En résumé

Significant experience of 6 years in accounting firm and 10 years in corporate finance including private equity as part of the strategy of value, investment (financing advice and in financial feasibility), adding value after investment and exit strategy.

Mes compétences :


  • Tejra Group - CFO

    2013 - maintenant  Operations Management: Ownership and Investment.
     Management of specific acquisitions of companies (due diligence, legal ...).
     Legal Secretariat, land management, contractual and conventional management.
     Management of investment credit (BP preparation, Front Office with banks, negotiating ...).
     Closing accounting periods with the CAC group companies.
     Management tax optimization with specialist firms.
     Controlling: budget development, validation of operating subsidiaries accounts.
     Management of grant applications.
     Management of Revaluation group companies.
     Interview with the various service providers to group companies (CAC, lawyers, specialists on tax, investment funds, firms responsible for grant applications).
     Management of financial operations (opening L / C, establishment of credit investments ...).
  • ALISSAR Tunisie - CFO

    2013 - 2013  Supervision of general and analytical accounting and preparation of interim financial statements and management reports.
     Cash Management, Trade with the financial partner of the company and business credit files.
     Monitoring of monthly statements, notes, refunds, bank guarantees, leasing contracts to ensure a balance between the commitments of the company and its potential receipts.
     Monitoring of documentary credits, suppliers payments and outstanding.
     Supervision Management Controller in its monitoring of ongoing projects and budgetary control and conducting meetings on closed sites
     Supervision of responsible purchasing and tracking BC, commitments suppliers, negotiating with subcontractors and stock management.
     Managing administrative contracts of the company, PV assemblies and discussion with the auditor.
  • AVIP Tunisie - Manager controlling

    2012 - 2013  Administrative, financial and accounting.
     Fleet Management.
     Contract Management pub pack and media schedules.
     Management of the library and shops.
     Coordination between different departments of the company and managing interdepartmental conflicts.
     Budget management chain.
     Controlling.

    2010 - 2011  Daily management of cash and preparing a monthly analysis on costs and a monthly report on the financial situation of the company.
     Case tracking of import.
     Case tracking of export.
     Track record of operating loans with banks.
     Daily management with banks: endorsement BL, buying and selling of currency, investment in treasury bills, account management AVA…
     Monitoring of the schedule of credits in the medium and long term.
     Collections management through the harassment done on trade commissioners to ensure the flow of revenue on time and keep a positive financial position.
     Audit of financial costs.
     Updated daily bank reconciliation.
     Monthly financial projection.
     Development of Business Plan.
     Exchange with the various external service providers dealing with the company including the auditors.

    2008 - 2010  Establishment of medium-term plans for financing investments.
     Monitoring of established accounts and exchange with fund donors (BID, BADEA, FSD) and the state of the Ivory Coast.
     Establishment and supervision of general and analytical accounting, elaboration of accounting situations and monthly financial analysis and reporting to the head office in Tunisia.
     Establishment of a management control service on site and the definition of the main orientations and indicators to be positioned as well as drafting reports to the finance department in Abidjan.
     Establishment of the remuneration policy of the company and management of relationships with bodies representing workers: union representatives, works council...
     Exchange with the different external service providers dealing with the company especially juridical and tax councillor and auditors in order to find solutions to problems in taxations.

    2001 - 2008  Audit accounts review of a diverse portfolio of different companies.
     Accounting and tax assistance.
     Preparation of accounting manuals and procedures manuals.
     Companies’ evaluation.
     Consolidation of account.
     Judicial expertise.



    Tunis 1996 - 2000