Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex

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Mes compétences :
Supply chain
Talent Management
Sales development
Multicultural environment


  • Expectra - Manager Ingénierie, Comptabilité et Finance

    Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex 2016 - maintenant Recrutement en Ingénierie, Comptabilité & Finance.

    Fort d’une équipe de Consultants Expérimentés et Spécialisés, notre compréhension du contexte et des enjeux stratégiques du marché nous permet de répondre aux attentes de nos clients et de nos candidats.
  • Randstad - HR Consultant

    Saint Denis 2014 - 2016 - Head hunting for management and specialist positions in Engineering and Operations
    - Business development in the Engineering and Operations fields
    - Key Account Management
    - Coaching Candidates
  • Philip Morris International - EU LOGISTIC EXECUTIVE

    Lausanne 2012 - 2014 Implementation of Leadership programs. Overland Tender – 4.2% rate reduction, pool of Suppliers enlarged and service level increased. Deployment of SRM program to EU Affiliates covering 80% of the Overland business.

    - Define and implement leadership programs (implement Coaching method., enhance managers’ communication skills)
    - Transportation (EU scope): Responsible for Overland (44 mio$), Airfreight (6 mio$) categories in the scope of the 11 PMI-EU factories
    - Best Practices and Process Improvement: Cross-functional team coordination (best practices, productivity initiatives). 11 PMI-EU factories
    - Responsible for PMI EU Supplier Relationship Management program (13 suppliers).

    2011 - 2012 I Launched the first Overland Tender with a cost reduction of 900.000 € (12% of the Budget). Punctuality enhanced by 6 %. Enlarged pool of suppliers, leading to higher flexibility and service level.

    - Lead the creation of the Transport dept. Scope: 4 Factories
    - Manage logistic relationship with key-Customers and key suppliers
    - Optimize transportation cost through tenders. Define and optimize stock levels
    - KPI´s definition, Transport annual budget, transportation and warehousing reporting

    Valence 2009 - 2011 Stock reduction of 15%, Stock turnover optimization of 12%, Reduction expired products ratio in 23%.

    - Responsible for the custody and control of the stocks in the slogans (mio$11), ensuring rentability and accuracy. Lead working capital reduction and stock turnover optimization
    - Definition and implementation of processes for product life optimization
    - Lead cross-functional teams involving Sales Force, Customer Services and end Customers
    - European projects related to models of centralized procurement. Forecasting process optimization

    Valence 2008 - 2009 Enhancement of S&OP process. Forecast accuracy optimization by 27%.

    - Sales Forecast optimization, leading cross functional team with Production, Sales and Marketing dept.
    - Ensure stock availability at Customer level. Support new launches
    - Support Markets solving potential production delays and delivery problems
    - Lead logistic parameters definition and maintenance (raw materials and finish goods)

    Paris 2007 - 2008 - Promote, sell and refer ING products (by using networking, cold calls, sales events, cross-selling, customized products)
    - Develop marketing strategies to compete with other individuals or companies


  • International Coaching Federation (Suisse) (Neuchâtel)

    Neuchâtel 2013 - 2014 EXECUTIVE COACH

    Executive coaching
  • Universidad De Valencia (Valencia)

    Valencia 2010 - 2011 Master degree in TALENT MANAGEMENT – Executive program

    Strategic vision, Skills management, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence
  • Universidad Europea De Madrid (Valencia)

    Valencia 2009 - 2010 Master degree in SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - Executive program

    Supply chain processes optimization, strategic decisions. Production, Supply Chain, Warehouses, Maintenance, Transport and Distribution (worldwide)
  • Universitat Politècnica De València UPV (Valencia)

    Valencia 2000 - 2007


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