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Fabrice Dessart – Achievements snapshot

Regional Management

- Kick start local representative office in Dubai for Middle-East and India (Travel Retail Ferrero and Montblanc), with restricted local support while liaising with European head Office for day to day business (Supply Chain, Marketing, Finance being based in Europe).
- Deliver and overachieve targets in line with company strategy.
- Build regional annual sales and operational marketing budget for the region with detailed action plan per country, account, POS.
- Monitor POS and account performances vs. target, vs. competition and implement corrective action plan when necessary.
- Establish with partners annual Marketing activity plan and monitor coop marketing budget with each partner.
- Evaluate potential and open new territories with appointment of new partners in Lebanon, Iran and India. (milestones: 1st Boutique in Beirut airport, 5 Boutiques in Tehran, flagship BTQ in Mumbai Airport, and opening of 50 jewelers all across India).
- Ensure excellence in the POS with involvement in the hiring process.
- Develop teams within organization and within partners’ organization.
- Carry out mystery shopping waves and monitor results vs. KPIs. take corrective actions to react on areas and KPIs to be developed.
- Demand planning on master-lines and novelties (quarterly) for 10.000SKUs.
- Trunk Show events with Clients for yearly buying on novelties (500+ SKUs).

Account Management

- Formalize agreements with each POS (POS authorization for re-sale).
- Negotiate trading terms (margins, incoterms, payment terms) with each partner.
- Agreement and follow-up on each partner’s obligations in challenging trading environment (Iran, India).
- Annual business plan with each partner, with target incentives on KPIs (space increase, Sell-through objectives, marketing calendar, purchases…).
- Develop brand visibility within the accounts (negotiate better location or space).
- Develop brand market share within accounts (monitoring competition and push for stronger development of the brand than the category).
- Development of pop-up stores to benefit from space opportunities or to tackle lengthy POS renovations or openings.
- Sell-out and Stock monitoring, with agreement of the partner to have SISO not deviating from 1.

Marketing Management

On-trade: Develop Marketing activity plan with each account
- Yearly planning of POS material for each POS
- Window definition for each POS
- Boutique activations
- CRM newsletter
- Ensure HQ Editorial content exposure within regional Press
- Regional PR management through agency, to create local relevance
- Digital content shared with the WHS partners for visibility and content alignment
- Create great stories with local players and international exposure to generate “talk about” (Emirates Airlines Foundation Pen, awarded at Cannes TFWA for best partnership).

Mes compétences :
marketing strategy
Brand Management
Brand Development



    2017 - maintenant Développement de marques a l'international dans les aéroports, compagnies aériennes, croisières et ferries.
  • MONTBLANC DUBAI - (RICHEMONT) - Area Sales Director, Gulf Countries and India

    2015 - 2017
  • MONTBLANC DUBAI (RICHEMONT) - Regional Director Travel Retail, Middle-East, India Africa

    2014 - 2015 MONTBLANC (RICHEMONT) - Regional Director Travel Retail, Middle-East, India, Africa.
    * Responsible for the regional P&L, reporting to the President Travel Retail, in Head Office in Hamburg.
    * 2 direct reports (Area Sales Manager, Key Account Supervisor), 2 indirect reports in Germany (Administratives),
    45 indirect reports in the POS (Boutique Managers, Sales supervisors and Sales Associates).
    * Manage 19 accounts and 47 points of sale. ;
    * Grow image and profitability in existing accounts and pioneer in virgin territories.
    * Increased 4 fold the turnover in 3 years running the business unit, outperforming budget.
    * Cannes Frontier Award 2014: Best Partnership Initiative with Emirates (Development of an exclusive ``Emirates
    Foundation Pen'', 5 years partnership for USD 1 million to charity).
  • MONTBLANC (RICHEMONT) - Area Sales Manager Travel Retail, Middle-East, India, Africa

    2012 - 2014 * Set-up of Regional Travel Retail structure, with business takeover from distributor and manage directly TR
    accounts from Dubai for the region.
    * 1 direct report (Sales & Administration Manager), 2 indirect reports in Germany (Supply Chain and Operational
    Marketing), 27 indirect reports in the POS (Sales Associates).
    * Reviewed the distribution (Openings and closings). Recruited and trained 21 Sales Associates.
  • Ferrero Spa - FERRERO - Area Sales Manager Travel Retail

    MONT-SAINT-AIGNAN 2009 - 2012 * Reporting to the International Sales Director Travel Retail in Luxembourg.
    * 1 direct report (Sales Supervisor), 1 indirect report in Luxembourg, 11 indirect reports (Sales Associates).
    * Consolidate and increase distribution (up to 30 clients and around 100 points of sales).
    * A&P expenses monitoring in respect of budget guidelines.
    * Achieved +45% turnover growth in 2 full fiscal years, opened 18 new accounts, increased regional market share
    from 6th to 4th.
  • Ferrero SpA - Key Account Manager Travel Retail

    MONT-SAINT-AIGNAN 2007 - 2008 Key Account Manager Travel Retail South & Western Europe.
    * Responsible for distribution in France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, North Africa, Israel.

