En résumé

I prepared my first ecommerce study as part of my bachelor back in… 1998. Oh wait, Internet at that time? Yes, somehow. And I will always remember the skeptical eye of the jury member when I said ecommerce would become the future of consumption…

A few years later, after some first ecommerce experience (in the automotive industry), I definitely knew I fit it. And decided to join Nexway. One of the best decisions in my life.
In 11 years, I had the chance to be an online business advisor for around 100 customers around the world.
100 different business cases and scenarios among software and videogames players (publishers and merchants).

My specialty is to provide my customers with answers on a few simple questions:
- How can I grow my online sales?
- How much money shall I invest, on which levers, for which results?
- How to acquire new users? How to convert, upsell, cross-sell, retain my customers (=how to maximize my Customers lifetime and life value)?
- I want to tackle these markets, can you define my strategy?
- Omni-channel, multi-device… you need to help me there!

Internally I spend my energy to protect and upsell our portfolio. Trying to find the keys of growth and revenue maximization in a highly competitive context.

When I disconnect and come back to life, I am a happy dad of 3. I love to listen to music (in another life I used to play loud guitar but that was before...), go for a bike run or a ski session, gardening or be into photography.

Mes compétences :
Multivariate testing
Business opportunities
Strategic Planning and Business Development
BU Manager
P and L management
Internet marketing manager
Webdesign e commerce
Website performances
Marketing online
Software publisher
Online performance
Monétisation d'audience et ROI
Account manager
Conversion et optimisation
A/B testing
Digital distribution
Online store
In-product store
Marketing Internet
Responsive design


  • Nexway - Director of Direct Business (eCommerce)

    2015 - maintenant Business growth, gross-margin optimization, new business streams, management efficiency and customers success drive my day-to-day. Among these objectives, one duty to rule them all, one duty to achieve them: meet on one hand revenue objectives set internally and on the other hand those set by our customers.

    o Customers: software publishers (Kaspersky Lab, Avast, Eset, Systran, GData…)

    o Perimeter: Europe: 30%, ROW: 70% (approx. 100 M€ / year)

    o Key missions:
    • Drive the business unit dedicated to direct business activity (publishers webstore and in-app store strategies), reporting to the board
    • Acting as Account Director
    • Customers success strategy: growth, development and profitability
    • Identify and leverage new revenue streams
    • Manage Key Account Management team
    • Calls to tender

    o Some achievements:
    • Overachieved targets (internal and publishers’)
    • Run a successful ecommerce laboratory for a Slovak security publisher in DACH and Brazil regions.
    • Contribution to growth success of our Customers, such as highest acquisition growth / highest growth in EU
  • NEXWAY - Head of Account Management (eCommerce)

    2010 - 2015 While the company continues on its fast growth path, time to get a more structured/specialized organization. Now I’m focused on webstore/in-app store business and take the lead on the KAMs team. Our play field becomes global, a chance to deal with new markets and new ecommerce challenges (taxes management, remittance, payment methods, consumers habits, etc.).

    o Customers: software publishers (Kaspersky Lab, Avast, Avira, Eset, Systran, GData…)

    o Perimeter: Europe: 40%, ROW: 60% (approx. 80 M€ / year)

    o Key missions:
    • Manage Key Account Managers (located in FR/IT/ES/US/DE)
    • Business opportunities identification, forecasts (Turn-over/Gross-Margin) and achievements follow-up
    • Ecommerce consultant: define strategic roadmaps in the ecommerce marketing & project fields.
    • Lead the Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) with strategic customers upon strategic pillars: acquisition, retention, customer value/XP
    • Help customers tacking new markets (Brazil, Latam…)

    o Some achievements:
    • Overachieved targets (internal and publishers’)
    • Subscription strategy
    • In-Product Store strategies for worldwide security publishers (EU, US, CA, BR, AU, UK)
  • NEXWAY - Senior eCommerce Account Manager

