En résumé

Dr Philippe Belhomme is an Associate Professor in Computer Science. He received his PhD degree in image processing from the University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France in 1996. He joined his university after a postdoctoral year as a research engineer in a high-tech company developing innovative computer vision software products (ADCIS, Caen-France).
He is now a computer scientist in the BioTICLA-PATHIMAGE research team where his research interests are mainly focused on biomedical images of virtual slides and include computer vision, image segmentation, content based image retrieval, color calibration , quality control...
After more than thirty years playing with programming languages, he is definitely a fan of Python.

* Unité BioTICLA - Equipe PATHIMAGE
Biologie et Thérapies Innovantes des Cancers Localement Agressifs
EA 4656 de l’Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, IFR 146 ICORE
Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer François Baclesse
Avenue du Général Harris, BP 5026
14076 Caen Cedex 05

Mes compétences :
Informatique industrielle


  • IUT Cherbourg Manche - Chef de départment GIM

    2003 - maintenant