Résultats examens 2022

En résumé

-Highly proficient Senior Process Engineer with 11 years of experience
Has worked for SBM Offshore, DORIS Engineering, FOSTER WHEELER, TECHNIP, SAIPEM, BP (energy optimization), for the process design of offshore and onshore oil & gas process facilities, petrochemical and refinery processing, FLNG Turret, on projects covering conceptual studies, FEED and detailed design engineering
- Performed successfully the role of Lead Process Engineer on 2 onshore & offshore projects
Managed a team of 4 engineers, participated in all the project reviews (HAZID, HAZOP, SPOT & PTR) and interface meetings with the other disciplines. Performed the planning and scheduling of the process activities, ensured that the set deadlines were met.
- Strong knowledge in Topsides Process Engineering: 3-phase Separation, Oil and Gas treatment processes, Gas compression, water treatment, Utilities, etc.
- Performed the process simulations of a FPSO topside (CHISSONGA project), using the thermodynamic software HYSYS
- Performed Hydraulic / pressure surge calculations (DJENO project) using PIPENET software
- Expert in the design of cold vent / flare systems: Flare network sizing (FLARENET software), Emergency depressurization and low temperature calculation study (HYSYS software), Flare radiation (FLARESIM software), Dynamic simulations to determine the peak flowrate at the flare tip (Moho Nord TLP project)
- Performed / checked all the process deliverables of a project: Basis of design, process simulations (HYSYS software), Heat and Material Balance, utility balance, calculation notes and equipment sizing, PFDs, UFDs, P&IDs, ESD cause and effect diagram, operating and safeguarding philosophies, safe chart, pressure surge study (PIPENET software), etc.
- Performed the role of Mechanical Package Engineer: reviewed / approved test procedures and conducted / approved the associated performance tests of the packages (Factory Acceptance Tests of closed drain, foam bladder skid, HPUs)
- Performed the role of Fleet Support Process Engineer, Utility / Energy Engineer, Turret Process Engineer, R&D Engineer, Document Expeditor
- Enthusiastic, dynamic and very motivated team player
- Has worked successfully in both independent and team project environments and adapt readily to rapidly changing work conditions
- Like to work in a multicultural environment and in Asia (Has worked in China, Korea, and Malaysia)

Mes compétences :



  • SBM Offshore - Senior Process Engineer

    Senior Process Engineer on CHISSONGA FPSO Topsides (MAERSK) - Pre-detailed engineering
    Performed the process simulations of the FPSO topsides with HYSYS software
    Specific studies: Oil reservoir properties assessment report, seawater treatment study (comparison of Ultrafiltration Membranes versus traditional Multimedia filters, location of the Sulphate Removal Unit)
    Fleet Support Process Engineer: Worked on Offshore Queries to provide technical support to the SBM fleet of KIKEH FPSO (MURPHY OIL) - HP separator lowering pressure studies (with HYSYS) to increase production at the end of the field life

    SBM MONACO OFFICE – FRANCE (1,5 years):
    Senior Process Engineer on Turret projects:
    R&D Engineer:
    Validated / improved the Flare KO drum, 2 phase / 3 phase horizontal separator SBM process calculation spreadsheets.
    Pre-study of a Compact oil treatment skid, including inline separation and electrostatic treater technology.
    Mechanical Package Engineer on QUAD 204 Turret (BP): In charge of the design of 10 packages
    Reviewed / approved test procedures and conducted / approved the associated performance tests of the packages (Factory Acceptance Tests of closed drain, foam bladder skid, HPUs) in the package supplier offices (Netherlands),
    Performed the role of Vendor Document Expeditor.
    Fleet Support Process Engineer: Provided technical support to the SBM fleet of SERPENTINA FPSO (EXXONMOBIL) - Designed a new H2S scavenger injection system, proposed solution to limit Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), reviewed the technical acceptance of as-built P&IDs.
  • DORIS ENGINEERING - Process Engineer

    Paris 2007 - 2013 TIMIMOUN PROJECT (SONATRACH / TOTAL) - Onshore field - FEED
    Process engineer in charge of:
    - EDP (Hysys Dynamic module), Flare network sizing (Flarenet), Flare radiation (Flaresim)
    - Safeguarding philosophies
    - Optimisation studies (flare, upgrading of condensate)

    Upgrade of the Djeno Export Terminal (TOTAL) - Oil export terminal - Conceptual phase
    Process engineer in charge of hydraulic / pressure surge study for Djeno oil offloading system