    2009 - 2009 Time to expand to Europe. We become Nexway and get out of France by extending our existing customers perimeter and onboarding international customers (Russia, Germany, UK, Spain…). My job expectations evolve with it! I therefore start upselling my portfolio with regional expansion opportunities. And I provide turnkey ecommerce strategic plans to multiple publishers and etailers on a European framework.

    o Customers: game/software publishers, etailers (ex: Electronic Arts,, Atari, CommentCaMarche, Trend Micro…)

    o Perimeter: Europe: 50%, ROW: 50% (approx. 25 M€ / year)

    o Key missions:
    • Define strategy for foreign publishers to tackle new online markets in Europe
    • Accelerate cooperation between etailers & publishers
    • Contribute to platform features extension (pre-order, loyalty program, resellers platform enhancement, etc.)

    o Some achievements:
    • Double online sales of a German antivirus publisher in France
    • Win the tender from to process the online renewal of Pack Essentiel Fnac
    • Win the EBP challenge as partner offering best online sales acceleration
  • NEXWAY - ECommerce Account Manager

    2006 - 2008 Joining a small and fast growing company called “” at that time and mostly French speaking markets oriented. Small company means you have to offer polyvalence and often act beyond expectations. Lovely for experience and quick learning!

    o Customers: game/software publishers, etailers (ex: Bitdefender, Nuance, EBP, 01NET...)

    o Perimeter: France 50%, Europe: 50% (approx. 10 M€ / year)

    o Key missions:
    • Online marketing plans serving customers interests and strategy (SEM, emailing, trade-marketing, etc.)
    • Day-to-day sales management and performances monitoring (KPIs)
    • White label online store requirements

    o Some achievements:
    • Deploy end-user webstore and reseller online portal for Bitdefender on the Benelux market
    • Extend and internationalize contractual rights of distribution of our customers
  • Peugeot Nederland - CHEF DE PRODUIT (V.I.E. ; Pays-Bas)

    Paris 2004 - 2006 Work abroad for a French company, a priceless opportunity offered by Peugeot as a reward of my internship. Let’s go for an exciting 18 months experience in the country of tulips.

    A mission upon 2 pillars:

    o Product management (Peugeot 807) on the Dutch market
    • Define price/equipment, including limited series and promotions
    • Manage production changes/issues
    • Assist in the communication with local dealers
    • Check compliance of local advertising

    o Competition analysis on the Dutch market
    • Propose and setup a new/revamp competition monthly analysis approach for all vehicles segments
    • Price/product/promotion benchmarks follow-up
    • Competition strategy and sales evolution
    • Local vigilance points, heads-up, opportunities reporting to HQ
    • Help Product Manager in the simulation of promotions and limited series impact on the market

    About VIE:
  • Peugeot - CHEF DE PROJET WEB (stage de spécialisation)

    Paris 2004 - 2004 Pilotage du projet 3ème Concours de Design Peugeot (événement web international)

    - Coordination des différents intervenants et prestataires extérieurs
    - Gestion des budgets et des dotations
    - Organisation et suivi de la communication on-line et off-line (sites Internet, campagnes de publicité,
    communiqués de presse, salons)
    - Définition de l'encadrement juridique
  • BMW France - ASSISTANT E-COMMERCE (stage en année césure)

    Munich 2003 - 2003 Gestion de l’ensemble des actions de marketing on-line

    - Administration commerciale du site Internet (contenu éditorial, mini-sites, architecture,
    référencement, mesures statistiques)
    - Elaboration des campagnes publicitaires Internet
    - Planification, création et analyse des actions d'e-mailing
    - Rédaction des newsletters Internet
    - Etudes ponctuelles pour le département CRM

    PARIS 2002 - 2002 - Participation à la création du département commercial pour l'activité de sous-traitance électronique
    - Organisation et suivi d'opérations de marketing direct
    - Prospection téléphonique pour la vente des services du département