Joao Marcos NUNES


En résumé

Mes compétences :
professional management
process implementation
mortem analysis
modelling analysis
manage project adjustments
develop business solutions
Syndicated Loans
Market analysis
Lead Planning
KPIs monitoring development
Change Management
Cash Flows
CRM design and implementation
Assembly Plants


  • Pernod Ricard - Sr. Strategic Planning Manager - Reporting

    PARIS 2013 - 2014 FMCG Company with presence in 70 countries; 18.000 employees
    * In charge of the market monitoring overseen PRB and competitor's behaviour and Nielsen meetings.
    - Responsible to capture and consolidate market information (paid and available) to support any internal process of decision taken underpinned by market facts; providing constant overviews for local and international audience (holding) on the brand and market performance.
    - In charge of engaging not only marketing but also trade and sales on the market diagnostic to leverage on opportunities, setting venues and providing any needed coach and support to all stakeholders involved on the process.
    Main achievement: Developed and implemented a new approach to the market information using the internal teams knowledge (marketing, sales and trade) to understand the market movements and to create actionable plans improving PRB ability to anticipate trends and reduce its time response to market movements; changing from a informational and ``cold'' Nielsen meeting to an actionable and interesting venue.
    - Lead Planning process locally for Pernod Ricard holding and Brand Companies approval
    - Responsible to all work alignment and approval between Marketing, Sales and Trade to ensure that each brand plan would be concrete and applicable to the market reality, always respecting the Finance ambitions for the group
    - Lead a finance team - dashed report - to understand the reasons behind the plan figures, creating the ``story telling'' for final approval close to the holding.
    Main achievement: Built a Corporate Report Calendar, where there were not only reports and planning deadlines but also all the time and internal resources needed to accomplish with each task. That helped marketing, trade, sales and finance to better apply its resources allocation.
  • Pernod Ricard - Sr. Strategic Project Manager - Reporting

    PARIS 2012 - 2013 FMCG Company with presence in 70 countries; 18.000 employees
    Lead Strategic cross-area initiatives to enhance business efficiency and performance.
    - Work with the CODI to identify ``with-spaces'' of improvement
    - Develop internal and external partners to accelerate PRB leadership
    - Responsible for the progression status monitoring and validation for all strategic projects, e.g.: Communication (By integrating and developing new communication channels); Operations (Supply-chain and suppliers revision); Trade Structure review and Portfolio Strategy review.
    Main achievement: In order to combat a historical lack of corporate engagement and failure on transformational projects; supported by the CEO and Directors establish a new culture of multi-functional teams, where each team member became a representative and an advocate of the project on his area, improving the overall company engagement.
  • Pernod Ricard Brasil - Sr. Business Developer

    2011 - 2014
  • Pernod Ricard - Sr. Commercial Project Manager - Reporting

    PARIS 2011 - 2012 FMCG Company with presence in 70 countries; 18.000 employees
    Responsible for the Commercial Cycle implementation, process and change management required.
    - Work close to stakeholders in order to define the commercial planning process
    Main achievement: In the first year the clear improve of planning and communication underpinned by KPI tracking and post-mortem analysis allowed the business to anticipate its activations and gain about 5% of share on the market with less investment then before.
    - CRM design and implementation, formalizing existing but not documented processes and approval flows aligned with the business needs and expectations
    - Leaded the CRM from the process drawing to the tool roll-out
    Main achievement: Able to manage project adjustments due to changes on the company leadership (2 changes on the Commercial Direction and one change of CEO) keeping the project's scope and budget.
  • Mars & Co - Consultant

    2008 - 2011 -Participated in projects of market and sales, competitive intelligence and manufacturing cross-Europe and Latin America
    -Managed a team and develop logistics of projects on clients’ site and field analysis
  • MARS & CO - International Consultant

    2008 - 2011 Strategy Consulting Company with presence in Europe, USA and Asia; 250 consultants

    International Consultant - Europe and Americas projects
    - Cross-industry experience on investigating and understanding the dynamics behind of different segments from Energy, FMCG, Food, Electronic Sector and geographies in order to support clients on strategic business advises
    - Interpreting market behavior and modeling cause-effect scenarios optimizing ROI and anticipating market time reaction helping clients to re-focus assets allocation
    - Understanding the product positioning. ;
    - Mapping competitor's environment and time order to re-align assets allocation defining future source of growth
    - Gave mentoring and coach as project leader on site activities in Europe and Brazil.
    Main achievement: Lead multi-cultural teams on due diligences, adding critical issues to the project analysis and delivering results above the expectations for the clients; developed the extensive use of benchmark to justify company and market behaviour.
  • Valeo - Intern - summer internship

