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Mes compétences :
Management de projet
Management d'équipe
Ingénieur système
Pilote privé
Coaching individuel
Ingénieur commercial
Intelligence émotionnelle et corporelle


  • EUROCOPTER - Head of Offers Department (Commercials - Marignane)

    2011 - maintenant => Direct management of Commercialized (Marignane) Offer team (19 people):
    ¤ Type Managers pool (4 engineers)
    ¤ Offer Managers pool (8 engineers)
    ¤ Back-Office pool (1 engineer and 6 assistants)

    => Responsible for delivery on time and on quality of H/C offers
    (Commercialized/Marignane fleet)

    => Responsible for delivery on time and on quality of technical sales
    ¤ Aircraft configurators (CRM tool for Key Account Managers)
    ¤ Technical Data
    ¤ Type Specifications

    => Participation to Product Policy definition in contact with Program directors
    ¤ Establishment of H/C favourites
    ¤ Definition of H/C baselines and list of associated optionals
  • EUROCOPTER - Bid Manager - Complex offers

    2009 - 2011 => Coordinate all ECG activities related to complex offer campaign and ensure the fulfillment of the offer process quality gates

    => Ensure consistency between overall statement of work (technical
    specifications, services...), costing, pricing, risk map and the resulting profitability

    => Support Customer Directorate's in his actions towards the customer (offer, strategy, negotiations,...)

    => In charge of complex tenders featuring a/c types, industrial offset or partnership, complex service set-up
  • EUROCOPTER - NH90 - Mission System - Sub Project Manager

    2007 - 2009 => Management of the complete development of Mission System integration for FOC (System definition, S/W coding, integration on test bench and Qualification)
    => Setting up project follow-up and reporting tools for monitoring of the activity in terms of schedule, budget and quality
    => Functional authority on 50 people (Marignane & Ottobrunn)
  • EUROCOPTER - NH90 - "Maintenance Mode/MDS" Sub Project Manager

    2006 - 2007 => Planning of the development, integration and qualification of the sub-system
    => Coordination of the work of all involved Lead Functions
    => Monitoring of the activity in terms of schedule, budget and quality
  • EUROCOPTER - TIGER Qualification Engineer

    2003 - 2006 => Negociation with Official Services about mean of compliances for Technical Specifications
    => Technical validation and follow-up of TIGER Qualification documentation
    => Negociation with Official Services in order to reach documentation acceptance
  • EUROCOPTER - Aerodynamics Engineer

    2002 - 2002 => Achievement of wind tunnel tests / Data computation and smoothing
    => Integration and finalization of TIGER flight model
  • Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre - Helicopter Patrol Leader (Gazelle)

    1998 - 2002 5th Combat Helicopter Regiment France

    => Ground and flight management of a 3 H/C patrol
    => More than 1000 of flight hours on Helicopters
    => Organisation of firing campaigns / Analysis of firing campaign results
    => Drafting of flight and ground instruction programmes



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