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Human Resources Professional with a proven ability to implement strategic human resource initiatives, help executive management assess organizational structure, develop credible guidelines and efficient processes, and implement cost saving measures and enhancements through the use of proven conceptual and analytical problem solving abilities.

Mes compétences :
Gestion des talents
Performance Management
Labor Relations
Human Resources
Employee Relations


  • Faurecia - Human Resources Director

    2010 - 2014 Main Responsibilities:

    Create a constructive social climate (Management of the Unions and Employee Representatives comities):
    - Facilitate positive work environment
    - Ensure open and clear communication towards all employees
    - Promote constructive dialogue with employees representatives
    - Negotiate with employees and their representatives when necessary

    Lean and optimized headcount:
    - Staff in line with business needs
    - Organize human aspects of production
    - Flex available workforce
    - Restructure when required

    Develop competent workforce:
    - Build training plan in line with site needs
    - Focus on individual development

    Effective people management:
    - Drive performance management
    - Ensure career development
    - Manage proactively Managers & Professionals and technicians

    Improve Working Organization:
    - Reinforce efficiency by Organization frame, Working time & Supporting plant manager
    - Ensure effective change management

    Efficient employee administration and payroll:
    - Guarantee payroll and personal administration
    - Provide accurate and timely reporting
    - Ensure full compliance on HR Subjects (local regulations + Group standard)
    - Prepare, monitor and respect budgets
  • Kromberg & Schubert - Human Resources Operations Manager

    2008 - 2010 The most important mission is to start up the new subsidiary in Tunisia. Selected by HR Manager to join a global team to develop a common sense approach to human resource management.
    Manager of three compartments (Human Resources Coordination, Training and Security) 60 employees.
    Key projects:
    Coaching the managers on HR aspects by the ability to increase managers HR skills and integrate HR considerations into business decisions.
    Ensuring the good application of the labor legislation.
    Developing effective training practices.
    Conducting the Recruitment strategy.
    Conducting the induction.
    Implementing the training and the competencies development process
    Implementing the PERBIT system
    Developing and implementing training and development procedures, disciplinary procedures,
    Evaluating training programs and implementing new training solutions that met the needs of the business and the people.
    Insuring on the HR Field rump up of the projects
    Developing a performance management system - Bonus System-
    Reducing Turn over
    Reducing Absenteeism rate
  • Leoni - Plant HR Coodinator

    2007 - 2008 Defining and setting up the internal communication plan (definition of the contents and message, means, target population and timing). Flowing up the application and reporting results and measurements.
    Training managers and employees on involvement of Personnel tools, methods and attitude. Conducting application and performance audit.
    Managing industrial relations with employee's representatives in order to ensure company compliance with labor regulations requirements and to maintain the appropriate balance between company's economical constrains and employee expectation through effective negotiations.
    Staffing the organization as required by the plans and budgets. Define profiles and competencies required to answer management needs. Define forecasts and follow up the process.
    Auditing the HR financials and administrative aspects.(Member of the LSF audit Team).
    Preparation of HR Budget
    Managing the HR performance indicators: Absenteeism rate, turn over rate, training efficiency, over time, Headcount.
    Preparing, communication and following up the implementation.
    Managing the HR Reporting (Monthly, Weekly).
    Participating in managing industrial and labor relations with employee's representatives (Syndicate, Advisory committee of the company).
    Guarantying the good application of the labor legislation. Follow up the application of the agreements and protocols.
    Managing the employee's logistics Transport (Coasts, budget. )
    Responsible of employees administration
  • Valeo - APU HR Coodinator

    Paris 2004 - 2006 Provided HR support to the Production Manager, Production and managerial staff.
    Editing the HR indicators, Preparing and communication of the improvement action plan
    Responsible for the application of the labor legislation (Disciplinary actions. )
    Auditing the HR aspects in the production


  • Institut Supérieur De Comptabilité Et D'Administration Des Entreprises (ISCAE) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2004 - 2005 Master
  • Institut Supérieur De Comptabilité Et D'Administration Des Entreprises (ISCAE) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2000 - 2004 Licence


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