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Après avoir passé 6 ans et demi dans le monde de l'ingénierie automobile en Allemagne puis en France en région Parisienne pour des grands fournisseurs comme Continental et Bosch, je suis depuis mars 2015 en poste en Anjou en tant que responsable de projet chez EOLANE sur des projets dans les domaines de l'automobile, de l'industrie et de la défense.

Laurent Ménard

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet


  • éolane - Responsable de projet

    2015 - maintenant
  • Robert Bosch Gmbh - Software System Designer Project / Ingénieur conception système

    Saint Ouen Cedex 2011 - 2015 SOFTWARE SYSTEM DESIGN ENGINEER FOR ENGINE CONTROL - BOSCH – Diesel and Gasoline System
    (Saint-Ouen, France) – Languages: German, English and French
    Prince 3 (Gasoline 1.6l 200hp) international project for BMW / PSA
    • Assist software project leader in all V cycle steps of international engine control software development (France, Germany, India and Vietnam):
    o Understand customer functional requirements and delegate those to technical teams
    o Organize and support requirement review meeting with customer and experts
    o Collect cost estimation and participate to sales meeting with customer
    o Plan, coordinate and follow development activities
    o Ensure quality of development teams deliverables and correct integration in system
    o Plan and realise tests on bench or in vehicle required for delivery to customer
    o Coordinate interactions with industrialisation, hardware and calibration teams
    o Ensure full traceability during all project steps, respect of cost, time and quality project targets
  • T&S Engineering / Bosch CC ESP systems - Embedded Software Engineer

    2008 - 2011 Embedded Software engineer since july 2008 for Bosch CC, Abstatt, Germany


    > Application Software engineering for ESP systems:
    . Value Added Functions programming for BMW/Roll Royces, Porsche and Land Rover Projects (Automatic Vehicle Hold, Start Stop, Automatic Emergency Brake)
    . Electronic Stability Program algortihms development for BMW
    . Traction Control System development for Land Rover
    . Regenerative braking systems development for Land Rover

    Application Software:
    Software part of the ESP system where vehicle control functionalities
    (trajectory control, braking strategy, etc) are implemented, in contrast
    with software parts related to hardware or to interfaces.


    . Analysis of customer requirements (Design, Implementation, Estimation of time and risk of realization) with DOORS.
    . Defects (ClearQuest) management
    . Errata management
    . Implementation following MISRA coding rules
    . Software Review (Bosch's code review protocol)
    . Integration and validation tests on HIL and real cars
    . Software development according to CMMI Level 3
    . Team management for SW realisations (5 persons)
    . ASCET Technical referent for other engineers

    Technical Environment:

    . Languages : Embedded C, CAPL, ASCET
    . Hardware : ESP ECU, ETAS and Dspace LabCar, FlexRay
    . Software : Visual Studio, TCM, ClearQuest, MM6X, UniView,
    Canoe, Dspace, MISRA, DOORS

    More about ESP:
  • Continental - Intern

    Toulouse 2008 - 2008 (Regensburg, Germany)
    Master Thesis : 6 months internship for Continental :

    Objectives :

    Interior Control division under the PMT (Process Method and Tools) unit on automatic testing (MIL/PIL/SIL/HIL) of AUTOSAR Software Component.


    . Analysis of the Continental test activity requirements.
    . Modelisation and design proposal through UML diagrams.
    . Development of a software for Automatic testing on V cycle development from MIL to HIL in C#
    . Development of a software for the management of the automatic testing activity (Graphical indicators for improvement of the tests activities)
    . Validation tests
    . Training for tests engineers

    Technical Environment:

    . Languages : C++, C#, VB .net
    . Hardware : CAN , VW’s body controller module
    . Software : Visual Studio, CANOE, DOORS, Synergy (Config. Manag), Synergy Change (Change Manag)
  • ESEO - Student

    Angers 2007 - 2008 • End of studies project : Integration of a real time operating system on an ARM7 microprocessor
    - « Trampoline » RTOS: OSEK-VDX/AUTOSAR compliant
    - Drivers and libraries adaptation for multitask, embedded Unit tests
    - ARM 7 OKI Module / ICD BDI 2000 / Eclipse SDK

    • Embedded Systems: Team manager (team of 5 persons) for the development of an autonomous virtual robot in a real time system on a Power PC card (CAN, Embedded C, Java, TCP-IP, RTOS Vx Works)
  • TNO Defence, Security and Safety - Intern

    2007 - 2007 (The Hague, Netherlands)
    3 months internship in the Observations systems unit

    Objectives :

    • Development of a tool in Java for visualization of information generated by wireless ZigBee Sensors in network, together with position hypotheses generated by various indoor positioning
    algorithms using receive signal strength value(applying
    for patent).

    Technical environment :

    • Language : C/JAVA
    • Hardware : TI CC2430/CC2431 (ZigBee)
    • Software : Eclipse
    • Modelling : UML
  • Thales Navigation - Intern

    Courbevoie 2006 - 2006 (Carquefou, France)
    2 months internship in the European Systems Test unit:


    • Contribution to the validation (integration and validation tests) of a professional GPS receiver in Work Package between Russia, France and the U.S.A.

    Technical Environment:

    . Language : C++ / WinCE
    . Hardware : GPS MMCE 1.5, debugging hardware equipment
    . Software : Visual Studio C++ Embedded



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