Liliane NSANA


En résumé

Passionnée de nouvelles technologies et désireuse de les faire intégrer chez le plus grand nombre par le biais de projets innovants.

Mes compétences :
Adaptation rapide
Sens de l'équipe
Microsoft Office
Windows Presentation Foundation
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft C-SHARP
Adobe Photoshop
3D Studio Max
Scrum Methodology
Project Management
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Team Foundation Server
Microsoft .NET Technology
Merise Methodology
Initial training
Adobe Illustrator


  • AUDENSIEL Technologies - Technical designer

    BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT 2015 - maintenant En mission chez Renault Sport Cars
  • SIMPLYSIM - Engineer Research and Development

    2014 - 2015 Function Engineer Research and Development

    Projet Extensibility of the product HIM. HIM (Human Integrated Manufacturing)
    of SIMPLYSIM is dedicated to the virtualisation of the processes of
    maintenance, accessibility and assembly dismantling in immersif
    Missions and Researcher
    achievements * A comparative study of humanoid integrated in the virtual
    environments according to their malleability, their integrability and
    the fluidity of the possible postures.

    * To assemble the elements returning in a good establishment of the
    comfort zones at a work station following the postures taken by the
    Developer : Use the pattern MVVM and WPF. WPF was used to create
    views and controls, with a binding to the model to update, read or display

    * To implement the selection of one or more objects in a tree like their
    visibility and their suppression (Undo and Redo in more).

    * To implement a flag for the activation or not of physics when two
    physical objects collide.

    * To implement the generation of use's report with the possibility of
    using the template by default or personalized by the user.

    * To integrate the ByteScout plugin to implement the catch of video of
    evolution of the user inside the application.

    * To implement the catch of screenshot.

    * To implement the importation of a manikin in the scene other than
    that by default.

    * To establish a dictionary for the conversion of the names of bones of
    the skeletons in order to use the IK solver set up.

    * To test the computing time of kinematics reverses for the new

    * To debug.

    Environement C#, WPF, MVVM, .NET, Visual Studio 2013 , Windows 7, Pack Office 2013,
  • EGIDIUM Technologies - Developer trainee

    Orsay 2012 - 2012 Project Software package ISAP allows any organization public or not to
    rationalize its approach of the security ans the safety of its sensitive sites.
    The director of the security and his team can, constantly and in real time,
    understand and intervene instantaneously on any incident.

    Missions and Architect
    achievements * To build a new database.

    * To test the response time of the requests in the new database.

    * To test the security access of objects of the database.

    * To compile documents of specifications of modeling (database, 3D
    envirenments and humanoid).
    Developer C++/SQL/Virtools

    * Refactoring of source code of the application's core.

    * To improve the requests for the access to the database.

    * To create new structures to reduce the code in C++.

    * To implement a module allowing the integration and the configuration
    of flying object of monitoring under virtools.

    * To integrate humanoid and their animation under Virtools.
    3D modelisation

    * To model and texture 3D environments (port, hotel, stadium) which
    are used as support for the software package.

    * To skin humanoid, animate and export them for Virtools .
    Environement Power AMC, Visual Studio C++, DB2, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Virtools, pack
    Office, Windows.
  • FAL MAYENNE - Project manager

    2011 - 2012 Project Evaluation of the integration of the subtitles in the animations presented
    at the planetarium of Laval for the defective auditive ones.

    Mission and 3D Modelisation ,* To product a 3D model planetarium and simulate his integration in
    the city of virtual reality.
    Answer to a call to project of the minitry of the communication for the
    innovating culture sections.

    * To study existing in the the subtitling systems.

    * To check the integrability of those systems in a planetarium.

    * To study the costs.

    * To search the technical partners to develop and integrate the solution.

    * To produce the documents answering the call to project.
    Environement 3DS Max, pack Office, NightShade, Windows, Mandriva
  • Crédit Foncier du Cameroun - Stagiaire développeur

    CHARENTON CEDEX 2009 - 2009 réalisation d'une application d’automatisation de la gestion du parc informatique