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12 years international experience both in europe and western hemisphere with proven achievements in developing and succesfully implementing international marketing strategies, hiring performing teams , and contributing to sales and profit turn arounds as senior manager.

Entrepreneurial with analytical skillls, I have 19 years experience in the construction industry , including general management, International marketing management and direct sales


General management, P&L, marketing management both at corporate and market level, direct sales

Mes compétences :
Vente directe
Dirigeant d'entreprise


  • Hilti Do Brasil - Energy and Industry Director

    2010 - maintenant Mission
    Lead organization Strategic Review Process 2010-2015
    Design, build and implement E&I business model

    Thorough Fact-Base build up and detailed implementation plan lay out
    Mgmt team build up and empowerment , hire and develop talents
    Growth Initiatives : Upfront engineering, sales-force sub-segmentation, innovation focus
    Productivity measures : Project Management Process implementation
    Differentiation: Comprehensive Engineering-consulting services to influence construction methods
    People development : Specialized training modules, career paths build up

    Net Sales growth of 100%+ CAGR in 3 years, 10% to 33% of organization NS
    ROS above organization average
    High performing team build up
    Employee satisfaction : 26 on a -50 to +50 scale ( top 2 local ranking)
  • Hilti Caribe - General Manager

    2007 - 2010 Mission
    Reevaluate and implement a sustainable and profitable business model. Rebuild and stabilize-align organization accordingly

    Thorough Fact-Base build up and vision lay out
    Team build up and alignment with corporate and local visions
    Growth Initiatives : sales-force segmentation, product/segment focus
    Productivity measures : planning efficiency, activity standards, Opex reduction
    Differentiation: Services and processes reengineering, Contact management,
    People development : Consistent evaluation process, new employee integration program, barrier removal teams

    Market share growth 9 to 14% in 2 years
    Margins up 6% through structured pricing and Net Sales Price Management
    Opex reduction 25%
    Employee satisfaction : 32 on a -50 to +50 scale ( top 7 global ranking)
    ROS from negative to >0 for 2009-2010
  • Hilti Latin America - Marketing Vice President

    2005 - 2007 Mission
    Strategic guidance to the implementation of marketing initiatives in coordination with the 6 Market Organization's marketing departments to generate measurable results supporting key business objectives (sales, product, market coverage, and market penetration)

    Marketing teams build up and competences development ( 19 to 37)
    Comprehensive fact-bases build up or update to make sound business decisions
    Corporate branding identity implementation roll out
    Key marketing pillars implementation, such as trade marketing, structured pricing
    Development and implementation of 2 outbreak strategies in core business to gain market leadership

    7 team members promoted to senior management/ corporate functions
    USD 5+ Mio incremental in 2 years in core business
  • Hilti Chile Ltda - Sales and Marketing Director

    2001 - 2005
  • Hilti AG - International Segment Manager

    Magny-les-Hameaux 1999 - 2001
  • Hilti France - Chef de groupe produit

    Magny-les-Hameaux 1995 - 1999



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