Francois REIGNAT


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Architecture Solution
Gestion de la qualité / testing
Cloud computing
Base de données SQL/NoSQL
Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Python
Maintenance produits
Architecture logicielle
Service-oriented architecture
Développement produit
Gestion de projet
Management opérationnel
Méthode agile
Node.js, Web socket
RMI, WEB Services, IP Socket
Mantis, Vantive, HP Quality Center
VersionOne, including its WS API
MySQL, MySQL Fabric, MySQL Cluster
Netflix stack (Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix Feign, ...)


  • Axway Software - Principal software architect

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2016 - maintenant Be part of the team in Paris, working with Appcelerator team in San Jose, California, to build the new generation of efficient, manageable, observable PaaS/CaaS (Platform/Containers as a Service based on Docker): AMP, foundation of Axway AMPLIFY™, Including: NodeJs and Go development, architecture, Docker/swarm API usage in Go, usage of multiple tiers technologies as Elasticsearch, Kafka, Nats, Prometheus, Keycloak
    Development of a Frontal UI using Angular 4
    From March to Sept 2017, move to Santa Clara California to be part of the US team developing the 1.0 version, then back to France to share knowledge with local teams
  • Axway Software - Development Architect Micro-services Cloud

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2015 - 2016 - Netflix stack study and integration; Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix, Zuul, Servo,...
    - Consul (HashiCorp), Grafana, Kibana, ...
    - Cloud architecture based prototype(s) development, using micro-services REST based on AWS, Java, Amazon SKD, Python, Node.js, Docker
    - Cloud deployment automation using CloudFormation, ECS, ...
    - Open Stack study for cloud environments / on premise abstract layer design
    - IAM / SSO integration using Kestone
    - Portal prototype development Node.js based (Commun UIs having a single access point)
    - Hybrid microservices environments on premise / cloud.
  • Axway Software - Development Architect

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2014 - 2014 -NoSQL/New SQL databases study (over 280 available market engines) including prototypes realization to define specific Axway usage recommendations.
    -Development of a prototype based on smart interconnected agents to demonstrate possible products interoperability solution at Suite level on hybrid services oriented architecture (On premise and Cloud), compare to NetFlix technology or other similar solution.
    Help some projects to design high available or Active/Active solutions.
  • Axway Software - Financial Exchange program director

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2011 - 2013 It was a critical project. My objectives were to : Re-build the project team, set up a new project leader, restore customers trust, improve product quality, project processes and team spirit in order to make the project back on track.
    (10 people including project and QA leaders and a team of 6 people in India (Dehli) for QA.
  • Axway Software - Quality director

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2010 - 2011 Improve organization and usage of Axway quality tools
    Creation of day to day quality monitoring and quality mindset
    Drive especially a project to automate Axway products interoperability testing
    (interop team 4 people including its project leader in Paris and another one 4 people including its project leader in India (Dehli)
  • Axway Software - Sustaining director

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2008 - 2009 During this period the whole Synchrony Sustaining products (most of the Axway products) was grouped on an unique entity under Global Support department. My objectives were to improve Sustaining processes with Axway Support, strongly lower the R&D issues backlog and build a good Sustaining mindset.
    (this direction grouped about 100 people)
  • Axway Software - Romania Agency director deputy

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2006 - 2009 Help agency director to set up the new R&D Agency in Romania.
    Focus on Axway projects processes and communications with France.
    Adapt RH processes to Romania specificities to improve recruitment quality and new-comers integration. Creation of Axway Romania Academy to accelerate Axway culture diffusion and new comers assessments.
    During this period agency grows from 30 to 200 people.
  • Axway Software - Installer project director

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2006 - 2008 In parallel with my deputy function, I especially followed the installer project in Bucharest Agency. During this period, we designed, developed and delivered a new installer integrating the whole Axway platform (called Synchrony) on a consistent way. (7 people including project manager)
  • Axway Software - Sentinel Product & project manager

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2001 - 2005 Design and development of the monitoring Axway product, (BAM) called Sentinel, including complex events processing capabilities from its first version, until its version 3.0 (17 members, multi-sites project). Both product and project leader for the first version, helped by a dedicated product manager for the other versions. This product is still actively sell today as part of the Axway Suite.
  • Axway Software - Quality and Support responsible

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 2000 - 2001 Management of a team dedicated for AEI Axway products testing and management of the customers Support for one of these products (A&P).
  • Axway Software - Pre-seller

    ANNECY LE VIEUX 1998 - 2000 Design and pré-sell EAI solutions based on Axway products for large customers as France-Telecom, EDF, ..;
  • Vivendi (Renosol) - R&D Manager

    1990 - 1998 Development of a graphic software to calculate cleaning quotes based on vectorial cartography.
    Used by sells people to build customized commercial propositions dynamically with the customers.
    This software was then commercialized and resold as a management software for real estate (especially HLM, city hall, ...)
  • LGR Infographie - Developpeur

    1988 - 1989 Conception et développement d'un logiciel de CAO.
  • Armée Francaise - Officier Aspirant au 42eme régiment de transmission

    1987 - 1987 Service national
  • Prométhée Informatique - Gérant et developpeur

    1983 - 1986 Développement et vente de logiciels de conceptions graphiques sur les micro-ordinateurs de l'époque.
    Sous-traitance de portages de jeux pour UBI-SOFT
    Conception et vente de gestion multimédia clé en main à usage des centres commerciaux de la région parisienne.