Rene Lucien MESSY


En résumé

Commercial Engineer with a high level of leadership capability.

An experienced sales commercial engineer and with solid experience in commercial development, both at France and abroad, (from start-ups to multinationals), available and willing to travel, working with a genuine desire to achieve results.

Engineer in Commercial Management ISEFAC at ISEG Group Business School

Mes compétences :
Microsoft office
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Accueil physique


  • UC Group - Digital Account Manager

    2017 - maintenant UCGroup is a DIGITAL FACTORY
    Our main business is to be the design thinker for your Business.
    We are a Digital pure player our duties is answer your problem of your company digital transformation. The knowledge of this ecosystem composed by many structures like: ASPEN &connect, Lab & explore, Score & play, Link & work, Fondation & share, represent the base of our digital factory.
    We are based in Paris 08.

  • Kompass International - Sales Representative

    Courbevoie 2017 - 2017 Duties:

    Sales représentative in charge to Manage and develop the new business customers B to B in France and abord in datas services, big data, mailing, advertising and news solutions of sales prospections.
    Kompass is an international group with représentations in 60 countries, we give ours knowledge, experiences and adaptability to find for ours customers issues marketing and strategic in order to grown up them business.
  • INFOPRO DIGITAL - Business Developer

    Antony 2015 - 2016 Duties: Business developer of insurances market, top and middle accounts. Like (AXA, AREAS, GRAS SAVOYE, MARSH, SOLLY AZAR, MATMUT….)

    In charge to sale (leads to the customers), (leads it’s business contacts opportunities create by marketing actions, retargeting,
    Mailings campaigns, events and web visibility and referencement, catalogues and RTB development.)
    CRM Salesforce
  • Jemepropose - Business Developer

    Paris 2015 - 2015 is the first website ad for jobbing and services, which is one of the sites of the 1st governed employment including France (Jobintree, Vivastreet , the Express employment and ) .

    The site is celebrating its three years on a television advertising campaign.

    My title : Business Developer,

    My duties was to boost sales Site , my target is the client B to B ( Artistic Director, Marketing Directors , Managing Director , CEO ) , who wish to increase their business visibility through the display , ads , banner, or subscription tailored solutions.
    I call, give them advice about there business, meet them, make the assessment on the range of possibilities.

    In order to compile the most suited to their needs and expectations.
  • Companeo - Responsable réseaux partenaires B to B

    Suresnes 2013 - 2014 Duties: ensuring commercial development of the small, middle and top accounts. Especially network company like (AXA, AVIVA, DIVA & DEVIENT, and AREAS).

    In charge to sale (leads to the customers), (leads it’s business contacts opportunities create by marketing actions, retargeting,
    Mailings campaigns, events and webconferencies, catalogues and RTB development.)

    CRM (Salesforce and ZOHO) of 15k per month

    Weekly reporting and assistance to customers, telephone Canvassing (70 to 90 calls per day).
    Targets of predilection middle market TPE PME, and Top Account.

  • Viadéo - Commercial sédentaire

    Paris 2008 - 2013 Duties

    - Sale of products intended for BtoB 15k freelancers generated monthly
    - Sale announcement and sedentary recruitments product
    - Support and Customer Loyalty in BtoC and BtoB
    - Direct Sale of lounges ( promotional offers and flash sales) 30 new subscriptions / day
    - Customer Support Management and B2B treatment and support in solving their problems.
    - Participation in the development of new products
    - Analysis and collection of customer data / 120 calls per day - Reporting
  • VIADEO - Ingénieur Commercial B2B - service Business & Développement VIADEO

    Paris 2008 - 2013 Several roles undertaken : (Commercial Engineer, Key account & back office manager, responsible for B2B member support)

    Duties undertaken within the Viadeo business and development unit:

    Currently responsible for the sale of new B2B products, sales of newly developed solutions in terms of recruitment and communications, with a portfolio of clients with a
    CRM (sales force) of 15k per month
    Assistance in establishing new products for sale
    Analysis of client returns in order to further develop products.
    Weekly reporting of activities undertaken
    Telephone canvassing (80 to 100 calls per day)
    Involvement in some Professional Trade Fairs to promote products
    Supporting clients in the implementation of their tools and dealing with bugs
  • HD Assurances - Commercial

    IVRY SUR SEINE 2007 - 2008 Duties: ensuring commercial development across France (France and overseas French departments and territories) of our Healthcare Mutual Insurance Package.

