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Movil +52(81) 1381 2374

Buyer & Category Merchandising Manager:
Accomplished merchandise management and buying professional with extensive experience in launching product assortment initiatives to maximize profitability. Adept at negotiating and enforcing vendor contracts to claim significant cost savings. Proficient at optimizing inventories to reduce overstock and out-of-stock situations while improving inventory turns and cutting inventory carrying and distribution costs.

Business skills:
- Entrepreneurship
- Continuous improvement
- Team leadership
- Supplier development
- Customer satisfaction

Purchase Specialties:
- Strategic sourcing
- Direct and indirect planning
- Trade negotiator
- Assortment construction
- Market research

Sale Specialties:
- Category management
- Sales forecasting
- Budget and KPI definition
- Merchandising
- Pricing strategies

Supply Specialties:
- Inventory management
- Distribution agreements
- Credit procurement
- Replenishment
- Turnover improvement

Mes compétences :
Négociation commerciale
Grande distribution


  • AutoZone - Category Manager

    2014 - maintenant - Hard parts categories. Ignition and Engine Management ($22 US m).
    - Lead all aspects of a business category development, coordinating sales brokerage for automotive hard parts with several American and Mexican vendors across 420+ national retail sites and distribution centers. Direct vendor communications, negotiations, and procurement. Examine sales forecasts and vendor performance history. Manage and maintain optimal inventory levels.
    - Increase the profitability and category contribution with the implementation of sourcing strategies designated to improve commercial terms, merchandise quality, costs, coverage level, warranties and vendor funding.
  • Groupe Casino - Chef de Produit

    Saint-Étienne 2013 - 2013 - Multimedia categories. Laptop Computers and Software ($77 US m).
    - Buyer manager of a technological seasonal trend category, managed with quarterly purchasing assortment across 125+ national retail sites and distribution centers. Supported retail store sales as well as catalog orders and Web transactions in conjunction with sales forecasting and inventory planning teams.
    - Increase of +8% in annual revenue 2013 in the Laptop Category by creating a brand new special catalogue “Guide Multimedia” at the same time of the mayor annual season “Back to School”.
  • Soriana - Chef de Produit

    Monterrey 2008 - 2011 - Grocery categories. Private label, Food commodities, Automotive accessories and Household cleaners ($98 US m).
    - Served as Buyer and Manager of negotiations for cost and merchandise assortments of various grocery products for 25 mayor brand vendors across 570+ national retail sites and distribution centers. Led analysis and selection of new vendors and coordinated buying activities. Evaluated and recommended new product offerings.
    - Increase of +12% in annual revenue 2011 in the Household Cleaners Category by creating a brand new special catalogue “The cleaning festival” filled with exceptional promotions. Mayor promotion: “Buy toothpaste and get a Detergent for free”



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