Jarrahi IMEN


En résumé

Accreditation of certification bodies performing ISO 9001 Certification .


  • Sanofi Aventis - Trainee

    Paris 2011 - maintenant Essentially in the production departement , the mission was to follow the production flow for making tablets and figuring out the whole process of producing drugs ( tablet form.
  • National Institut of applied science and technology (INSAT) - Trainee

    2009 - maintenant The intership lasts Three months on the bioengineering departement. The subject treated was focused on the Screening of bacteria producing enzymatic activities mainly : Laccase, Peroxidase,Superoxyde Dismutase from industrial discharges.
  • Laboratoire Central d'analyse et d'essais - Trainee

    2008 - maintenant the mission of the intership focuses on quality control of products (spices, starch and dried fruit) from the import or for the export. The analysis carried out focus on the detection of mycotoxins by analytical HPLC method.


Pas de formation renseignée