Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis

En résumé


- Project Management from start-up to international business organisations
- Team leading
- Software engineering
- Business processes and change management
- Customer relationship
- Methods: SDM/S, RAD, SEPA, Prince 2, Merise, GAMP 4, PMI, Six Sigma
- Systems Integration
- Training


- Electronic Document Management Systems and COLD
- Workflow
- Dematerialisation, digital signature
- eService
- Customer Relationship Management
- Application Support
- Customer Service
- Call/Service Centre
- French government contracts law (code des marchés publics)
- Software


- Project Management
- Team leading
- International & Start-up environment
- Customer oriented
- Business processes
- Software engineering


- 24 years experience
- Excellent relationship skill
- Adaptable
- Committed, reliable
- Problem solver and decision maker
- Ability to summarize information

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Spécifications fonctionnelles
Recrutement IT
Gestion de projet web
Direction de projet
Réponse aux appels d'offres
Logiciel CRM
Architecture logicielle
Six Sigma
Développement logiciel
Support informatique
Cahier des charges
Business Process Management
Conduite du changement


  • Volt - Professional Services France

    Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis 2010 - maintenant  Mission pour GSF - depuis Janv. 2015
    Responsable MCO Finance, service Etudes & Développement de la DSI
    Prise en charge de la maintenance corrective et évolutive du portefeuille applicatif (comptabilité, facturation, règlement, achats, légal, reporting...) ainsi que du support niveau 2 pour les 120 établissements français et le siège social. Equipe de 4 personnes.
    Pilotage de l’intégration du système legacy dans le futur ERP.
    Env. : Windev, DB2 AS400(1 système central + 107 systèmes distribués sur la France), MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, Windows, Linux

     Mission pour la Compagnie Méditerranéenne des Cafés Malongo - Fév.2013 à Juin 2014
    Responsable Etudes & Développement Informatique externalisé à temps partiel.
    Professionnalisation de l'informatique dans l'entreprise, mise en place de processus de gestion de l'activité, traçabilité, pilotage de l'équipe et des projets, recherche de partenaires.
    Evolutions de l'ERP propriétaire, nouveaux sites eCommerce, nouvelle solution d'automatisation de la force (SFA) de vente GMS, outil web interne de gestion des notes de frais, outil interne de planification de la production de l'usine…

    Env.: Informix, Java,Sencha GXT, Countersoft Gemini, PHP, HTML responsive, Agence Web, Publisoft proscom, MySQL, SQLServer

     Depuis Octobre 2010

    Mise en place d’une nouvelle activité « Professional Services » pour la France regroupant les prestations informatiques liées au Consulting, Etudes & Développement et Outsourcing. Cette offre vient compléter les prestations de cabinet de recrutement et de délégation de compétences déjà existantes.
    - Responsable technique
    - Développement de l’offre et support marketing
    - Business development : propositions techniques et commerciales, réponses à appels d’offres, support à la force commerciale
    - Veille technologique (CMS, Agile PM, Mobilité, ITSM…)
    - Transfert de compétences
    - Certification Six Sigma Yellow Belt

    Pilotage de l’équipe en charge du recrutement de candidats (Recruitment Delivery)
    - Réorganisation et gestion de l’équipe (5 personnes + 3 stagiaires)
    - Mise en place d’indicateurs et du reporting associé
  • VIRBAC - CRM Project Manager

    Animal Health Laboratory

    ** CRM solution

    Implemented in-house Customer Relationship Management system for sales force, marketing, technical support and back office teams.
    Rollout to France, United Kingdom (110 mobile users with offline system running on Tablet PC and 80 online users). Total budget 800 K€.

    - Project management with the contractor
    - Change management
    - Transferred the application maintenance to another contractor
    - Managed on site contractors in charge of interfaces development with the existing information system
    - Setup a dedicated hotline
    - Managed deployments across the regions (training sessions, hardware setup, shipment…)

    Env.: Pivotal 5.9, MS SQL Server et Reporting Services 2005, Windows Server 2003, AS400, Movex ERP, VPN/ADSL

    ** Sales data processing

    Implemented in-house solution to automatically process sales data provided by the wholesalers (indirect sales model) in heterogeneous formats, mapping between wholesalers/virbac’s codifications, sales force allocation… rollout to United Kingdom, Mexico in progress, many international subsidiaries planed for 2011.

    - Project management with the contractor (Logica)
    - Rollout (data gathering, training session, manuals)

    Env.: Webdev, MS SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, Movex ERP
  • Galderma - Project Leader

    Dermatology industry, 2 000 employees

    * EDMS projects management and web interfaces development. End-users support and training.

