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En résumé

I am currently working as a "Production and Process Manager"​ for JOUBERT PRODUCTION, a French SME historically linked to the textile and automotive sector based in Malaysia.

At JOUBERT, I report directly to the General Manager. I manage all the daily basis operations of our factory plant. I supervise and lead approximately 140 persons. I am also in charge of organizing the production planning in close collaboration with the Sales Administration, the Purchase Department and Logistics Department. My main task is to ensure customers'​ orders are delivered on time, with the best quality, at the minimum cost. I achieve my goals by optimizing the manpower force at my disposal and implementing a strong quality system.

During my previous experiences, I worked for almost 3 years as a Project Management Consultant at Algoe, one of the most reknown consulting agency in France. I also worked as a Production Scheduler for Airbus, the world's leading commercial aircraft manufacturer. Prior to that, I was working in the Production and Logisitic Department at Faurecia, one of the largest automotive parts manufacturer in the world.

My past and present experiences working abroad have allowed me to develop a more international focus skillset. I have to adapt very quickly and naturally to the cultural differences in order to achieve the most successful outcome for my company. I also regularly conduct audit in China. I also drive a very multicultural workforce, having to adapt my speech to my interlocutor, and being the only foreigner on the factory floor forced me to adapt promptly to the local cultural and thinking way.

I’m highly motivated, self-reliant with a positive attitude. I’m also hard working, dynamic and a quick learner. I’m an effective team player and leader, with the ability to work well under pressure and multitask, whilst maintaining focus on delivering results. I’m comfortable in working in large-scale operations, as well as with multicultural workforce.

Mes compétences :
Conduite du changement
Gestion de projet


  • Joubert Productions - Production & Process Manager

    2013 - maintenant Reporting directly to General Manager

    - Managing the daily operation of a multinational factory of 132 workers divided in 2 shifts.
    - Assuring a smooth running Operation : Production planning, Manpower optimization, Delivery on time and continuous improvement through lean manufacturing productivity improvement projects :
    - Revision of a sub-contractor logistic flow: diminution of material shortage, improvement of the tracking & diminution of human error interference by automatizing our processes using barcodes.
    - Improvement of the previous 5S plan that I put in place.
    - Creation of Autonomous Production Unit with dedicated managements.
    - Training of my Maintenance and Production staffs in order to get better data compilation using computers: in real-time data analysis and report (output, machine breakdown…).
    - Liaison with our international plants located in France and Tunisia.
    - Working in close collaboration with the Sales & Marketing, the Purchasing and Logistics Departments.
    - Training a multinational workforce in order to consistently maintain a high quality standard.
    - Audit and qualification of suppliers from Taiwan, China and Malaysia in order to ensure the quality and capacity match our products requirements.
  • Joubert Productions - Lean Manufacturing & Process Engineer

    2010 - 2013 - Production Optimisation: from a line to a cell organization (14 stocks and 13 transports => 3 stocks and 0 transports) & improving workforce training (cycle time increased up to 50%)
    => Overall saving on the process: 65,000€/year.
    - Implementation of the Kanban system at the sewing area.
    - Development of the visual management: A3, Andon light, Machine Breakdown Management.
    - TPM Implementation through 3 axes: training & education, autonomous & planned maintenance and focus improvement by analysing the problem root causes. Two of the most significant results were the reduction of machine breakdown by 50% in the braiding workshop and the cost reduction of spare parts by 30%.
    - Developing from scratch 4 new products: EzyShoes, Easy Grip, Easy Ratchet and Smart Bungee.
    - Implementation of new industrial processes (feasibility studies, quality standard, production process, training and qualification).

    Example of a Project I Managed from A to Z:
    I was tasked with the merger of our 2 historical industrial factories into 1 sole entity while optimizing the overall internal logistic flow. I supervised the complete moving of our old plant to our new facility (wiring, piping, machine installation & commissioning, re-organization of the process flow...). One of the key objectives was to create a synergy in the internal logistic flow between 2 different products and avoid the bottleneck. I also managed the daily activities of 12 technicians in order to achieve zero production shutdowns during the relocation of our factories.
  • ALGOE Consulting - Consultant

    2008 - 2010 Mes principales compétences
    · Organisation et management de projet de développement et d’industrialisation de produits nouveaux
    · Analyse et optimisation de processus logistiques
    · Lean Management

    # Organisation et management de projet de développement et d’industrialisation de produits nouveaux
    - Renault Trucks – Direction d’industrialisation des véhicules
    · Organisation – Construction des référentiels plannings / budget
    · Analyse détaillée des impacts du projet sur les fonctionnements permanents du site industriel : cartographie des acteurs, enjeux…
    · Organisation de séminaires d’analyse des risques et des opportunités liés à ce changement
    · Mise en place du système de pilotage et animation des revues de projets
    - Deutz (Köln) – Engineering department
    · Mise en place d’un planning de niveau 2 / de communication : identification des tâches critiques et des risques majeurs du développement des moteurs 4, 6 et 8 litres pour Volvo.

    # Management de Task force
    - Deutz (Köln) – Advanced engineering / Renault trucks – Chassis and Vehicule Dynamics Department
    · Aide à l’organisation d’une task force
    · Mise en place d’outils de planification, de suivi des actions…

    # Management de projet de réduction des coûts
    - Volvo 3P – Bureau d’études : Chassis & Vehicule Dynamics
    · Définition et mise en place de l’organisation de management du portefeuille de projets en s’appuyant au maximum sur l’organisation en place
    · Suivi et pilotage des projets
  • Airbus Group - Coordinateur ordonnancement

    Blagnac 2007 - 2007 Dans le cadre de mon mastère LAEI option Stratégie Industrielle, j'ai intégré l'usine d'Airbus Saint-Eloi afin de mettre en place une stratégie visant à diminuer les stocks et les en-cours au sein de l'atelier "Grandes pièces mécaniques".
    Le système mis en place a donc été le flux tiré par l'intermédiaire du kanban avec tout le processus que cela engendre:
    - définition des besoins
    - dimensionnement des boucles
    - rédaction des procédures
    - formation du personnel
    Mais aussi,
    - étude, dimensionnement et création d'un magasin
    - étude, dimensionnement, design et création de chariots
    - étude, dimensionnement, design et création d'outils de manutention

    J'ai également, durant ce stage:
    - créé un outil informatique d'optimisation de la plannification de la charge pour les agents d'ordonnancement
    - mis en place de chantier 5S
    - fait une étude d'amélioration d'un poste de travail
  • Faurecia - Production Control & Logistic improvement

    2006 - 2006 Pour mon projet de fin d'étude, j'ai effectué une mission au sein de FAURECIA à Nogent-sur-vernisson.
    J'ai été en charge des trains d'approvisionnement logistique interne et notamment, réorganiser et harmoniser les flux en vue de l'intégration de 3 nouveaux projets ainsi que la réorganisation des ilôts de production. Il aura fallu également établir les procédures, participer à des work shop et former le personnel.
    De plus, j'ai participé à la réorganisation du magasin à plat et mis en place des outils de management visuel.
    J'ai donc cotoyer et mis en place des outils dans le cadre de démarche Lean.



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