    * Increased portfolio from 8 to 20 key accounts generating +65% turnover growth, increased regional market share
    from 8th to 6th in 18 months.
  • FERRERO TRAVEL RETAIL - Luxembourg - Senior Key Account Manager - TRAVEL RETAIL

    2007 - 2008 Level: Upper Middle management and $2 - $10 million in sales
    Products (Middle-market / High-end): mass market products (food & drink)
    Functions: sales (sales to key accounts - sales to travel retail)
    Business Sectors: distribution / retail (travel retail & duty free), manufacturer (consumer)
  • BARON PHILIPPE DE ROTHSCHILD - Brand - Ambassador & Area Sales Manager

    2004 - 2007 * Responsible for selected wines distribution in France, Benelux, Switzerland. ;
    * Channels: Off Trade & Selective Distribution, Travel Retail & Catering, Michelin Starred Restaurants. ;
    * Marketing plan by changing the Marketing mix, new wines creation with the producers, P.R. and tastings events
    to the international press and top sommeliers in Prestige Hotels.
    * Increased turnover by 40% in 3 years in mature markets.
  • Baron Philippe de ROTHSCHILD France Distribution - Paris, France - Brand Ambassador - Area Sales Manager

    2003 - 2007 Level: Upper Middle management
    Products (Luxury): wine & spirits (champagne - wine - spirits)
    Functions: sales (sales to key accounts - sales to travel retail - export sales to agent / importer / distributor)
    Business Sectors: distribution / retail (travel retail & duty free - agent / importer / distributor)
  • Mapa Spontex (Total Group) - Vienna, Austria - Trade Marketing Coordinator

    2002 - 2003 Level: Upper Middle management, $10 - $50 million in sales
    Products : mass market products (detergent - health / beauty)
    Functions: marketing (trade marketer - international operational marketing)
    Business Sectors: manufacturer (beauty - consumer)
  • MAPA SPONTEX SOEKE - Category & Trade Marketing Manager

    2002 - 2004 * Reporting the Managing Director, Responsible for the marketing strategy in 10 countries (Austria, Poland, Czech
    Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia).
    * Global Agreements as category captain (Auchan, Carrefour...) and implement locally in the countries.
  • MAPA SPONTEX SOEKE - Brand Manager

    2001 - 2002 * Product & brand manual creation, packaging, POS material & promotions development. ;
    * Re-styling and brand switch to launch Spontex as the flagship brand in 6 markets in central Europe (250 repackaging designs in 1 year). ;
    * Project manager for ISO 9001 implementation in 2 factories in Hungary and Czech Republic.
  • Mapa Spontex (Total Group) - Prague, Czech Rep. & Vienna, Austria - Brand Manager

    2001 - 2002 Level: Upper Middle management, Manage 1 to 10 employees and $10 - $50 million in sales
    Products : beauty (toiletries & personal care), mass market products (detergent - health / beauty)
    Functions: marketing (sourcing / raw materials - trade marketer - international operational marketing - international product development marketing)
    Business Sectors: manufacturer (beauty - consumer)
  • Mapa Spontex (Groupe Total) - Paris, France - Product Manager Assistant

    2000 - 2001 Level: Upper Middle management
    Products : mass market products (detergent - health / beauty)
    Functions: marketing (international product development marketing)
    Business Sectors: manufacturer (consumer)
  • MAPA SPONTEX - Product Manager

    2000 - 2001 * Takeover of 6 distributors and their portfolio, range rationalisation (portfolio reduced from 1.000 to 250 SKUs).
    * Quantitative and qualitative panels analysis and recommendation, catalogue creation.
  • Investment Club - Head of departments & ESCE Student

    1998 - 1999 ESCE Student council from 1998 to 1999 , coordinating 800 students in 25
    associations. Created 5 new groups, amongst them ``Investment Club'' and ``Wine Club''.
    Gala dinner organisation for 1.500 guests in 2000.



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