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    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2013 - maintenant In Industrial Universe, I'm the responsible of the performance Supply / Price of my catalog for Europen market at the best total cost for Oxylane.
    I am in charge of KALENJI(Running), TRIBORD(Boating), BTWIN(Biking) and OXELO(Skating) for CIRCULAR KNIT perimeter => 50M Euros Turnover in 2014.
    I guarantee the respect of my S&OP contract (elasticity, margin) for my Passion Brand customers.
    I manage production network of my Industrial Universe on the continuous improvement of elasticity and flexibility provided to my customers
    In collaboration with all the Customer Procurement Managers of my process, I guarantee the means necessary (planification, components stocks, supplier elasticity, cost decrease ...) to optimize the performance of my catalog for Europe (Availability rate, Delivery on Time, Purchasing gain...)


    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2009 - 2012 In charge of the global Headwear Perimeter of Decathlon (15M Euros Turnover), I was responsible to:
    - Develop the range of Headwear products for all Decatlhon Brands: Design, launch and finalise tech pack, assure testing, validate Master Sample, ensure the production quality and implementation on time,
    - Write, communicate and deploy the Indutrial & Purchasing policies => Define the 5 years strategies and build the supplier panel answering today and tomorrow's need , delivering best cost / Quality and supply performance for each Customer Zone.

    2008 - 2009 Supplier selection in Asia and negociation (price, leadtime,quantities, quality..),
    Orders follow up, technical file validation, customers communication (Best&Less, K-Mart, BigW),
    Reception and validation of samples (lab-dips, strike offs etc..).


    2007 - 2008 Customers follow up, from first negotiation direct through to final shipment.Develop international customer base from Europe, South Africa and the USA.
    Track all stages of the production process for the international customers, from sampling to final delivery.
    Coordinate and manage the Chinese Merchandisers in both the Shanghai office and in the factory.
    Develop marketing strategies and documents (presentations, portfolio, brochures, Internet site).

  • SWINGTAG Ltd Shanghai - Production Co-ordinator

    2005 - 2007 Source Suppliers, follow up production, control quality and co-ordinate the relevant testing that is required. Elaborate and control the specification sheets for products’ construction. Organise all logistic and export documents.
    Prospect new customers, following orders, from first negotiation direct through to final shipment.
    Co-ordinate with and manage the Chinese Merchandising team
    - Developpement des collections en relation avec le departement design et les acheteurs,
    - Relation client et suivi des commandes.