    Training new sales representatives by providing support and assistance by phone and in the field.

    Drafting the guidelines for canvassing and a specific procedure for canvassing as currently used to date.
    Reporting of activities of a team of 6 people, including two in the field.
    Development of activities in overseas departments and territories.
    Handling customer complaints.
    Managing a client portfolio of 41 contracts on average per month for an average turnover of 45K
  • Carpenoctem - Associé

    2006 - 2007 - Event Creation evening fewer than 4 different themes per month

    Price negotiation with tenants and Night clubs rooms for privatization or co-productions. Negotiations of communications prices for the for flyers and dissemination
    Tax Negotiations with SACEM for copyright

    - Management of payroll and security staff
  • High Tech Interim: - Commercial

    2005 - 2006 - Severals Mission 6 months commercial for CIEL
    - Sale of software CIEL SMEs / Smb and contractors
    - Between 20 and 30 monthly contracts generated 15k to 10k requested
    - 110 daily calls on Oasis
    - Trade Mission to Bouygues Telecom 6 months
    - 250 to 300 calls daily automatic triggering
    - 60 new business days of responders improved to 40 requested
    - 15 new subscriptions per day
    - Database software Learning ( Oracle, Siebel, GoPrh , Access)
  • Atelier automobile de la belle époque - CEO

    2003 - 2005 Manager of a Limited Company

    Duties: Management of the garage and workshop in addition to commercial development of events involving collectors of classic cars to promote our activities.

    Organising the drivers’ parade
    Director of HR and Commercial Activities
    Client canvassing
    Organising and holding meetings
    Communications management
    Outlining a marketing strategy
    Budgeting communication activities
    Managing workshop schedules
    Communicating with social partners (Social Security and Family Allowance Contribution Fund (URSSAF), Supplementary Pension and Retirement Funds (Agirc, Arco), occupational health, etc.)
  • Equant SAS/ orange - Consultant RH

    2000 - 2003 - Négociation de 8 mois pour contrats en côte d’ivoire avec le ministère de la défense 3.5 millions de $ en routeurs et lignes TCP/IP en partenariat avec Antoine Tondoh Manager IT
    - Négociation tarifs des locaux Equants
    - Intervention dans la fusion acquisition avec le groupe France télécom
    - En charge de l’administratif employé (bilan sociaux pendant 3 ans)
    - Gestion des contrats employés et mouvement personnels
    - Négociations des tarifications auprès organismes de santé et médecine du travail.
  • Pizza hut - Team leader

    Paris 1998 - 2000 - Responsible for the "Food coast (reduce losses and waste products of Fr 25,000 to 30,000 monthly savings
    - DLC Control
    - In charge of training fields - Schedule management
    - Management of 35 employees in indoor and kitchens
    - Management of restaurant openings and closings
  • Leroy Merlin - Conseiller commercial extras

    Lezennes 1996 - 1997
    extra on weekends and Sundays ( to finance my studies )
    - Sales and customer reception
    - racking
    - advice


  • Isefac

    Paris 2002 - 2003 Master's Degrees Business management

    Master's Degrees Business Management 2003
    Master's Degrees Management Marketing 2002
  • Issefac licences

    Paris 2000 - 2001 licence HUman Resources

    recrutement, bilan de compétences, gestion ARH, gestion de conflits, médiation partenaires sociaux, gestion prud'homale
  • Lycée Jean Baptiste Corot

    Savigny Sur Orge 1997 - 1999 Bachelor of Technology (BTech)
  • Université Paris 11 Paris Sud

    Sceaux 1997 - 2000 droit privé
  • Lycée De L'Essouriaux (Les Ulis)

    Les Ulis 1994 - 1997 sciences et techniques commerciales

    commercial science and technology


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