAG, CAROIL, S.M.P. – Provision of logistic assistance for drilling and rig moves (4 rigs)
    - SUBSEA
  • PILCAM - Directeur d'usine

    1999 - 2008 As subsidiary manager for PILCAM that represented the West African leader in battery manufacturing, I was managing 300 employees with 12 M€ turnover.

    My main responsibilities included:

    - Adapt the company from a leading position in a market that has become highly competitive:
    o Trade Policy: definition, implementation and support of various markets (Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea)
    o Creation of a Service Marketing - Analysis and Competitive Intelligence ; strategic repositioning of the brand in different markets
    o Subcontract Manufacturing to China: establishment of specifications, research of partnership (quality, time, best practices), qualification and ranking of bids, negotiations in China (3 missions / 2 months) ; 30% discount off cost
    o Restructuring of the company - 3 social plans (deletion of 250 positions)

    - Improvement of industrial organizations
    o Technical development of products (AA & AAA batteries), industrialization, purchasing, production
    o Continuous improvement of quality, process, methods, costs and organizations
    o Optimisation of the Upstream Supply Chain - Outsourcing in Asia (20% discount off the cost zinc)
    o Development of the specifications and monitoring of development of a software control and management of spare parts (€ 700k per year, excluding investment)
    o Preventive maintenance - preparation, organization, supervision (1 month - 400ke)

    - Human resources


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Et Métiers (Paris)

    Paris 1994 - 1997