Voisins le Bretonneux

En résumé

I obtained an Engineering Degree in Biology from the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (INSAT) in Tunis, I wanted to acquire a double competency adding to my initial training, a Specialized Master"​ Management of Quality " in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers ParisTech, the best quality master in France (SMBG ranking 2013) and accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, .
Integrating Culligan as Quality Manager is an opportunity to practice and apply what I learned at Arts et Métiers Paris Tech.

Mes compétences :
Management de la qualité
Lean management
OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
Six Sigma
Traitement des eaux
Secourisme sauvetage travail
8 D
Corps gras
Gestion de production
Certification Qualité
Graisse vegetal
Huile d'olive
Biologie moléculaire
Huiles de Palme & Tournesol
Génie des procédés
Audit interne
Audit fournisseur
Traitement des réclamations clients
Fontaine d'eau
Traitement d'eau au point d'utilisation


  • Culligan - Responsable Qualité

    Voisins le Bretonneux 2012 - maintenant  Establish a quality approach within the Culligan network (70 dealerships)
     Implementation of HACCP
     Creation and implementation of a quality manual (procedures, instructions and forms)
     Realization of internal audits (70 Culligan Concessions)
     Implementation and obtaining the label 'Recognition AFIFAE "​(French Association of Watercoolers's actors)
     Implementation of supplier audits (Bottling site, subcontractors ...)
     Support and training of good practices for technicians in Culligan
     Training for new managers of the watercooler business
     Monitoring of performance indicators
     Monitoring of incidents / complaints
     Management of non-compliance and implementation of corrective actions
     quality management information base
     Identifying needs improvement and implementation of new shares
     Development of the Good Hygiene Practices Guide for the POU in the technical team AFIFAE
     Development of tests for new products
  • ETS ABDELMOULA ( Raffinerie Huiles & Graisses Végétales ) Tunisie - Responsable Ordonnancement et suivi process

    2010 - 2011 - Develop production programs and their scheduling, optimizing resources constraints and objectives.
    - Monitoring the process
    - Development, optimization and monitoring of the production plan
    - Monitoring and developing performance indicators
    - Process Monitoring
    - Monitoring the performance of the production teams
    - Define manufacturing processes for new products
    - Work to improve processes, rationalization of production means
    -Accompagny Production services in the development of means of production
    - Ensure compliance with health and safety
  • Callisto ( Limoges ) - Stagiaire

    2009 - 2010 Callisto France Limoges (5 months)
    Intern (Project Graduation for graduation in biology Engineer 'Effluent treatment of Industry of Oilseeds "
     Field Investigations (different oil mills TUNISIA)
     Technical Feasibility Study (laboratory tests)
     Development of treatment processes
     Economic Study and development of the unit
  • ROLIPLANET FRANCE - Chargé d'affaire TUNISIE

    2009 - 2010 ROLIPLANET France (Callisto, Faure equipment and EGEH) (5 months)

     Create a customer portfolio
     Sale of equipment (pumps, filter presses, water treatment equipment)
     Participate in feasibility studies of water treatment stations
     Make the sludge dewatering tests


  • INSAT (Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Technologie) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2005 - 2010 Biologie industrielle

    Diplôme National d’Ingénieur en Biologie Industrielle
    Génie des procédés, biochimie, microbiologie, agroalimentaire & dé-pollution , traitements eaux , génie alimentaire , qualité


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