Nkemjika ANSELM

Paris La Defense

En résumé

Mes compétences :
Mechanical engineer
Catia V5
Ansys workbench
Microsoft Office
Aircraft Design
Aircraft systems
Aircraft structures
Computer-Aided Design


  • Areva - Stress Engineer

    Paris La Defense 2019 - maintenant
  • Onera - Aerospace Project Engineer

    Palaiseau 2018 - 2019 Attached to the Wind tunnels department where we provide subsonic, transonic and hypersonic state of the art services to aircraft, engines, rockets and missiles manufacturers.
    Engineering studies for the modification of a hypersonic windtunnel (S4) based in Modane in preparation of upcoming tests.
    Compressed air systems and optimization studies for a transsonic windtunnel (F1) based in Toulouse.
  • Airbus - Mechanical Design | Stress Engineer

    Blagnac 2017 - 2018 Working as a consultant (Assystem) at the Design office of Stelia Aerospace, providing engineering solutions to manufacturing and assembly non-conformities for the A320, A330 and A350 family aircraft.
    My task includes writing of technical reports (concessions), preparation of stress sheets, analyze the assembly and manufacturing process, identify risks and / or opportunities, pilot performance, lead and accompany projects so as to meet up with changes in production rate.
  • Airbus Group - Professional Thesis

    Blagnac 2016 - 2016 Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering intern, attached to the Assembly Technology department my roles include:
    - Understanding norms used in the qualification of bearings in the aerospace industry
    - Designing of tools on CATIA V5 for a bearing test bench
    - Correction of misalignment of a load actuator on the test bench by proposing a design of tools
    - Passing and follow-up of commands from suppliers
    - Carrying out of a test campaign to evaluate the impact of specific parameters on the endurance life of a bearing
    - Writing of technical reports and interpretation of results for each test
    - Carrying out mechanical ageing analyses on nose landing gear bearings of the A340
    - Proposition of a numerical approach to model and simulate wear in spherical bearings using ABAQUS.
  • Areva - Engineering Thesis

    Paris La Defense 2015 - 2015 Attached to the department of Engineering and Projects at the headquarters of AREVA in Paris, precisely at the section PEERT-F which is in charge of carrying out studies on the primary circuit of nuclear plants under construction or in exploitation.
    These studies are done in regulations to the nuclear codes RSE-M and RCC-M.
    My principal tasks were :
    Modelling of fractures in the primary circuit of a nuclear plant.
    Calculation of the force of extension in these fractures.
    Thermo-mechanical analyses in the primary circuit.
    The main objective of my internship was to verify two codes of calculations (in failure mechanics) so as to extend the domain of validity of these methods for specific joints found on the new generation nuclear plants.
    Thanks to my work, I could identify the configurations for which these existing methods are valid and I also proposed an approach to which the domain of validity of these existing methods can be extended.
  • Decathlon France - Production operator

    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2014 - 2014 BTWIN VILLAGE (ATELIER MKNIX)
    -Atelier MKNIX is the production site for decathlon that produces bicycles. It is located in Lille-France
    -I worked hear as a production operator, my goal was to assist in the assembling of bicycles as they move in the production line.
    -Here I got the opportunity to experience the implementation of some production methods (Kanban) in the factory and also witness how a production site operates
  • Decathlon - Design engineer

    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2014 - 2014 -INESIS is the golf mark of Decathlon.
    -During my internship, I had as objective to minimise the effects of vibration (shock) during strike on a golf club.
    -In order to come out with a model that proposes more comfort, I had to carryout experiments in the laboratory and also model the golf club using pieces of softwares like SOLIDWORKS.
    -Finally, I carried out numerical vibrational analysis using Ansys Workbench
  • PTIT AVION LILLE METROPOLE SAS - Mechanical Design Engineer

    2014 - 2014 -P'TIT AVION LILLE METROPOLE S.A is a small firm which is specialised in the production of ultralight aircraft of class 3.
    -Presently, I'm working on the aircraft and my goal is verify and optimize the structural resistance of the aircraft as my end of year project.
    -I started by creating the 3D drawings of the aircraft using SOLIDWORKS
    -Later I characterised forces acting on the wing: Determined Cx and Cz using ANSYS Fluent
    -Now I'm verifying the structural resistance of the aircraft proper using ANSYS WORKBENCH

    2013 - 2013 -SCDP is a government-private company that is responsible for the distribution of petroleum products in and out of Cameroon.
    -During stay at SCDP, Douala, Cameroon, I worked as a maintenance engineer.
    -My main task was to carryout feasibility studies for the implantation of water exit pumps of petroleum storage tanks.
    -I was also responsible for the maintenance of pipeline gadgets in the fuel distribution circuit



    Toulouse 2015 - 2016 Advanced Master's in Aeronautical Engineering

    A specialised master's program in aeronautical engineering covering specific fields such as:
    + MATLAB Standardisation
    + Aircraft structures
    + Materials for Aerospace structures
    + Computer Aided Design (CATIA)
    + Aircraft techniques
    + Flight dynamics 1& 2
    + Helicopters
    + Flight control laws
    + Aerodynamics 1& 2
    + Propulsion 1 & 2
    + Structures standardisation
    + Modeling for aeronautical structures
  • Polytech' Lille

    Villeneuve D'Ascq 2013 - 2015 Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

    -Aéronautique et conception mécanique
    -Mécanique des fluides réels
    -Energie renouvelable
    -Transport durable....etc
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique (Yaoundé)

    Yaoundé 2009 - 2013 Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)