Lingyun ZHANG

Villeneuve d'Ascq

En résumé

I love fashion, I love teamwork, I believe that a person may be faster, together we can go further.

More than 7 years experience as an engineer in DECATHLON for different textile products (luggage, protection, bras and golf / running clothing) allowed me to be a referent on my job, to master textile processes and to be an expert on costing.

Double education profile: ENSISA Textile Engineer and fashion designer and also pattern maker at the Shandong University of Art & Design allowed me to reach a high level of creativity and adaptation.

Profil oriented: Buyer “cost killer” & Industrialisation & offre ''Product manager''.Looking for work in Shanghai from February 2016

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Méthodes de conception et de production
Gestion et Organisation de production
Méthode de montage en textile
Patronage et gradation
Maîtrise et Optimise le prix de reviens
Qualité produits et processus
Outil informatique


  • Oxylane - Costing Project Manager

    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2013 - maintenant Context: mission carried out in parallel with product engineer responsibility.

    • Leader of the project team to accelerate the group's strategy: accessibility and availability
    • Identify and anticipate the "lower cost", find solutions on the processes: Component, design, merchandising, supply, logistics, tax, margin, markup ...
    • Ensure the value (s) / lowest price in each customs area.

    Key Achievement: Save € 9m on purchase prices (contract price and logistics costs) in 2014.Creation of a training tool to share the best practices.

    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2008 - maintenant • Team Coordinator: product manager, buyer (CPM), fashion designer, pattern maker, quality, engineer component, production.
    • Price, quality and leadtime Compliance Manager through the design, development and industrialization steps.
    • Creator of the innovative system "Ability Putting on – Taking off - Setting" of the bra
    90488C266 FR patent (Extension to Europe, China, Tunisia)
    • Trainer on project management tools (PACE) and cost optimization.



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