Jean-Michel BREUL


En résumé

Experienced leader with 25 years history in software industry. Skilled IT professional enabling growth in software business, member of exec teams. Strong management practice of worldwide teams, passionate about combining various working cultures. Experience in bringing software to market: software roadmap definition and execution, product management, product conception, product acquisition, R&D-QA-Support management, presales. Experience in software deployment and customer success: supervision of critical projects and promotion of consulting practice to value customer investments. Focused to gain customer satisfaction and customer trust, to be driven by team efficiency, agility and speed of execution.

Engineering Degree from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Mes compétences :
Direction générale


  • CAST - EVP Solution Delivery & Customer Success

    2015 - maintenant At CAST Software, leader in Software Intelligence and Analytics for risk management in application development
    - Management of adoption of CAST technology over 300 customers worldwide, introducing software scanning practices, bringing visibility and fact-based management for software development, for software outsourcing, for software modernization
    - Head of Professional Services and Consulting for US, Europe, India and China (9 locations)
    - Structuring teams and offers: Managed Services in India, Consulting offering, Customer Success program
    - Building a culture of discipline and collaboration, to support customer satisfaction, enhance product features and increase recurring sales

    Paris La Défense Cedex 1995 - 2014 At ORSYP Software, leader in Automation solutions for IT Operations, acquired by Automic Software in May 2014, after Management Buy Out started in 2008
    - 2012 -2014: Supervision of presales and software deployment programs, for US, Europe, Middle East, serving 1,400 customers, for 3 products: Dollar Universe, Sysload, StreamCore
    - 2008 - 2011: Head of Product, R&D, QA, Technical Support, IT
    - Executive engagement for critical deals, presales and postsales, sharing vision of IT Operations Management, solution benefits, software roadmap
    - Technical lead in software portfolio expansion: acquisition of StreamCore, WAN Optimization (2012), acquisition of Sysload, Infrastructure Performance & Capacity Management (2009)

    Prior to MBO
    - 1999 -2007: Head of Product, R&D, QA, Technical Support, IT - Owner of software roadmap for the automation suite Dollar Universe, developing competitive advantage of the solution, supporting customer engagements in presales and postsales in the US and Europe.
    - 1997 – 1999: Head of Presales and Professional Services
    - 1995 – 1997: ORSYP Consulting – Project Manager – Michelin


Pas de formation renseignée