Florian TRONEL


En résumé

Formé en tant qu'Ingénieur généraliste à dominante mécanique et production, je ne suis pas spécialiste d'un domaine et par conséquent je suis ouvert à tous les secteurs. Ayant travaillé dans l'Aéronautique/Aérospatiale (EADS), l'Electronique Grand-Public (AMTEK), et l'Automobile (Altran, Edscha, Gestamp), ma prochaine expérience peut être une prolongation dans ces secteurs ou bien une transposition de mes compétences vers un secteur nouveau.

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet


  • Edscha France - Project Quality Manager

    2003 - maintenant Automotive Supplier for hinges, door checks, handbrakes and cabrio roof systems. The French Office provides project management to PSA Peugeot Citroën and Renault. 6.000 employees.


    Pressed between the German reference and the Asian penetrating the market, French PSA Peugeot Citroën bended all its efforts towards Quality. It expected no less from its Suppliers, while shortening the leash on costs.


    . Project acquisition: definition of Quality commitments, risk assessment, prevention, and implementation of lessons learned in order to define the most cost-effective product and process design according to the appointed manufacturing location: China, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, France, or Germany.

    . Project Quality Management: functional management of the product and process design teams according to Customer-specific procedures, and permanent progress assessment to guarantee project completion at the proper level of Quality, at the right Time and within agreed Costs.


    . Obtained historically low Quality claim figures for PSA’s high volume cars 207 and 407 as well as high-end vehicle C6 in Edscha’s experienced European locations.

    . Acquired one project and then more, including safety parts, for several of Edscha’s “low-cost” locations.

    . Coached locations for which PSA was a new Customer in order to successfully bring the projects to mass production while satisfying all Customer-specific project requirements.
  • Groupe Altran - Consultant

    2003 - 2003 Group gathering over 14.000 Consultants to provide Engineering Consulting Services to boost the managing and/or operational performance of industrial Customers.


    Given the width of its Customer panel and the depth of its pool of competences, Altran Group provides a broad span of missions to Consultants who are able to convince Customers.


    . Mission acquisition: in limited time, identification of Customer needs and definition of mission profiles: time schedule, objectives and deliverables.

    . Mission success and Customer satisfaction: immediately operational in an unknown environment, the challenge is often more human than technical.


    . Transitional Quality Director of a metal stamping and assembly plant of 900 people. Restoration of Customer confidence through Customer claim management and successful application of unpopular preventive measures.

    . Project Quality Engineer for an automotive Supplier’s complete panel of projects with PSA Peugeot Citroën: coordination of the project members to carry out product and process development as expected by PSA.

    . Statistical Production Control (SPC) Coordinator of a fast stamping process for an electric connectors manufacturer.
  • Amtek Precision Engineering Hungary - Quality Manager

    Paris 1999 - 2002 Metal stamping, assembly and silk-screen printing facility for the Consumer Electronics and Automotive sectors. 200 employees.


    This five-year-old factory’s fate depended on its ability to successfully implement a Quality system trustworthy of its international Customers: Sony, Philips, HP. Furthermore, attracting automotive Customers was essential so as to balance the volatility of the Consumer Electronics market.


    . ISO/TS 16949 Upgrade Management.

    . Management a team of 7, ensuring Supplier Quality, Incoming Inspection, Metrology, Statistical Process Control, Production Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Quality System Maintenance.

    . ISO 9001-2000 Setup Coordination.


    . Implementation of an ISO9001 certified Quality Management System.

    . Demonstration of an efficient work structure leading to additional business with existing Customers, and with new Customers: Microsoft, Schneider.

    . ISO/TS16949 certification obtained in a tight 6 months.

    . Demonstration of a robust Quality System leading to business with automotive Customers: Delphi, GM.
  • Aerospatiale-Matra (EADS) - Centre Commun de Recherches - Test Engineer

    1993 - 1999 Research center for the development, testing, certification and industrialization of innovative aeronautic materials and systems.

    As sponsor for my Engineering studies, Aerospatiale defined increasingly demanding missions linked to aeronautics material testing.


    . Mechanical characterization testing of aeronautical materials.

    . Design of mechanical testing methods and equipment.


    . Drafting of the Operator’s Manual of a new impact bench for composites.

    . Design of a compression testing jig for composites.

    . Leadership of a key Work-Package in a 30-months European Research Program (11 partners in 8 countries) aiming to draft Procedures for the determination of uncertainties in mechanical testing on metallic materials.