Résultats examens 2023

En résumé

Spanish and French attorney, called to the Paris, Granada and Malaga Bar Associations, holder of the French CAPA legal qualification, as well as the Spanish one, I began my experience as an attorney and legal expert in 1996. Over the course of my career I have been able to provide representation and defense for clients in everything from legal counsel to litigation.

(Avocat en France et en Espagne, mon expérience débute en 1996. Le Cabinet propose de solutions à des conflits de normes entre les deux pays, particulièrement dans les domaines des marques et de la responsabilité contractuelle (particulièrement des contrats d'ingénierie liés à la production d'énergie). Le Cabinet traite également les contentieux immobiliers dans un ou l'autre pays).

For three and a half years I was the head of the litigation department at the firm Balms Group International, made up of a yearly average of 50 attorneys and with a presence in 22 countries. The firm specializes in large real estate transactions (over 1 million Euros); moreover, I managed projects of all sizes in countries such as Cuba, Spain and Poland, specifically in the realm of international sales and international private law. Lastly, I defended the interests of and took on trade law litigation, agency and distribution contracts and economic criminal law for the Eastern Andalusia Official Association of Commercial Agents.

I have extensive experience in French business law. Recently, I had the opportunity to further develop my expertise in intellectual property and contract law within the legal team at ALSTOM Hydro France SA. Specifically, I was responsible for revising intellectual property clauses, validation of turnkey contracts, bid responses, drafting and negotiating contracts related to the concession of large hydraulic energy center engineering and construction projects, confidentiality contracts and consortium agreements and management of litigation processes.

Prior to that, I was the legal director at Chemicals, Minerals and Metals Co., a French-American multinational company dedicated to the production of thermodynamic energy, recycling of metals and secondary raw materials and international mineral trade, for over three years. During this period I was responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts with our clients and associates in Latin America, Morocco, Congo and Cameroon. Additionally, I was responsible for conflict resolution between the different branches of the Group and represented the interests of the Group companies in legal and administrative matters. I managed a cross-functional team of 17 professionals in the execution of projects in Guatemala, where the company had 22 zinc mines. The same type of projects had been entrusted to me previously in my post on the legal team at the French-Spanish company Alternative Metals SL.

I have been a member of the Malaga Bar Association since 2005, as well as one of the organizers of the “Art and Law” conference series with the Picasso Museums of Paris, Malaga and Barcelona and the Bar Associations of these three cities; Malaga (2009), Barcelona (2010) and Paris (11 June 2011); an event for New York is in the planning stages.

Over the last ten years I have worked as a legal expert and attorney for private and legal entities related to energy engineering, specifically in international contracts and intellectual property. Among my various tasks, I have dealt with protection measures for software copyrights, different methods of protection or types of deposit, name protection for industrial property rights and questions related to the patents on such inventions or their use. In an international context, I am familiar with USPTO procedures in the United States, and I developed legal solutions for clients in Japan interested in protecting their inventions in Europe.

Mes compétences :
Droit des contrats
Droit de la propriété intellectuelle
Droit des affaires
Droit commercial
Avocat à la Cour
Avocat mandataire immmobilier


  • Barreau de Paris - Avocat à la Cour

    2012 - maintenant Avocat indépendent inscrit aux Barreaux de Paris, Malaga et Grenade.
  • ALSTOM Hydro France - Legal Officer

    2011 - 2011 Turnkey contract bid analysis and response.

    Negotiation of large-scale energy centre engineering and construction projects.

    Validation of clauses related to intellectual property both in consortium or confidentiality agreements as well as in sales or bid contracts.

    Manage relationships with external attorneys and pre-litigation processes.
  • Alternative Metals SL - Legal Officer

    2009 - 2011 Legal officer and lawyer of the Spanish and French company “Alternative Metals”, in the international trading of non ferrous metals branch: ores, concentrates and recycled secondary raw materials. In view of advanced technological development and soaring metals prices, I can offer a rapid strategic reactivity in major growth markets such as China and India, and I'm fully competent to cope with the evolutions of LME fundamentals. From commodity to logistic environmental law, from banking to transportation, I can control every aspect of international and foreign trade. I've acquired a legal expertise and knowledge in the field of raw materials or metallurgic engineering of the refuses containing sulphates, oxides and hydroxides of non ferrous or minor metals.
  • CMMllc, Chemicals, Minerals and Metals Co. - Directeur Juridique/Legal Officer

    2007 - 2009 International contracts related to the recycling of secondary raw materials.

    International purchasing and sourcing.

    Pre-litigation process management.

    Legal and technical counsel in international metallurgy.

    Manager of 17 professionals in Guatemala and Mexico.

    Conflict resolution, drafting and negotiation of international sales contracts.
  • OG Asesores SL - Directeur Juridique/Legal Officer

    2006 - 2007 Legal adviser in International private law, contracts, payments, sureties, tax system of import-export internationals operations. Legal counsel in international private law and import-export operations (market exploration, international contracts, international payment, financial securities and cross-border taxation).
    Litigation in commercial law.
  • Avocat - Avocat Indépendent Espagne

    TOULOUSE 2003 - 2006 Avocat, Abogado. Droit des contrats internationaux. Arbitrage et contentieux en droit des affaires internationales.
  • Balms International Groupe - Directeur Juridique/Legal Officer

    1999 - 2003 Litigation Department Director. Attorney-at-law at Malaga and Granada's Courts: civil, penal, administrative, labour and commercial law.
    Manager of five staff attorneys.
  • Vega Rica Europa SA - Directeur Juridique/Legal Officer

    1996 - 1999 French and Belgium company “Vega Rica Europa SA”, in the export market, import-export business, corporate management, labor relations and commercial law. Attorney-at-law. Granada Bar Association.


  • Ecole De Formation Du Barreau EFB

    Paris 2010 - 2011 CAPA/Avocat

    Etudes Juridiques et Judiciaires - Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnel d'Avocat (CAPA). Mars 2011
  • Ecole De Formation Professionnelle Des Barreaux De La Cour D'Appel De Paris (EFB) (Paris)

    Paris 2001 - 2002 CAPA
  • Universidad De Granada (Granada)

    Granada 1996 - 1997 Master's degree of legal systems and juridical.

    Law/Master's degree of legal systems and juridical.
  • Université Poitiers

    Poitiers 1994 - 1995 International Law

  • Universidad De Granada (Granada)

    Granada 1993 - 1996 Law

  • Universidad De Málaga (Malaga)

    Malaga 1990 - 1993 Law



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