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  • CINCOM SYSTEMS - IT Administrator

    Paris 1999 - maintenant Karuna plays in the European iTS Team. - CINCOM SYSTEMS
    - Founded in 1968, making it one of the oldest companies in the software industry
    - Provides software and services in the following categories
    - Customer Communications
    - Data Management
    - Application Development
    - Hosting
    - Serves thousands of clients on six continents with over 50% of revenue coming from outside the U.S.
    - one of the highest percentages in the industry
    - Customer support around the clock, 365 days per year
    - Independently owned company
    - Ranks among the top 5% of all software companies
    - Twenty-one years of producing more than $100 million in revenue
    - the only private software company in the world to attain this lofty feat
    - Over 800 employees
    - 39 offices in 18 countries distributed over five continents

    1995 - 1999 Karuna managed the iT systems based on Microsoft and interfacing UNIX. - French Ministry of Defence "BASSIN D'ESSAIS DES CARENES" is one of the oldest naval hydrodynamics laboratories in the world :
    - Naval hydrodynamics and hydroacoustics, which determine the powering performance, the behaviour at sea, before and after damage, the hydrodynamic noise signature, cavitation, etc …
    - Expertise in the structure of vessels in terms of response to wave loadings and vibroacoustics.
    - Epertise in underwater vehicle manoeuvrability and multi phase missiles behavior