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Mes compétences :


  • Atyse, Groupe Mobivia

  • MOBIVIA Groupe

  • Mondial Relay, filiale du groupe 3SI

  • SPIE - Chief Financial Officer

    Cergy 2015 - maintenant
  • MONDIAL RELAY - Chief Financial Officer

    Hem 2010 - 2015 Management of accounting, controlling, legal and cash.
    Recruitment, training and management of accounting and legal teams.
    Advice in all international business (Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg), implementation of accounting and reporting system, and organizational control and performance of commercial team.
    Strong investment in all the part of the business of the company as real business partner.
    Main achievements:
    - Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Navision accounting system.
    - Implementation of automatical Invoicing system
    - Implementation of Business Object as decisional and reporting system.
    - Management and recruitement of accounting and controlling team.
    - study of several external growth projects.
    - Strong involvement in the resolution of legal disputes.
  • Norauto International - CFO Russia & Groupe Financial Coontroller

    SAINGHIN-EN-MELANTOIS 2009 - 2010 Restructuring of the Russian team to cope with the crisis.
    Financial management of the Hungarian subsidiaries (1 week in Budapest every mount)
    Financial management of ATYSE ( subsidiary of storage distrubtion tire) :
    - implementation of internal control in purchase
    - Cost and legal negociation with SAP integrator, obtain a substantial discount.
  • Norauto Russia - CFO and IT manager

    2007 - 2009 Management of accounting, finance, budget and IT for the Russian subsiduarie.

    Recrutment and management of team in accounting, IT and legal advising.

    Creation of company, management of administrations specifications in Russia for the company.
  • Norauto International - International Financial Controler

    SAINGHIN-EN-MELANTOIS 2003 - 2007 Control and assistance, on a financial aspect of the whole subsidiary of the group (China, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Brésil) => 60% of time spent abroad.
    Development of the internal audit, review and certification of the accounts, assistance to the consolidation.
    Main achievements :
    - Installation of the risks mapping
    - Standardization of the countable data and control of the compliance with the international rules (IFRS - US GAP to french Gap)
    - in-house Information and sensitizing on the law of financial safety
    - Constitution and presentation of files for the decision-making aid of the Management committee on various projects (strategic, organisational, financial, data-processing…)
  • NORAUTO SA - Chief of Internal Audit Services

    SAINGHIN-EN-MELANTOIS 2001 - 2003 Review of financial processes
    Support business units and country organizations with respect to audit and accounting control.
     Main achievements :
    Reduction of the rate of inventory shrinkage down of 52%.
    User project leader “international Cashing” (Management of IT project)
    Setting up of data base in order to follow-up to the store indicators.
  • NORAUTO SA - Chief Accountant

    SAINGHIN-EN-MELANTOIS 1999 - 2001 Management of 10 accountants
    Co-direction of accounting service (62 employees)
    Follow up and certification of slotting fees (RFA)
     Main achievements :
    Reduction of the variation of provision of slotting fees (from 10% to less than 1% of the total provision)
    Evaluation of 3 companies in order to bought them.
    Follow-up to tax controls.
    Management of a legal rectification
  • KPMG - Senior AUDITOR

    Courbevoie 1994 - 1999 Legal Audit “CAC” (60%) Accounting Audit (40%)
    Specialization RAO, financial analyze, previsions and analyze of forecasts.
    Covering of customer’s folders and management in legal audit mission.


  • Université Catholique De Lille (Lille)

    Lille maintenant
  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce (Lille)

    Lille maintenant
  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce EDHEC

    Lille 2006 - 2008 Executive MBA
  • Institut D'Expertise Comptable IEC

    Lille 1990 - 1994 Accounting Expertise and Law

    Accounting and right - DESCF (superior gradution in Accounting and Finance)1999
    DECF (gradution in Accounting and Finance)1994
    DPECF (preparation to gradution in Accounting and Finance) 1991


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