    Env.: Documentum 5.3, CARA, JSP, XML, XSL, Apache/Tomcat, Dreamweaver, Eclipse

    Fixed-term contract (7 months - 02/09 2006)
  • CertiMate - Project manager - Consultant

    Saint Malo 2004 - 2005 Start-up specialised in dematerialisation, 8 employees

    ** Project Manager & Consultant
    - Processes, Organisation and Quality
    - Defined software development methodology for the R&D team (based on RUP, UML, tests plans…)
    - Improved business processes (document management system, customer support tool, proposal, internal processes…)
    - Quality management

    ** Sales & Marketing
    - Responded to request for Bid/proposal (PKI infrastructure, training, dematerialisation consulting)
    - Re-defined and packaged the new consulting offer
    - Designed standardised document templates, slides, graphic charter

    ** Training
    - Training material authoring : public tenders dematerialization (suppliers & buyers) and digital signature
    - Delivered training courses

    ** Consulting
    - Consulting in open tenders dematerialisation
    One example: Defined a new business model for a company acting as an intermediary between French public buyers and food suppliers. Personal investment into a major comprehension of the French government contracts law to invent the model. The result is a best-of-breed business model in France. This customer has a real business advantage on the market. Collaboration with a jurist to validate the proposition and with a software publisher for the technical tool.

    Env.: Linux, Windows, Java, UML, Apache, Tomcat, PKI, encryption algorithms

    Ended in dec. 05 due to redundancy plan.
  • Nortel Networks - Project manager

    Network & Telecommunication equipment manufacturer, 130 000 employees

    European project management in a world-wide harmonisation strategy

    ** CRM, Clarify ClearContracts European Program Manager
    - Defined and promoted European business needs for the implementation of a global common CRM tool : Clarify; biggest database instance in the world
    - Member of the CRM project board (operational reviews for customer support, customer services, sales force and quality management)
    - Successfully deployed the module in Europe (France, UK, Israel, Italy, Germany); migrated more than 3 500 service contracts
    - Provided senior business management with improvement of identified processes and change management

    Env.: Unix/PC Windows, Tuxedo, Oracle 8, Clarify 7, Business Object

    ** eService, Project Manager
    - Implemented in-house customer services quotation web-based tool (for quoting, selling and activating services) for channel partners.
    Defined the business case with the Service Marketing team, including profit & lost, budget ($USD 80 000), get stakeholders approval, set-up team and managed the project.
    Application delivered on time. After 6 months: 350 partners registered, on-line business grew from $0 to $20M.
    Tool selected by corporate architecture and business groups to become the worldwide service pricing tool across all lines of products.

    Env. : J2EE Forte for Java, JSP (Resin), HTML, Netscape Web Server, Unix, Oracle 8

    ** Sophia-Antipolis site, IS Application team representative
    - Managed on-site customers relationship
    - Single point of contact for business requests
    - Staff meeting with business vice-presidents and directors
    - Consolidated European Service Centre portfolio and decommissioned tools

    ** European level 2 application support centre Manager (6 members)
    - Restructured and motivated core team (Valbonne and Paris)
    - Set-up metrics and reporting
    - Ensured the agreed service levels were met
    - Managed successful transition of services to Canada following a world-wide outsourcing contract

    Ended by a Redundancy plan.
  • SEMA Group - Project manager

    Bezons 1996 - 1999 SEMA GROUP – SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS & PARIS

    IT and Business services company, 40 000 employees

    ** Project Manager. Customer : Caisse Nationale Organic
    - Responsible for a functional area (pension fund, daily tasks and folders management) from customer requirements to application transfer in production (2000 end-users). A two years duration project.
    - Defined software architecture
    - Managed a development team - 12 members, core & contractors
    - Responsible for schedule, budget and quality of contractual deliverables

    Env.: Unix/PC Windows, Oracle 7, Visual Basic, FileNet EDMS, Edinat, Crystal Report

    ** Team Leader. Customer : Le Havre seaport
    I was appointed to this project to solve a dispute: project not delivered on time and missing functionalities.
    - Negotiate a new delivery plan with the customer
    - Managed software engineering team
    Four months later: satisfied customer with a solution bringing him at the first place in Europe to electronically manage cargo’s manifest for highly dangerous goods.

    Env.: Unix/PC Windows, Oracle, Visual Basic, EDMS, EDI

    ** Team Leader. Customer : Palais de l’Elysée
    - Developed real-time software to display dispatches from news agency (AFP, Reuters…).
    Env.: Unix/PC Windows, Oracle, Visual C++, EDMS, TCP/IP
    - Internal consultant for Microsoft systems and technologies
  • BULL - Software Engineer

    Les Clayes-sous-Bois 1992 - 1996 BULL S.A. – PARIS
    Software editor & Computer Manufacturer, 70 000 employees

    ** Software Engineer for the Imaging & WorkFlow department
    - Developed several software components for the EDMS, Computer Output to Laser Disk and Workflow corporate solutions
    - First integration between Internet and EDMS
    - In-depth understanding of software development processes, including business case, specifications, development, tests, integration, documentation, knowledge transfer, code maintenance and support

    Env.: Unix/PC Windows, Microsoft C/C++, Oracle, SQL Server, HTML, CGI

    Ended by a Redundancy plan.