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I am the Director of Product Management for for the Quantum Random Number Generators, as well as the Network Security and Quantum Key Distribution product lines, at ID Quantique, a company that is the leader in high-performance multi-protocol network encryption, based on conventional and quantum technologies, and aiming at providing future-proof encryption for time sensitive data.

Prior to that, I was chief technology strategist for security and open source at Sun Microsystems, advising the largest accounts globally on their IT security strategy as well as their open source activities. I moved on to develop global market and business development strategies for open source and security in the public sector still at Sun and then Oracle. I have been active in lobbying activities, in particular for these companies, around cryptography, DRM, and open standards.

I have worked extensively with venture capitalists as a strategic adviser for their due diligence process on IT start-ups, and am member of the boards (advisory or directors) of 3 startups.

Strong communicator with fine negotiation skills. I am particularly at ease taking very complex technical subjects and bringing them to a level that makes sense for any audience, from developers to civil servants and CxOs. Evangelist, speaker at key industry events, I am also a press and analyst contact.

I have, throughout my career, exercised management functions such as recruitment, building and managing a team, and driving multicultural, multinational projects.

I'm CISSP # 91529, and member of the Open Invention Network, April, and FSF Europe Fellowship.

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Mes compétences :
open source
public sector


  • Wipro - Director, Open Source Consulting

    Bangalore 2015 - maintenant As Director in the Open Source Consulting Practice of Wipro, I provide open source strategy consulting and advisory services to Wipro's top customers in EMEA and the Americas.
  • ID Quantique SA - Director Product Management

    2014 - 2015 Driving the product strategy for the quantum random number generators (QUANTIS) and the network security (CENTAURIS - Layer 2 traditional encryption with Quantum Key Distribution option CERBERIS, and ARCIS - Layer 3 and 4 traditional encryption).

    QKD enables proven future proof secure key distribution by relying on quantum physics properties and mecanisms to ensure true randomness of keys, and non interception of key exchange, and this, despite the, now confirmed and demonstrated, observability of fiber transmissions with low technological requirements.
  • Independant - Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy Instructor

    2014 - maintenant I teach digital marketing and social media strategy at prestigious universities around the Leman, such as CREA, in Geneva, or Polycom, in Lausanne.
  • Compagnie Divague - President

    2013 - maintenant Lyrical singing and, in particular, it's links to my other passion : photography, is something I enjoy sharing and encouraging.

    Compagnie Divague aims at promoting vocal arts in all possible forms, regardless of geographical or cultural context, and linked to other arts, through various forms, both artistic and educative, which may include creation, promotion, training, in various musical genres.
  • Why! Open Computing SA - CTO and member of the Board of Directors

    2012 - maintenant Why! open computing SA is a very young company that focuses on sustainable computing by providing computing systems pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux for end users and a community based support model that ensures a longer, useful, life time of the machines, past the manufacturer's warranty.

    I am responsible creating and implementing the OEM partnering strategy for the company, identifying, selecting the right hardware partners to make our business model a successful one.
  • Independant Corporate Strategy Consultant - Independant Consultant

    2012 - 2014 Independent consultant. I provide my customers with the vision, strategy and guidance they need to grow to their full potential. Services such as interim executive (in particular, CTO), venture capital relations, lobbying, software and hardware strategy consulting.
  • InZair - Advisory Board Member - Venture Capital Relations

    2012 - 2014 inZair is a technology startup focusing on next generation geotagged instant messaging for mobile platforms. I am working with them on their Venture Capital funding strategy, in addition to providing strategic insight on mobile market and trends.
  • Oracle Corporation - Director Open Source Strategy for Public Sector

    Colombes 2010 - 2011 Responsible for the creation, and implementation of a strategy for developing Oracle's global business development activities in the public sector around its open source technologies and offerings, as well as driving of strategic initiatives around open source in the public sector for Oracle.

    Evangelist, internally and externally, for open source in public sector at Oracle, my role is to educate Oracle's field people about positioning our open source portfolio in the different national contexts of public sector markets around the globe. I am also responsible for delivering key messages around open source and standards at Oracle to groups, communities, public sector institutions, and speaking at industry events.
  • Sun Microsystems - Global Government Industry Solutions Architect

    Santa Clara 2008 - 2010 Designing solutions that address key needs in the government market in order to expand our global government business.
  • Sun Microsystems - Chief Open Source Ambassador EMEA

    Santa Clara 2008 - 2008 Responsible for driving open source activities with communities in and out of Sun in EMEA. Reestablished / reinforced contacts with FSF France and Europe.

