Frédérique ROUSSEL


En résumé

I am a dynamic and passionate Video Games Project Manager with 5 years of work experience, including 3 years at Ubisoft Paris.

My specialties include: Project management, multiple teams management, Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban), third party management. I have high communication and organisational skills.

My previous experience @Ubisoft EMEA as Associate Producer was rich and full of interesting process and constraints that I didn't faced with before.
The worldwide multisite managing experience gave me strong english skills and a sharp sense of organization and planning with close communication between international stakeholders (from China, India, Romania, Sweden, England and Canada for examples...).

Working for start-ups gave me multiple responsibilities and enabled me to acquire a rich experience: during my successful experience with Qozmo (Game Producer), I managed the studio, planned tasks and meetings, managed conflicts... My role also encompassed recruitment, outsourcing and negotiation of estimates.

I have a Master's Degree in Video Games Management and Innovative Projects, which I received in 2012 with Honours.

I am also a passionate gamer and a dedicated team player, always happy to help!

Mes compétences :
Management d'équipe
Management de projet
Game design
Chef de projet
Gestion de projet


  • Ubisoft - Production Manager Live

    Montreuil 2016 - maintenant
  • Ubisoft Entertainment  - Associate Producer

    Rennes 2016 - 2016 Mandated on an Associate Producer mission on Ghost Recon Wildlands.
    Main tasks were focused on the mobile application closely linked to the AAA game:

    - evaluating quickly the ongoing work to secure the production timeline
    - evaluating the needs (logistic, human resources...) and state of mind of the team
    - assessing quickly the main risks of the project and acting as a closer to make sure we ship on quality and on time
    - establishing the workflow of the application to mitigate the lack of designers in the team
    - gathering and building a strong and motivated team with mentoring relationships between seniors and juniors
    - being the main point of contact between the team, the outsourcers and the main team of GRW and Ubisoft services
    - bringing clarity and visibility to all stakeholders
  • Ubisoft - Associate Producer

    Montreuil 2013 - 2016 Associate Producer Third Party at Ubisoft EMEA

    * Dealing every day with multi-site teams (Canada, Romania, India, China, England, Spain, France, Sweden...)
    * Being the main production contact between Ubisoft and our external partners
    * Being a facilitator to keep a good communication and coordination between all the different teams
    * Being a pivotal point of contact between Ubisoft technologies/middleware and our partners (Uplay, Internal tools, Bug data base...)
    * Follow up the milestones deliveries, planning, budget, technical issues, and needs
    * Taking care of first party submissions, testing process and quality requirements
    * Handling the post-launch of our projects with Worldwide Customer Support teams
    * ...

    - unannounced project still under development
    - Assassin's Creed Chronicles China, India and Russia in collaboration with Climax Studio and Ubisoft Barcelona on PC PS4 and XboxOne
    - The Crew Xbox360 in collaboration with Asobo Studio (Port of the new gen version on old gen X360)
    - Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Edition (HD revamp of the original version from 1999: The Restoration of Erathia) on PC and tablets (Apple sotre and Google Play store)

  • TripleFun - Game Producer

    2013 - 2013 Planification et gestion des projets en cours, développement des projets en méthodes Agiles (Scrum), anticipation des risques, mise en place de best practices.

    Veille concurrentielle, game design.
  • Qozmo - Game Producer

    2012 - 2013 Sortie du jeu social en ligne massivement multijoueur temps réel Krisgard (version Beta : ).
    Suivi de l'équipe projet, planification, gestion de projet jeu vidéo et de projet web, suivi du budget, gestion et suivi de la sous-traitance, chargée du recrutement, communication, relations presse, community management ...
  • Qozmo - Game Producer Junior - Internship

    2012 - 2012 Suivi d'équipe et suivi de projet
  • Eden Games - Associate Producer

    Lyon 2011 - 2011 Assistance du producer et suivi des projets en cours (Test Drive Unlimited 2) (planning, contrats, budgets, relations avec les partenaires et sous-traitant...), mise en oeuvres des moyens nécessaires au bon déroulement du projet et de son suivi d'avancement (matériel, logistique, méthodologie...).
  • Game One SAS - Game One Music HD - Assistante Editoriale

    2010 - 2010 Veille et apport de contenu pour la réalisation des différents programme "jeux vidéo" de la chaîne et le JT, rédaction de contenus (articles, news, tests, rédaction d'articles web) et participation à l'élaboration des émissions (aide au montage des news, aide à la réalisation du JT quotidien de la chaîne, aide à la réalisation des "Rétro Game One").

    Saisie d'images vidéoludiques pour la chaîne Game One Music HD.


  • Université Nice Sophia Antipolis Master MAJE

    Cannes La Bocca 2010 - 2012 Gestion de projet en Jeu Vidéo - Méthodes Agiles / Scrum

    Diplômée d'un Master de Management en Jeu Vidéo mention "Très Bien" (seconde de promotion).

    Management du Jeu vidéo (Master MAJE)
    Apprentissage des différentes étapes de création d'un jeu vidéo (Game Design, Programmation, Infographie 2D 3D, Qualité, Localisation, Marketing, Gestion de Projet).
    Projets collaboratifs de jeux vidéo en simulation d'entreprise (Agile, SCRUM).
  • Ecole De Journalisme Et De Communication De Marseille (Marseille)

    Marseille 2009 - 2010 Web journalisme - Communication et contenus numériques
  • Université Lyon II

    Lyon 2006 - 2009 Journalisme

    Institut de l'Information et de la Communication
  • Université LYON III (Lyon)

    Lyon 2005 - 2006 Histoire - mineure Géographie
  • Lycée Lamartine

    Macon 2004 - 2005 Sciences Economiques et Sociales


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