Maximin OTTINO


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Personality: Efficient + Courteous

+ Entrepreneurship
+ Project/Program Management
+ Team Management
+ Business Analysis
+ Digital Marketing
+ Accountancy & Finance

Mes compétences :
Project management
Project manager
Marketing online
Business analyst
Excel avancé
Systèmes d'information
Project Management Office


  • Colemi Media - Founder, CEO

    2013 - maintenant Specialized in Digital Marketing & Communication, Colemi helps customers to promote their business, and increase their visibility. We mainly work on Strategic Consultancy, media contents production (video & radio annoucement), Media Buying, Social Networks, Branding, SEO optimization, and Emailing.
  • Orange Switzerland - Program Manager

    Paris 2011 - 2013 Radio Access Network modernization, including 4500+ sites GSM (2G) and UMTS (3G). Also Sub-programs including RET implementation, BSC replacement, EDGE activation. Working environment: SharePoint, Business Object, SAP, SRM.

    - Planning & Quality
    Swap planning (4500+ sites), tracking and reporting. Coordinate interactions between projects (Swap, RET, CSSO, Edge). Managed the quality (site inspections) and acceptance levels. Check Incidents and anomaly.

    - Cost Control (100+ Mios CHF)
    Budget tracking and forecast, alignments with the business case. Good receipts and invoices management. Coordination with controlling & accountancy teams, WBS management. Business Object, SAP.

    - Supplier Management
    Purchase orders and logistics management (300’000+ items) with SAP, coordination with procurement. Managed the contracts (SoW) for externals resources. Main partnerships NSN (Nokia Siemens Network), Alcatel-Lucent, Cablex
  • Orange Switzerland - Digital Marketing Consultant

    Paris 2011 - 2011 - Design the new releases process
    Set the planning for each releases (master plan, release plan, milestones and deadlines). Design the organisation: process, meetings and deliverables. Support and reporting.

    - Implemented the ticketing Tool JIRA
    Design the processes (issue types, workflow and steps). Configure the projects, roles, rights accesses and dashboards. Support on users and reporting.
  • Pages Jaunes - Business Analyst - Digital Marketing

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2010 - 2010 specialised in local search services and web announcing, PJ is the 1st European from group from Internet ads perspective.

    - Opportunities and feasibility studies
    Pre-studies for potential projects (scenarios, costs). Improvement of Video encoding process and coordination (Marketing, MOA, MOE). Video Statistics reorganisation, analysis and statement of requirements.

    - Project management
    Replacement of the Flash tool (statement of requirements, team coordination). Enhancments on the video offer: releases management, planning, tests and coordination (partners, Marketing, MOA, MOE). Bug tracking (ticketing tool: Mantis)
  • Orange Business Services - CRM Release Manager

    2008 - 2010 OBS provides services to global enterprises in cloud computing, communications and collaboration tools.

    - Pilot and coordinate each releases on Billing and CRM tools (400 K € for each release)
    Analyse the RFC interactions and impacts (cost, delay) and prioritise the features. ROI calculation for each concerned features. TTM Processes. User training management.

    - Lead the User Acceptance Tests (managed 40+ persons)
    Plan the tests and the RUNs, coordinate the issues management (revues, UAT supervision, reports). Pilot several departments (Billing, Ordering, Repository, Project Owners). Anomaly reports, tariffs updates in the Pricing Tool.
  • Orange - Digital Marketing Consultant

    Paris 2007 - 2008 - State of art on Profiling (Web & Mobile advertising)
    List and describing functional synthesis on Profiling solutions. Map main functions and localising the tools per Business Unit. Main studied tools: WunderLoop, Revenue Science, SAS, Unica, Epiphany, Chordiant, Dart for Publisher (Double-Click), AdFront (Fivia), MPOS (XIAM), Weborama, Mobile Gagnant.
  • ANFH - IT Project Manager

    Paris 2006 - 2007 ANFH manages funds collected from 2300+ institutes to provide trainings for medical and social employees.

    - Implement a tool for trainings management (2+ Mios €)
    Benchmarking, requirements analysis, market studies, invitation to bid, evaluate the candidates. Integration, change management (process revue, communication and trainings).

    - Corporate website
    leading working groups, specifications requirements, following the development, UAT. Team coordination, steering committees, working groups,

    - Moving a tool (Gesform, training management) on CITRIX Technology. User Acceptance Tests (UAT): coordination and writing the specifications, anomaly reports.
  • MUSIWAVE - Microsoft Subsidiary (Sites for mobile phones) - Project Manager - Mobile Web

    2005 - 2006 Providing sites for mobile phones, for Telecommunication operators (Vodafone, Telus, Mobistar, T-Mobile). Main products Ringtones, RingBackTones, WallPapers. Technical environment PHP MySQL WML & PML. Musiwave has been bought by Microsoft

    - E-commerce Sites and CRM implementation
    Design the specifications (story-boards), feasibility studies, planning (MS Project). Team coordination: R&D, sales, marketing. Main customers: Vodafone, Telus Canada, T-Mobile, Mobistar. Requirements analysis.

    - Tests & acceptance
    Design the checks, data set and apply functional tests. Anomaly reports, coordination with R&D (WML sites) and progress report. Production launches monitoring (environments: Test / Preprod / Prod).
  • TEXIONET (Web Hosting) - General Manager - Web Hosting

    2004 - 2004 - Company management & Marketing
    Manage suppliers, treasury and accountancy, public administrative. Answer to tenders, focused on main account customers, reselling to Web Agencies
    Benchmarking on competitors, promotional deals, presses release, SEA: Google Adwords & Overture.

    - Team Management
    Team building (employ and manage), project development: CRM Web tool (HTML, PHP and MySQL).
  • TEXIONET (Web Hosting) - CRM Manager - Web Hosting

    2003 - 2003 - Customers Management
    Domain names deposit (AFNIC and other Registrars) and DNS monitoring, account and billing management, email support and hotline (sales & technical).

    - Project Management CRM web tool (PHP MySQL)
    Planning (MS Project) and design, development (HTML PHP JavaScript MySQL, APACHE Server) and tests.

    - Servers monitoring and SEO
    SEO for the customers’ websites (keywords, meta-tags etc.), SEA improvements (Google Adwords & Overture), server Monitoring (SSH access), LINUX Fedora RedHat hosted at Colt Telecom.
  • BBSP (Financial Advisers) - IT Project Manager

    2002 - 2002 Built a tool for real time news
    Design, planning (MS Project), specifications requirements, development (Visual C++, SQL Server 2000, IIS and stored procedures), user training: presentation, user guide.
  • CREO (Financial Softwares) - Web Developper - Pharmaceutical

    2001 - 2001 Built an Intranet tool for statistics
    Planning, design, development (ASP, HTML, SQL) and user training (presentation, user guide).
  • Servier - Data Base Manager

    Suresnes 2000 - 2000 CLIN TRIAL Software: filling and checking clinical data.
    Anomalies management, reporting.



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