En résumé

Cutting edge technologies applied to healthcare and medical applications have always been a passion of mine. Thanks to inter-disciplinary skills, amazing team work, and driven by innovation, my objectives are to develop neuro-bionic interfaces as therapeutic tools, as well as to gain experience in entrepreneurship and the commercialization of medical devices.

After graduating with a master degree in engineering specialized in Human Factors and Cognitive systems and getting some industrial experience, I started my graduate studies (PhD) at the University of Calgary in 2012 in the field of BioMedical Engineering.

By always approaching challenges to ensure full benefits to the end users, my research focus at the moment is to develop technologies that can detect, characterize and modulate epileptic activity.

Mes compétences :
Information Technology
Knowledge Management
Gestion des connaissances


  • University of Calgary - Hotchkiss Brain Institute - PhD student BioMedical/Neuro-Engineering

    2012 - maintenant
  • Essilor Internaional - Human Factors and HMI Engineer Consultant

    2012 - 2012 As a Human Factors Engineer, I create intuitive hardware or software interfaces for high technology products using augmented reality. From the beginning of all the projects, I focus on a User Centric approach to create real added values and to ensure full benefits to the users.

    At the same time, I coordinate the conception of new prototypes and prepare user tests to improve the usability of medical devices.
  • Essilor International - Human Factors and Interaction Engineer R&D

    2011 - 2011 Human Factor in Hi-Tech medical devices

    In the R&D department at Essilor, my task was to introduce and develop a Human Factor approach in a head-mounted display with augmented reality for visually impaired people. I had to conduct brainstorming, case studies, and create quality of life tests to generate scales for evaluating real users’ needs. Statistical calculations were done to analyze the data. In parallel, I designed and prototyped interfaces (software and hardware), created user scenarios and conducted usability tests to analyze behaviors with this High Tech products. During the whole project, a universal design approach was followed to ensure future commercialization for a larger range of users.
  • USEEDS - User centred design assistant

    2010 - 2010 I chose to work at Useeds (Berlin – Germany), a consulting company specialized in user centered design and user tests to gain knowledge in consultancy and project leading. It gave me the opportunity to understand how prototypes were designed, how usability tests were conducted, and how it was possible to truly bring benefits to the users by using a user centered approach.

    I actively participated in the following tasks:

    - Conceptual work and Creation of Wireframes
    - Preparation of clickable Prototypes with Axure (Software)
    - Preparation of User Scenarios
    - Attendance at Client Review Meetings
    - Support the Creation of a User Interface Specification
  • Hotchkiss Brain Institut - Intern - Laboratory Assistant

    2009 - 2009 My work consisted of being in charge of setting a new system capable of recording and stimulating neurons plated on a chip. This system had to be as simple as possible and allow anyone the opportunity to record, monitor, and manipulate the activity of an individual neuron either directly through the device or the software. Moreover, I had to teach other member of the lab how to use the system correctly to ensure that my knowledge about neuro-chips would help them achieve their research goals and objectives.


  • Ecole Ingénieur - ENSC - IPB Bordeaux (Bordeaux)

    Bordeaux maintenant