    Public Policy expert on open standards, open source and security. Engaged with European Commission, UNESCO, various countries (UAE, RSA) to drive Sun's agenda on Open Document Format adoption, as well as IdM, DRM, TCG issues and open source strategies. Representing Sun on the EU NESSI Open Source work group.

    Member of the organization committee of OASIS OpenForum Europe 2008 conference and speaker selection committee of RSA Conf Europe 2008. Speaker at Sun's CEC 2007 (won second prize). Recurring speaker at the Sun Executive Briefing Centers.

    Supported Sun's M&A team in due diligence during evaluation of acquisition candidates. Engaged with various EMEA VCs in the EMEA region bringing them critical external expertise on open source market and security for their due diligence processes.
  • Sun Microsystems - Sun Startup Essentials Program Manager for France and Germany

    Santa Clara 2007 - 2008 Strategy planning and implementation of Sun's Startup Essentials program to address Sun's emerging markets in EMEA (currently France and Germany). Through this program, I have helped Sun generate incremental revenue by acquiring new customers characterized by their extremely high growth potential.

    Drove Logitech to work with Sun Microsystems for the support of their mice and webcams in OpenSolaris.

    Supported Sun's M&A team in due diligence during evaluation of acquisition candidates. Worked with various EMEA VCs in the EMEA region bringing them critical external expertise on open source market and security for their due diligence processes.

    Supported of Sun's Public Policy forum in various lobbying activities around open standards (ODF, Identity), security (DRM, cryptography, TCG) and open source. Interface with European Commission, and various other governments (PRC, Japan...).
  • Sun Microsystems - Chief Technology Strategist for Security

    Santa Clara 2005 - 2007 Driving Sun's vision and strategy around Security, but also open source and Solaris, to Sun's top account executives worldwide, part of Sun's corporate Strategic Insight Office. Keynote speaker at key industry events.
  • Sun Microsystems - Market Segment Development Manager

    Santa Clara 2001 - 2005 Driving Sun's market penetration of the ISV market, covering infrastructure and security ISVs.
  • Sun Microsystems - Technology Advisor

    Santa Clara 2000 - 2001 Supporting the startups sales organisation for EMEA. Security, Cryptography and Java specialist.
  • Sun Microsystems - Senior Technology Consultant

    Santa Clara 1997 - 2000 At executive briefing center in Geneva, addressing the needs of Sun's large EMEA accounts.
    Specializing in Security, Cryptography and Java architectures.
  • Sun Microsystems - System Engineer and Technical Account Manager

    Santa Clara 1994 - 1997 Technical Account Manager for EDF and CEA.
    Security, Internet and Java specialist for Sun France.
  • Uniplex - Technical Support Manager

    1992 - 1994 Technical support manager (4 people team – pre and post sales) and system administrator, at Uniplex France (15 people staff).
  • CJN Informatique / Nakache SA - Technical Account Manager

    1991 - 1992 Technical account manager of the scientific and industrial department of CJN Informatique (150 people consulting company) - Paris office. In charge of recruiting new consultants.
  • Thomson Sintra A.S.M. - Project Manager

    1990 - 1991 Project manager of the prototyping of dialogs and visualization for the sonar of the new generation of nuclear submarines. Sonar is in service now. Development of a GUI demonstration tool for the new generation of sonars.
  • Inmos - Software Development Intern

    1989 - 1989 Developed, as an intern project (final studies project) a routing mechanism to pass messages along a network of Inmos Transputer T800 processors and back to the controling host.


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Techniques Avancées (Paris)

    Paris 1986 - 1989 Analyse des Systemes - Systemes Formels Informatiques

    DJ and computer hacker.
  • Lycée Jean Baptiste Corot

    Savigny Sur Orge 1983 - 1986 Prepas : Math Sup et Math Spe

    DJ and electronics and computer hacker / geek / nerd.
  • Lycée Albert Einstein

    Ste Genevieve Des Bo 1980 - 1983 Bac C

    Discovered role playing games (D&D)


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