Rueil Malmaison

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Mes compétences :
Customer & Business Orientation


  • Schneider Electric - Commodity Purchasing management & Operation functional management

    Rueil Malmaison 2015 - maintenant - Commodity Purchasing Management: Management of 10 people. Purchasing Portfolio of plastics and elastomers parts: 100 M€ for 20 factories in EMEA
    - OPM (Operation Purchasing Management) : Management of an Industrial Operation: 200M€ purchasing Turnover / 8 to 6 plants in PP&E organization. Responsible of the Purchasing KPI at Cluster level
    o Be part of the direction committee, responsible of the AOC performance on economical and Industrial service KPI.
    o Functional management of Purchasing Plant Managers.
    o Challenging Quarterly Plant Business Review and Management of Cluster Quarterly Business Review
  • Schneider Electric - Commodity Purchasing management

    Rueil Malmaison 2014 - 2015 - Management of 10 people in France and in Check Republic. Purchasing Portfolio of plastics and elastomers parts: 100 M€ for 20 factories in EMEA
    - Recruitment and Develop Team competencies
    - Management of, productivity in P&L (Negotiation, Supplier Transfer, Technical modification), service level, quality level, supplier risk management and Cash Optimisation
    - Budget management, reporting and monitoring of performance
    - Purchasing Strategy and supplier relationship management
  • Schneider Electric - Project purchasing Manager

    Rueil Malmaison 2013 - 2014 - Management of 4 people in LMVP (15 factories, spend 580 M€) then in PP&E (24 plants, spend 760M€) Cluster for all transversal purchasing project
    - Creation and Implementation of new process and monitoring of project
    - Collaboration with Marketing and Technical Department for all technical project
  • Schneider Electric - Specialist Purchasing Project Tools & Methods

    Rueil Malmaison 2012 - 2013 - Industrial Cluster LVMD (15 factories, Purchasing Spend 400 M€)
    - Responsible of process for all transversal projects
    - Monitoring of productivity actions related to Suppliers Transfer and Technical modification
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - Acheteur Industriel - Purchaser Plant Manager

    Rueil Malmaison 2007 - 2012 Acheteur Industriel sur les réseaux de traitement de surface, fonderie, matriçage, usinage puis décolletage, traitement de surface et sous-traitance en ateliers protégés pour les usines européennes de SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Portefeuille d’achats de 10 M€
    Purchaser Plant Manager des usines :
    2008-11/2010 : SETBT (Chartres de Bretagne) et Merlin Gerin Loire (Saumur)- 17 M€d’achats
    Depuis 11/2010 : SEA (Aubenas) - 32 M€ d’achats
  • Schneider Electric - Industrial Buyer & Purchasing Plant Manager

    Rueil Malmaison 2007 - 2012 - Industrial Buyer for surface treatment, casting, hot forging, Machining commodities then Turning and Sub Contracting commodities
    - Global Portfolio between 10 and 15 M€
    - Purchasing Plant Manager:
    2008 and 2009: 2 plants in Management: SETBT and Merlin Gerin Loire : Purchasing Spend : 17M€
    2010: SEA Purchasing Spend: 32 M€
  • Schneider Electric - Distribution Seller

    Rueil Malmaison 2005 - 2007 - Customers: Distributors of electrical component.
    - Sales Portfolio: 22M€. Geographic Perimeter: Grand Lyon
    - Dynamization and animation of the Schneider Offer through the distribution network. Development of distributors sales employees on Schneider Electric Offer. Development of Schneider Electric offer availability by stock negotiation
  • DODO - Production Manager

    2003 - 2005 - Management of 6 Production Line Managers
    - Implementation of new tool for monitoring quality and Production
    - Implementation of new Layout of plant
  • Thales Avionics Electrical Motors - Market Analyst

    Courbevoie 2002 - 2002 Responsible of Marketing analysis on electrical motors and specifics fans.
    Competitive intelligence, strategic analysis and recommendations
  • Technische Universität - Signal and Image Processing Engineer

    2001 - 2001 Graduation project (ENSEIRB) in the signal processing laboratory of the Berlin University of Science.
    Duration: 3 months
    Matlab programming of echo cancellation filters for communication systems (gsm, videoconference, ...)
  • Bouygues Telecom - Transmission Engineer

    Meudon 2000 - 2000 Engineering School internship within the transmission department Duration: 5 months
    Design, deployment and optimization of a GSM-DCS transmission network. Integration of new sites in the Northeast region. Pre transmission studies, transmission studies, validation of studies. Compliance of the star architecture. Deletion of leased lines. Using the Planet software.