Philippe RUCKER


En résumé


Expert in the fields of: - analyzing high-decision-making processes - conquering new clients - developing customer loyalty and long-term relationships - creative selling.
High leadership skills (87/100 EQ) that allows me to manage a team easily, to mobilize and drive staff members towards the company targets.
Productive, I’m focused on processes involving planning, project management aimed at concrete realities.
Manager, I’m familiar with the handling of numbered data aimed at rigorous organization in order to forecast and stimulate the results; financial management and management audit.
High skills in making strategies, designing projects dedicated to products and/or services.
Ambitious person – I’m looking for an environment of healthy professional competition that allows me to make the difference and that provides me opportunities to climb the ladder and reach high-responsibility posts.
Ability to evaluate the professional skills and the potential of staff members; my energy is focused on helping them realize and optimize their potential.
Energy, enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, adaptability and flexibility, high learning capacity.
Inventive, Ingenious and Innovative, Action focused, Trouble-shooting and Solution finding oriented,
Empathetic, good at listening, keen on talking; I’m focused on building harmony, reaching a consensus and creating a cooperative environment.
Aesthetic sense

« I’m looking for a market-pioneer and visionary company that fits the Third Industrial Revolution; an incentive and enriching environment that provides me the opportunity to contribute to a long-term and successful business model ».

Mes compétences :
Direction commerciale
Négociation commerciale
Formation Commerciale
Développement commercial


  • OptimHome France - Conseiller en Immobilier Indépendant du Groupe OPTIMHOME

    MONTPELLIER 2017 - maintenant Accompagnement des vendeurs et acquéreurs dans leur projet immobilier dans les négociations et les formalités jusqu'à l'acte authentique.
  • HAWORTH France - Key Account Manager

    2002 - 2014 Key Account Manager
    HAWORTH (2d Worldwide Office Furniture Manufacturer) – Paris XVI (75)
    Defining a strategy in order to approach & develop Key Accounts – Creation & development of frame agreements with major public & private accounts (electronic sector) – Organization of meetings dedicated to space planning, lighting, acoustics,… in order to find the high-level decision makers – Elaboration of catalogues & organization of the communication – Coordination & action plans at the French, European and/or Worldwide level.
    Success stories:
    - THALES frame agreement (2500 workstations in Meudon valued at 3 MK€), SOCIETE GENERALE (2 MK€/year), GENERAL ELECTRIC, AREVA, KPMG, EDF (Potential of 20 MK€/year; our market share as a new actor on the account is nowadays valued at 7 MK€/year).
    - New headquarters of IBM (3000 workstations) and Philips in Paris (1200 workstations).
  • ABC DIFFUSION - Commercial Director

    1996 - 2000 Commercial Director
    ABC DIFFUSION (STEELCASE agent, 1st Worldwide Office Furniture Manufacturer) – Lille (59)
    To redress the bankrupt STEELCASE agent by rebuilding the sales team and motivate them to reach ambitious targets. The turnover increased about 40% up to 5 800 000 € within two years - Diversification in the selling of feasibility, evaluation and space planning studies (programming, conception and achievement of interior architecture projects) – Outstanding results – A strong will to develop my management skills.
  • ATAL - Retailers Network Leader

    Peynier 1994 - 1996 Retailers Network Leader
    ATAL (4th French Office Furniture Manufacturer) – Reims (51)
    To rebuild the network of agents & retailers in Champagne-Ardennes (Dpt 08/10/51/52) – Training and information of the network’s salesmen – Leadership in terms of commercial & financial results.
  • ATAL - Private Key Account Inspector

    Peynier 1992 - 1994 Private Key Account Inspector
    ATAL – Lille (59)
    To rebuild the private key account portfolio in Lille Urban Community. The turnover grew from 300 K€ up to 675 K€ within 2 years.
  • BURO MARKET (Bruxelles & Lille) - Salesman, Development Assistant & Sales Manager

    1990 - 1992 Salesman, Development Assistant & Sales Manager
    BURO MARKET (1er Belgian editor of office furniture) – Brussels & Lille
  • FORMA BRUSSELS - Salesman and Sales Manager

    1988 - 1990 Salesman & Sales Manager
    FORMA BRUSSELS (Retailer of office furniture) – Brussels


  • Skema Business School

    Lille 2001 - 2002 Specialized Master’s degree of Auditing, Management Accounting & Information Systems (Bac+5)
    Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lille (ESC – SKEMA)
    Final dissertation: The reorganization of companies through processes and activities (ABC/ABM method)
    Graduated with Magma Cum Laude
  • IAE

    Lille 2000 - 2001 Science of Management Degree & Master (Bac+4)
    Institut d’Administration des Entreprises de Lille (IAE – Université des Sciences & Technologies de Lille I)
  • Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis

    Bruxelles Brussel 1984 - 1986 Candidate in Economics (Bac +2)
    Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis de Bruxelles