    SHWE EDE (DAEWOO International Corporation - Myanmar E&P)
    Offshore platform - Early Detailed Engineering phase
    Flare system engineer in charge of:
    - EDP (Hysys Dynamic module), Flare network sizing (Flarenet), Flare radiation (Flaresim)
    - Process and Safety Diagrams

    Other: Dynamic Study Scope of Work (SOW), Technical Note on water treatment and condensate disposal

    SOUTH SULIGE project (worked in Cheng Du / China / Sichuan province)
    Tight gas reservoirs (around 2000 wells) in the inner Mongolian region (ONSHORE) - Conceptual study
    Provided support to TOTAL FRANCE project team (in Cheng Du)
    Process engineer
    - Provided support to Chinese engineering team for carrying out process simulations and H&MB
    - Reviewed PIDs / PFDs / UFDs & process documents
    - Checked equipment sizing (for cost reduction)

    SHTOKMAN project (SDAG) - SHTOKMAN project (Russia) – FEED - FPU
    Utility engineer mainly in charge of Fuel Gas and Heating Medium system, including associated mass balance, equipment design (Vessels, pumps, PSV, PCV), UFD’s and P&ID’s.
    Other utility systems: Air & Nitrogen, Chemical injection, Methanol injection, MEG distribution.

    Other: Gas compressor calculation note, pressure model of gas process facilities, line sizing

    CLOV FPSO (TOTAL) - Additional studies (before Basic Engineering) on CLOV FPSO project (Angola)
    Gas system engineer in charge of:
    - Compressors Calculation Note and Process Datasheets
    - Emergency Depressurisation (EDP) (HYSYS Dynamic module)
    Others: P&ID review, line sizing, vessel sizing.

    Monaco project
    Feasibility study for the implementation of a rain water network discharging into seawater
    Process engineer in charge of Hydraulic calculations

    Conceptual engineering studies for a new living quarter supported by a Gravity Based Structure (GBS) in the North Sea.
    Lead Utilities Engineer in charge of Utility Flow Diagrams (UFD’s) and Utility Design Report

    MOHO BILONDO (TOTAL) - Moho-Bilondo crude oil treatment and integration at Djeno terminal (Congo)
    Detailed design (EPC)
    Process engineer in charge of hot oil loop calculation note (HYSYS)
    Other: Utility description, Air cooler calculations, vessel sizing.

    Revamping of offshore platforms for the South Pars Gas Field Development (Iran) - FEED
    Process engineer in charge of:
    - Emergency depressurisation (EDP) (HYSYS dynamic)
    - P&IDs review
  • FOSTER WHEELER (ALTEN) - Process engineer

    2007 - 2007 NIZHNEKAMSK OIL REFINERY (NHR – Russia) - FEED
    Implementation of a new petrochemical and oil refinery in the region of Tatarstan, Russian federation
    Utility engineer in charge of design, balances and duty specification of the utility and off-site systems
  • SAIPEM (ALTEN) - Process engineer

    2006 - 2006 GBARAN (SHELL)
    Gas treatment unit (Nigeria) - Detailed design (EPC) - 4 months
    Lead process - responsible for the detailed design of the utility systems

    Conception of a drilling barge in Caspian Sea (Kashagan Azerbaijan)
    Invitation to tender bid - 3 months (in the TECHNIP tower at la Défense - Paris)
    Utility engineer
  • BP LAVERA - Energy Engineer

    2004 - 2005 1) Development and integration of the energy optimisation software « Aspen Utilities » on site

    - Collection and validation of technical data for the modelisation of the onsite power plants (2 thermo-electrical plants + 1 cogeneration),
    - Modelisation of all the utility networks of the site (steam, water and condensate, electricity, hydrogen, fuel gas and liquid fuels),
    - Implementation of 260 models to predict the utility consumption/production of 26 process units,
    - Integration of environment constraints (SO2, CO2 trading, NOx) and of the energy contracts in Aspen Utilities (GDF(s), RTE, EDF, Waters, Fuels, etc),
    - Project Management / team working.

    2) Energy optimisation studies with Aspen Utilities

    - In charge of the «Aspen Utilities» software development and maintenance
    - In charge of Energy Studies
    o Helped to make more effective decisions on managing utilities at BP Lavera
    o Completed several technico-economic energy studies for maintaining and improving the process « know-how » of the BP Lavera Energy department.



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