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Expert système, avionique, ARP4754A

Mes compétences :
Assembly Lines
problem solving
adequate training
Responsible for the analysis
Quality Management
Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Managed the process
Manage supplier
ISO 900X Standard
Daily Management
Continuous Improvement


  • Safran Landing Systems - Systems-Avionic-Software & Electronic Development Assurance quality team leader

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2018 - maintenant Expert cycle en V, V&V, ARP 4754A, Système et Avionique
  • Safran Identity & Security - Design Quality team leader (Green Belt)

    Paris 2016 - 2018
  • HISPANO-SUIZA - XWB Quality program manager

    Colombes Cedex 2013 - 2016 customer Rolls-Royce

    In the process of Green belt certification

    World leader in aerospace power transmissions.

    Missions :

    * Covers all activities in the life cycle of equipment from the development, industrialization,

    * Represents the customer at nearly HS and HS to the customer

    * Responsible for the analysis and the declination of customer quality requirements

    * Pilot audits, monitoring, customer surveys and corrective actions

    * Driver customer quality assessments and workshops

    * Owner of the performance measurement program quality and demonstrate the identification of
    improvement levers (Complaint, Waiver, Costs of non-quality reviews Quality)

    * Driver processing customer complaints in accordance with the methodology 8D

    * Driver exceptions with customer opinion (flow)

    * Development management quality budget: EUR 100,000

    Development quality Assurance

    * Ensures passing milestones in accordance with the criteria (Client / Programme / Project)

    * Ensures steering gaps in the reviews (Client / Programme / Project)
  • TIAMA MSC&SGCC - Supplier Quality Assurance Manager

    2011 - 2013 SHANGHAI/ China .

    MSC&SGCC groupe Tiama World leader in packaging quality control

    Missions :

    China /Hong-Kong: Development of improvement quality in line with the suppliers sites
    PPM/Demerit targets and sourcing- low coast activity.

    * Managed the process audits of existing Bought-Out Parts (BOP) where the parts are the
    subject of a problem solving action. Manage supplier's action (8D)

    * Consolidated required supplier quality indicators for his plant

    * Initiated and validate corrective and preventive actions with the suppliers for immediate
    containment actions

    * Managed supplier progress plans in co-operation with the plant buyers

    * Notified formally suppliers of their self-certification status in co-operation with the plant

    * Review the process of new Bought-Out Parts (BOP) with the support and the co-operation of
    the Advanced Supplier Quality (ASQ) Engineer and/or the Program Quality Engineer

    * Implemented with 2 the Chinese suppliers the ISO 9001 Quality Management

    Effectiveness criteria

    * Percentage of customer complaint with D3 response within 48 hours of 6 month rolling
    (target 100%)

    * Percentage of customer complaint with D5 response within one month 6 month rolling (target

    * Ability to work in a matrixed organisation

    * International mind set, overseas experience
  • MSC & SGCC - Suppliers and Supply Chain quality manager

    Casablanca 2011 - 2013 Responsable qualité fournisseurs, Supply Chain et pays « low cost » :
    - Mise en place d’un référentiel groupe qualité
    - Développement en Chine et en Inde de l’activité « quality sourcing low cost »
    - Mise en place d'une référentiel qualité Chine (QCD avec vision "Achat")
  • Faurecia - PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR & Production / Quality manager

    2008 - 2011 2008 to May 2011

    Faurecia Flers: World leader in automotive equipment

    Fine and stamping blaking specialist

    * Daily Management of 4 production lines 35 operators with a mission:

    * Directs daily optimization of human capital, maximizing efficiency and profitability of
    production lines

    * Eliminates variations in production utilizing Top 5 meetings, Quick Response Continuous
    Improvement (QRCI) activities, weekly Supervisor dashboard reviews, and other FES tools

    * Build, implement, follow-up, and maintain Gap Leader development guides and daily routines
    ensuring production activities are in line with Plant priorities

    * Coach Gap Leaders in utilization of polyvalence (training matrix) tool ensuring Key
    Production Indicators are met and improved, optimizing the efficiency and quality of product
    produced by production lines

    2008 - 2011 Management de 4 lignes de productions soit 35 personnes au quotidien
    - Gestion des performances QCD des lignes de production (Qualité, Coût, Délai) + Direction des initiatives
    - Mangement au quotidien des équipes (Conformités HSE, maîtrise sécurité ; management humain par résolution des problèmes)
    - Interface client en cas de problèmes de qualités par de multiples déplacements à l’étranger (WAPGIR Pologne, Shatagen en Allemagne…)
    - Mise en place du flux tiré Kanban façon Toyota sur les lignes de fabrication articulations monotrains avec maitrise du système par :
    Initiation et animation des chantiers 5S, Animations des chantiers TPM (Total productive maintenance Augmentation de TRS), Chantiers SMED (Single minutes exchanges of die : Baisse des temps de changements de série), pilotage des chantiers Hoshin et Kaizen (Chantier d’amélioration)


  • UCO BN

    Guingamp 2007 - 2008 Master of Science

    with specialization in industrials systems (Quality,
    Industrialisation...) at UCOBN
  • Esix Normandie

    Caen 2004 - 2007 Bachelors Degree


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