En résumé

With a 18 years experience in the automotive business among which, 14 years across the International Perimeter, I have acquired the key expertise of the industry in terms of product marketing, pricing strategy and communication.

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Commerce international
Product Management
Market Analysis
Product Marketing
Marketing international


  • Peugeot - Responsable presse internationale

    Paris 2015 - maintenant Stratégie de Communication
    - Animation et coordination des Attachés de Presse locaux (5 zones géographiques / plus de 50 pays), pour la définition et le déploiement des actions de communication à l’international,
    - Accroissement quantitatif et qualitatif de la couverture média de la marque,
    - Gestion de la plateforme de contenus média destinés aux pays.

    Production de contenus et d’évènements presse
    - Rédaction de Communiqués de Presse,
    - Organisation et animation d’évènements dédiés à la presse internationale,
    - Construction de contenus et d’évènements spécifiques à destination des journalistes membres des jury Car Of The Year (COTY) et International Van Of The Year (IVOTY),
    - Préparation et participation aux essais presse internationaux des nouveaux véhicules PEUGEOT,
    - Rédaction des discours du CEO PEUGEOT pour ses conférences de presse lors des salons internationaux (Paris, Genève, Francfort),
    - Rédaction des messages clés pour le CEO PEUGEOT en amont de la publication des résultats commerciaux semestriels et annuels.

    Relations presse / media
    - Préparation et accompagnement des porte-paroles de la marque lors de leurs interviews avec la presse,
    - Encadrement et support de médias TV France (TF1, M6) lors de reportages hors Europe / optimisation des temps d’antenne en proposant des contenus pertinents.

    Pilotage de la rentabilité
    - Monitoring des retombées presse,
    - Suivi et optimisation du ROI des opérations presse.
  • Peugeot - Market Manager for Iran, Russia, Ukraine, CIS & China (Built Up)

    Paris 2011 - 2015 Automobiles Peugeot - Direction of Products Peugeot - Department of Pricing, Products and Launches.
    - Development of the Product and Pricing strategy for Iran, Russia, Ukraine, CIS and China.
    - Construction of the commercial ranges and negotiation of the retail and/or ex-works prices with the subsidiaries or associates.
    - Information on the product evolutions and suggestion of product animations (limited editions, price repositioning, introduction of new variants, etc.).
    - Analysis and follow-up of the markets and request of specific needs to the Direction of Product.
  • Peugeot - Coordinator for Latin America

    Paris 2009 - 2010 Automobiles Peugeot - LATAM Division
    - Monitoring of industrial programming schedules: consolidation of sales forecasts, interface with production sites in Argentina and Brazil aiming at ensuring customer demand compliance,
    - Commercial activity reporting tool for all importers,
    - Coordination of the commercial animation for the covered countries: event planning, new products presentations, market development control, new markets field support and contract negotiations, regional managers leadership.
  • Peugeot - Deputy area Manager for Latin America

    Paris 2006 - 2009 Automobiles Peugeot - International Operations Division.
    - Develop sales and profitability for the Peugeot Brand on the countries I was in charge of : Equator (2 importers), Peru, Bolivia and Cuba.
    - Manage commercial and contractual relationships with these 5 importers
    - Detect opportunities for the Brand on the area, propose and animate appropriate actions, look for local partners when needed,
    - Define range and prices evolutions in collaboration with the Marketing Division,
    - Define, negotiate with partners and implement marketing and commercial actions to increase volumes, margin and Brand image,
    - Follow-up productions, shipments, invoices, stocks and payments through the assistants.
  • Peugeot - Marketing Databases Expert

    Paris 2004 - 2005 Coordinating development and use of customer databases throughout countries that market Peugeot vehicles (South-Africa, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Tunisia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile),

    - Installing in-house central marketing databases that would deliver increased functionality to users in the marketing departments of Peugeot subsidiaries / importers,

    - Gathering all marketing requirements of recipient countries,
    - Working closely with software developers during the creation of the database,

    - Training future users of the database,

    - Following the database launch preparation (extraction of data required to initialize the CRM system).
  • Peugeot - Product Manager

    Paris 2000 - 2004 In charge of the product strategy for the fleet customers and specific groups (taxis, driving schools cars, police, gendarmerie, National Forestry Office, EDF, ...),

    - Monitoring of market and competition,

    - Development and conduct of the trade policy for Taxis and Driving schools customers (13.000 vehicles per year),
Optimization of the product offer : range development, tailored financing offers,

    - Coordination of communication activities such as mailing, conventions and exhibitions,

    - Follow-up of volumes and associated budgets.