Sébastien CHALAUD


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Architecture système
systèmes hydraulique


  • Snecma - R&T: next generation engines hydraulic system engineer

    Courcouronnes 2013 - maintenant R&T work on next generation engines (2025+). Development of innovativ systems in the hydraulic field (oil and fuel) and thermal management.
    Work on European projects (Lemcotec) and internal R&T challenges.
  • Safran Snecma - Engine control systems Engineer

    Paris 2011 - 2013 Since January 2011, I am working in the team developping, validating, testing and supporting all the systems and system control for civil engines. For the first month and a half ( new joinee exchange program), I worked on hydraulic equipments, on a subject on the Fuel Metering Unit.

    I do work on all the phasis of the V developement scheme.
    In the team, I am the responsible of all the regulation systems on the Sam146 engine, on a control and integration point of view, as well as the control of the Reverser system and 2 other regulation systems. My job goes from the problem analysis to the certifcation of the solution. In between, I have to suggest the best solution (most efficient one which still meets delay and cost requirements).

    I also support our customers on systems relative issues

    This position implies trips to Russia.
  • Messier-dowty - Messier dowty representative in India

    2008 - 2010 As Messier-Dowty representative at Safran’s Indian supplier (SESI), I follow all the projects sent to India. The project management covers 4
    activities : finite element analysis, catia design, hand calculation and technical publication, for a total of 35 engineers dedicated to Messier-dowty.
    My main activities consist in doing reporting, being involved in the communication between the stakeholder and the supplier whenever it is required, anticipate risks of quality issues, propose and follow-up quality actions (pro actively or after receipt of quality feedback). I am also involved in the commercial aspect whenever needed and coordinate or manage new activities launched in India.



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