François-Xavier DELAMARCHE


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Civil Work Manager
Energy, transport, and industrial plant projects
Where wide technical and management knowledge is call for.

Mes compétences :
Industrial Civil Work
Data flow management
Construction supervision
Industrial Maintenance
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    2014 - 2015 Waste mechanical treatment plant - Sulaymaniyah - Kurdistan, Iraq
    CW supervision of the construction of a waste treatment and drying plant to provide alternative fuel for LAFARGE’s cement plant of the area. Project set in stand-by in April.(earthworks and CW design review)
  • ABB HVDC - Civil Work Supervisor

    2014 - 2014 400kV DC-AC Conversion Plant - Kolwezi - DRC
    CW supervision of the refurbishment of the plant
  • ALSTOM Power Service - Civil Work Supervosor

    2014 - 2014 EDF Coal Plant- Le Havre
    Responsible of the CW supervision including the discussion with the design office and the implementation of the HSE policy.
  • SIEMENS STD - Supervisor, consultant & site project manager

    2013 - 2013 240kV sub-station - Suswa - Kenya
    Civil work Supervisor
    Interim during the site project manager vacation
    The primary task was to manage the completion of the CW sub-contractor mobilisation and starting the foundation works.
  • VERGNET EOLIEN - Manager & consultant

    2012 - 2013 Ashegoda Wind Farm Project - Mekele - Ethiopia
    Civil work Manager
    Construction of a 84 wind turbines farm and associated access roads and electrical grid.

    Fully responsible for CW including: design review and variation, concrete formula design, CW tendering (including FIDIC contract), CW inspection teams, project topographic works, in-house drainage and roads works, CW meeting, minutes and reports.
    Remote location, unskilled workers, 20 local supervisors and surveyors, design and construction of 31T/axle access roads for truck cranes, MV network, Connection to HV grid, Substation civil Work, 84 platforms and wind turbines foundations, 50km of access roads, supportive road works for transportation of overloads packages from Djibouti
    Achievements: great collaboration with local workers and the employer representatives, catch up with planning besides initial delays
  • DE SMET ENGINEERS - Supervisor, consultant

    2012 - 2013 ADDAX Bioenergy Plant - Makeni - Sierra Leone
    Civil work Supervisor
    Construction of a bio ethanol plant

    Responsible for CW survey, topographic works, CW BoQ. Enforcement of HSE policy, Redaction of CW minute of meeting
    Remote location, unskilled workers, concrete: 23000m3, budget: 15millions EUR , Batching plant monitoring, Detail quantities calculations, Budget calculation, 3d AUTOCAD models of major structures.
  • EDF CIT and CIST - Supervisor

    2009 - 2010 Electricity Dispatch Station-Guadeloupe Island-France
    Antilles French Islands civil Work maintenance
    Construction of building (dispatch station) in Guadeloupe
    Tendering and supervision of CW repairs in the French Antilles for EDF power plants.
    High degree of construction monitoring
    Implementation of EDF QHSE policy,
    Complex (para-seismic) reinforcement designs, steel structure
    Refurbishment of fuel tanks anchors
    Fire protection coating
    Achievement: felicitations for my CW expertise.
  • ENTRACO and SOCOBA - Site Manager & consultant

    2008 - 2009 Libreville-Gabon
    Owendo-containers harbour
    Bikele-technical high school
    Site Manager

    Revamping and expansion of Libreville containers harbour
    Earthwork, building platforms, and roads of a large (24 buildings) high school project including culverts, drainage systems.

    Responsible for site management, representation of the contractor on site.
    Achievement: earthworks in very difficult environment, setting up a soil treatment workshop
  • DUMEZ New-Caledonia - Site Manager & consultant

    2007 - 2007 Goro Nickel Project-New Caledonia-France
    Site Manager
    Management of the detail earthworks for civil work and piping

    Responsible for 25 to 35 thousands working hours by month
    Particular attention on enforcement of HSE rules on a daily basis.
    Daily coordination with Filipinos Construction teams of the mechanical construction for co-activity (HSE),heavy load transportation and lifting (tracks and lifting platform preparation)
    Achievement: collecting, consolidating and reporting the daily time sheets and fuel consumptions, coordination of large man power.
  • Giken Europe B.V. - Site Manager

    2006 - 2007 Loire river, reinforcement of the dike project-Saumur-France
    Project in Rennes and Le Mans
    Site Manager
    GIKEN is a Japanese contractor, specialized in design and construction of special foundations machinery, and world leader in sheet or tubular piling by hydraulic jacks.

    Training for the unique GIKEN technology. 15 000T of sheet piles (Loire project). 47m deep piling demonstration.
    Responsibility: Site management and French-English translation for Japanese staff.
    Achievement: I managed to work within a company with a particular cultural tradition.
  • NORINTER - Site Manager

    2004 - 2006 A24 Highway-Vila Real-Portugal
    PPP highway project, Porto wine area.

    Drainage of 41 km of highway, hired first to solve quality issues on a 23km section.

    Responsible of any drainage (culverts, curbs and gutters, New Jersey barriers, slip form works, paved channels) works in collaboration with the in-house design office.
    Achievement: opening of the first section in time, creation of a very efficient team, extension of my contract to the remaining roads section, being the reference for the drainage works.

    Other Work Experiences (mostly temporary jobs)



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