    Paris 2007 - 2007 -Participated in the Project VALEO 2010, to re-focus company’s product portfolio to reach an operating margin of 6% by 2010
    -Developed cross-analysis between competitors and market to increase possible partners, alliances, acquisitions and disposals within the strategy of the group.
  • VALEO - HQ - Intern

    2007 - 2007 Automotive Supplier present in 29 countries - EUR 10 billion revenue; 71,100 employees

    MBA Internship - Reporting to the Global Strategy Director
    - Contributed to the ``VALEO 2010 Project'' ;
    - Re-focus company's product portfolio aimed at reaching 2010 operating margin of 6%. ;
    - Participated on competitors and market analysis to increase possible partners, alliances, acquisitions and disposals within the strategy of the group.
    Main achievement: On the top of the MBA experience, this internship gave me direct access to strategic discussions in a complex environment across-company and industry, using and improving modelling analysis learned on class.
  • BOA MARCA ALIMENTOS - Development Manager - Reporting

    2002 - 2006 Company with a factory, farm, and stores dealing in dairy products and chocolate 1.2M EUR ; 180 employees

    Development Manager - Reporting to the CEO (Owner)
    - Implemented a professional management structure. ;
    - Defined and implemented roles and responsibilities model ;
    - Modernized production ;
    - Led a 0.5M EUR investment in production financed by a structure insured by Export Credit Agencies, achieving increase in production capacity of 300% and decrease of average costs of 35%. ;
    - Mapped market demand ;
    - Increased 25% in previous market and identified and developed new markets not previously explored by the company, resulting in an increase in total revenues of 200% in two years.
    Main achievement: Turned a highly seasonal business (single channel based), to a more constant and patterned cash flow across the year (multi-channel), by developing a product line to supply private brands besides its own brand
  • BankBoston - Project Manager

    2001 - 2002 -Structured operations using Export Credit Agencies and International Insurance Companies to provide international banks with political and convertibility coverage to mitigate risks when financing Local Importers.
    -Average ticket per-transaction of USD 50MM.
    -Developed trading structures to a portfolio of 30 middle market clients that were only available to large corporate companies before, allowing these companies to increase its capacity of financing and reducing cost of funds.
    -Key participant to the development and conversion of syndication and multilateral agencies transactions that increased the syndicated loans portfolio by 35% in 2001. Explored booming telecom sector and converted new transactions that amounted to USD 1 billion in assets.
  • BANK BOSTON - Product Manager Trade Finance & ECAs

    1998 - 2002 Latter part of Bank of America Corporation, 33 million clients in 150 countries.

    Product Manager Trade Finance & ECAs
    - Structured operations using Export Credit Agencies to mitigate risks when financing Local Importers. ;
    - Re-developed trading structures. ;
    - Played key role in the development and conversion of syndication and multilateral agencies transactions that increased the syndicated loans portfolio by 35% in 2001. Explored booming telecom sector and converted new transactions that amounted to USD 1 billion in assets.
    Corporate Trader - Corporate Desk
    - Proposed and implemented treasury and trade finance sales opportunities.
    - In charge of prospecting and convert new corporate clients.
    - Managed development and training of a sales force for the corporate market division.
    - Developed tailor made alternatives in internal cooperation
    Main achievement: On ECA`s developed a standard line o products giving access to middle-market clients structures only available to large corporate before; as a Corporate Trader develop and retained a new group of clients increasing its client pool in 20% of clients and 35% of revenue.
  • BankBoston - Trader

    1998 - 2001 -Proposed and implemented treasury and trade finance sales opportunities approach with client portfolio that allowed effective cross selling of credit and investment products.
    -Prospected and converted 20 new corporate clients and participated on the conversion of another 18 clients with the Relationship Manager;
    -Managed development and training of a sales force for the corporate market division that responded to client’s demands and closed standard deals, thus increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
    -Developed tailor made alternatives in cooperation with products, legal, operational and treasury departments, developed customization of products for key clients


  • HEC

    Jouy En Josas 2006 - 2007 MBA
  • HEC

    Paris 2006 - 2008 MBA
  • PUC-SP (São Paulo)

    São Paulo 1993 - 1997 Bacharel
  • Pontifícia Universidade Catolica (São Paulo)

    São Paulo 1993 - 1997 Business Administration