Nicolas GUY


En résumé

Robust Multi-disciplinary (or Integrated ) Modelling, Analysis and Control for Flexible Space Structures

Mes compétences :
Analyse numérique
Traitement du signal
Signal processing


  • ESA-European Space Research and Technology Center - Stagiaire TEC-ECN (Control-Navigation)

    maintenant Guidance Navigation and Control Department

    Objective is to demonstrate that is possible to have a GNC for a deployable telescope which respect the scientific specifications. This demonstration need to make a modelisation of the spacecraft, and implement some control and guidance laws. The modelisation must include the flexible behavior and all embedded equipments. The modelisation is implementing on Matlab/Simulink. This end of studies internship enabled me to improve my knowledge in dynamics modelisation and control systems. Its acquire me to apply some methods in the frame of a research organization and in building of simulator. At the time of this internship insertion of two teams, one of the GNC department and one of the CDF (Concurrence Design Facility) team, which enabled me to highlight my team working and my relational qualities.
  • ONERA - Stagiaire DPRS

    Palaiseau maintenant Prospective and Synthesis Department, processing and service design System

    Participation in the study of a potential solution to meet the IESTA (platform for distributed simulation of air traffic) project’s needs, realization of a generic model, and design a parser between GENESIS platform language and other tools.
  • EADS Astrium Space Transportation - Stagiaire TE-431-433

    Blagnac maintenant Mission Analysis and Navigation Systems Department

    Objective is to improve an interplanetary landing functional validation test facility via integration of new navigation, guidance & “Hazard Avoidance” vision algorithms in the loop. These algorithms must being performant on atmospheric planets. Following this integration, a testing period will take place for a landing case on Mars. The realization of this training course was entirely done under Matlab/Simulink and with the C language using. This training course enabled me to acquire important knowledge and control of Matlab/Simulink, to apply rigorous work methods in the frame of an industrial company. At the time of this internship insertion in two teams enabled me to put in value my relational qualities and of team working.
  • ISAE - Sup'aéro - Vaccataire

    2010 - 2011 - Encadrement BE Matlab dans le cadre du cursus des Master spécialisés en système embarqués et du Master automatique

    - Encadrement BE pluridisciplinaire dans le cadre du cursus de 2ème Année de Sup'aéro

    - Participation au projet ESMO (European Student Moon Orbiter) dans le cadre du développement d'un star tracker (contribution niveau algorithmique)
  • ESA-Thalès Alenia Space-Onera-ISAE - Doctorant

    2009 - maintenant Robust Multi-disciplinary (or Integrated ) Modelling, Analysis and Control for Flexible Space Structures