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Over 20 years of experience as a sales professional with technical expertise in distribution and delivery. Outstanding capacity to develop and manage sales channels and agents with innovative strategies resulting in increased revenue. Skilled at developing sales in new areas within highly competitive markets. Extensive knowledge of distribution networks between European and American markets. Proven ability to integrate and adapt to a new company culture and organization.

Key Words: Sales, International Sales, Strategic Plan, Market research, Water market, Marketing, Environment, Energy, Water Meters, Pumps, Liquid tanks, Motors, Lean Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Key account, Recruitment,
Suez, Degremont, Veolia, EDF, GDF, OTV,

Mes compétences :
Grands Compte / Key account
Marché de l'eau / Water market
Marché énergie / Energy market
Vente international / international Sales


  • Sesa Systems - Senior Project Advisor

    Criquebeuf-sur-Seine 2018 - maintenant New York, USA

    SESA SYSTEMS, will focus on providing all industries with lean office and manufacturing visual management products.

    World Leader LEAN Manufacturing and Visual Management since 1990.
    Visit us on
  • The Triana Group - Senior Project Advisor

    2017 - maintenant New York, USA

    The Triana Group augments the business development teams of B2B technology companies. Founded in 2008, we are among the longest-lasting privately-held consulting firms in our segment. We have successfully supported clients ranging from technology-transfer spin-offs to international corporations exploring new markets. Working with clients collaboratively and engaging industry-experts in substantive conversations, we help assess the business potential of new technologies, guiding their go-to-market strategies, engaging with strategic partners, new revenue channels and key accounts internationally.
  • FC Consulting - Senior Project Advisor

    2017 - maintenant
  • Brands within Reach (BWR) - Operations and Finance Project Manager

    2015 - 2016 New York, USA
    The company imports, distributes and markets specialty food products and beverages. Achieved outstanding customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving resources and managing supply chain.
    Maximized operational performance for customers with an expedited Purchase Order process; ensured resolution of customer concerns and developed new techniques and processes to improve productivity;
  • Elster Water Metering - VP Sales

    2012 - 2014 7 400 empl.

    Area Zone: France
    Elster (UK group Branch) is specialize in the design, supply and sales of water, gas and electricity meters.

    Specialize in Water and Energy meters.

    Organized and managed sales and increased the number of contracts with local water authorities. Established a new marketing plan. Introduced the right metering technology for French market. Organized training of sales partner. Created a new market for Elster with local authorities in charge of water. Key achievements:

    • Managed and supported 16 sales executives, including organization of the sales and technology training.
    • Negotiated new contracts with sales partners including sales target
    • Built strong relationships with sales teams and customers by identifying and understanding each customer’s unique needs. Collaborated internally in order to deliver water meters and services to meet those needs
    • Organized sales trade shows in France
    • Designed new technical brochures to provide the best selling points in order to draw customer attention to Elster products
    • Launched new meters with price list strategy
    • Developed software tools to facilitate the creation of accurate proposals and to satisfy quotation requests more efficiently.
  • CST Industries - Regional Sales Manager

    2010 - 2012 Main office Chicago, US Branch
    Turover: 250 M$- 750 empl.

    Area Zone: France, Italy, Belgium, Nederland and Luxembourg.

    Managed and trained the sales teams in 5 European countries with the objective of increasing sales. Trained the staff and demonstrated a new technology of liquid storage to major companies. Key achievements:

    • Built a robust market analysis in order to organize segmentation of the clients.
    • Increased turnover 200% within 2 years
    • Presented steel tank storage technology as an alternative to concrete tanks on the French market.
    • Led BIDS in conjunction with engineering team
  • Sterling SIHI - Ingénieur Commercial

    2007 - 2009 German company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of liquid and vacuum pumps.
    Turnover: 250 M€ - 1,600 empl.
    Sales Representative, Key Accounts in water, environment and energy sectors

    Joined water and environment division and developed a new market with major companies. Proven track record in increasing sales in water and energy by prospecting growth in Nuclear Market. Key achievements:

    • Increased turnover 50%
    • Developed large customer base with new customers from major companies as Veolia, Sidem, OTV, EDF and GDF
    • Won the biggest BID ever won by the company for nuclear vacuum pumps while preserving margins
    • Led BIDS in response to tenders in conjunction with engineering team.
  • NUM SAS - Ingénieur Commercial

    2001 - 2007 French then Swiss company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of digital controls and motors / variations. Turnover: 20 M€- 60 empl.
    Sales Representative in the machine tools and specialized machines

    Improved profit in specialized machine division in partnership with builders. Key achievements:

    • Turnover doubled in six years
    • Consolidated of the margin by promoting increased services
    • Established a mutually trusting business relationship with the manufacturer of the machine which resulted in product exclusivity
    • Supervised the development of educational requirements for technical High Schools and colleges
    • Organized trade shows
  • GERBER Technology - Ingénieur Commercial

    1998 - 2001 American company specializing in the construction and marketing of automatic cutting machines, CAD software. Turnover: 72 M€- 45 empl.

    Developed sales in Paris and its surrounding area for textile cutting machinery. Key achievements:
    • Increased of 30% in turnover in three years
    • Developed a new market in the advertising industry
  • KARDEX - Ingénieur Commercial

    1995 - 1998 German company specializing in the construction and the marketing of vertical automated storage equipment
    Turnover: 13M€- 50 empl.

    Experienced in logistic solution for vertical automated storage equipment in a highly competitive sector. Key achievements:
    • Designed a solid base to sell the product together with technical solutions
    • Ensured high customer return on investment for the selected solution
  • FL Entreprise - Commercial

    1994 - 1994 Subcontractor of fine sheet-metal working
  • SOGICA, travail temporaire - Commercial

    1994 - 1995 Employment agency specializing in the industrial and logistic sectors. Key achievements:
    • Opened a new office in Le Mans and identifyied commercial potential
    • Recruited and managing human resources contacts