En résumé

As Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
I have decided not to become mad.

Capacity to manage a team, good relationship, team spirit, rigor, autonomous being leadership, knowledge transmission

Important experience in the aircraft industry’s supply chain,
Experience to manage projects
Technical skills acquired during more than 10 years in the engineering department
Industrial skills with the implementation of a plant and industrialization of products in Poland
Specialist in Lean Manufacturing, continue improvement, value stream mapping, problems solving methodologies, risk analysis and logistics solutions.

Mes compétences :
Lean manufacturing
Méthodes de résolution de problèmes
Value Stream Mapping
Management visuel
Analyse de risque - FMEA
Gestion de projet
Supply Chain Management
Flux Logistique - Kanban
Gestion de la production
Amélioration continue


  • Airbus - Head Of Supply Management for New Programs St Eloi Plant

    Blagnac 2014 - maintenant
  • AIRBUS FRANCE - Airbus Operating System (A.O.S.) – Airbus Central Entity Toulouse

    2012 - 2014 Expert in Lean Manufacturing: 5S, visual management, TPM, standardization, pull and continue flows, Takt time, zero variation, Kaizen – Logistics solutions: kanbans, FiFo - Practical problems solving: SQCDP, 5 whys, Ishikawa, Kepner-Tregoe - Failure mode effect analysis: FMEA – Projects Management methodologies: PDCA, DMAIC, LBIP+.
    I have participated to train the Airbus middle management to the lean manufacturing’s principles, Failure mode effect analysis, PPS and participated to define the A.O.S.
  • Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse - Head of Partnership Supply Chain Management, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS

    2007 - 2011 Objectives: With a team of 6 executives, the objective was to manage the performance of Liebherr’s 70 Partners, in the respect of the 98% OTD objective, and to manage about 8 M€ and about 2 thousand monthly lines of purchase orders.
    The Liebherr Aerospace’s 70 Partners are international: USA (Honeywell, Hamilton, Kulite), China (ARJ21 program), Mexico (Daher Socata), Israel (ATCT), UK (Ametek, Baxter), France (Zodiac), Russia (TPK), Morocco (Daher Socata), Spain…

    Approach: To identify the fields of progress for the partners and to establish the appropriate actions plans to be implemented and to coordinate them. To plan the interventions and audits with our Partners (I.P.C.A.). To improve the logistics information flows between Liebherr-Aerospace and the Partners. To manage the optimum level of stock and to implement consignment stocks. To ensure the coordination with the other internal departments: Engineering, Quality, Commercial, Purchase and Production. To manage the performances reviews meetings with the Partners and to report to my manager.

    Results: After three year implementation, 98% O.T.D has been reached (30% improvement / 2007). The major Lean Manufacturing events have been done with our major Partners.
  • UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS - Propeller Systems - Ratier-Figeac - Lean Manufacturing Projects manager, Ratier-Figeac, U.T.C. group.

    Figeac 2005 - 2007 Objectives: Within the U.T.C. strategy for continuous improvement (A.C.E.), my mission inside of Ratier-Figeac’s plants was to develop and implement lean manufacturing in all fulfills and assembly plants. The main objective was to increase the global profitability of manufactured products. Directly link to the head of Lean and production, I had as well to manage the corresponding reporting to the U.S.A. central team.

    Approach: Managing a multi-functional team of about 10 people during each event, based on lean principles and related tools, directly linked to the UTC group objectives, I have focused on wastes elimination to redesign and implement new assembly lines.

    Results: The new-design and implementation of 12 assembly lines have been achieved (Airbus side sticks, A320 and A330-340 Airbus pedestal, A330-340 and CRJ700 Canadair T.H.S.A., A400M propellers blade foam injection line). Important savings have been done: average of 50% of the lead times, 10% of the process times, 30% of the production’s area, 30 % of stocks, 50% of operator’s motion, 50% of products transportation and 30% of non-quality costs.
  • UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS - Propeller Systems - Ratier-Figeac - Expatriation at PZL Swidnik (Poland). Representative of Ratier-Figeac U.T.C. Group

    Figeac 2002 - 2005 Objectives: The objective was to manage the outsourcing of a part of the production from Ratier-Figeac to PZL Swidnik, Poland. The majors topics were the industrialization and the production of several products, the set-up and the implementation of a new production plant according to the Lean principles, the selection and the training of a Polish staff, the implementation of a Master Production Schedule, the reporting to the Ratier-Figeac’s Management Board and the solving of daily problems with the help of PPS methodologies. The goal was to deliver on time, on cost and on quality.

    Approach: To identify our weaknesses, to deal with them and to implement relevant solutions to reach the objectives. I had direct relations with the top management: heads of production, purchase & logistic and quality to validate all the steps during this project.

    Results: Outsourcing’s turnover reached €2.2 million. The plant became independent with a team of 31 dedicated people. An On Time Delivery of 85% was stabilized.
  • UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS - Propeller Systems - Ratier-Figeac - Ratier-Figeac Engineering. Manager of a stress calculation's team

    Figeac 2001 - 2002 Objectives: Responsibility of stress calculation’s reports for the design and the concession of aeronautical sets and items for equipments.

    Approach: Managing a team of 3 seniors’ technicians, work sessions have been implemented to take into account Voice Of Customers: Airbus Toulouse or Aircelle Le Havre.


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