Randolph TOOM


En résumé

- 20 Years in the automotive industry
- Powertrain and Energy Innovations
- Project management

Specific knowledge and competences:
• Automotive transmissions (MT, AMT, AT, DCT, hydrostatic)
• Engine efficiency technologies
• Cold combustion of ultra-lean fuel mixtures for low emission levels and high efficiency
• Thermodynamics
• Control systems
• Hydraulics
• Rapid prototyping
• Driveability assessment
• Tilting vehicles
• Vehicle design
• Renewable energy
• Microgrids
• Project management
• Strategic management
• Conceptual thinking
• Innovation processes
• Marketing of innovative technologies

• Development of Automatic transmissions
• Invention of novel powertrain arrangements
• Invention of new transmissions with two input shafts and seamless power-shifting (Patented)
• International awards in powertrain development
• Developed a powertrain on a high performance electric sports car (mechanical + control system)
• Capable of making things work rapidly
• Built a large network of professionals and particular skills

Computer Skills :
Microsoft Office
Management : MS Project
Computer Aided Design : Intergraph EMS, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Bunkspeed
Simulation : MatLab-Simulink-Stateflow
Control systems: Model-Based design with MatLab on Woodward ECU range, dSpace (micro-)Autobox, MotoHawk, EasyCAN, Kvaser CAN interfaces

Languages :
Having lived and worked in various I speak 4 languages fluently: French, Dutch, German, English.
Currently learning Russian and Italian

Currently, as director of Innovation and Business Unit Electric and Hybrid vehicles at Faar Industry I am leading several developments:
• Powertrain solutions of the future with the focus on low cost and fuel economy.
• Efficient use of energy in electric vehicles
• Hydraulic hybrid powertrain
• Clean vehicle concepts
• Control systems for tilting vehicles
• Autonomous vehicles and their controls


  • FAAR Industry - Directeur innovation

    MASSY 2012 - maintenant


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