En résumé

De formation ingénieur en biomécanique et bio-matériaux, avec une expérience de plus de 10 ans dans le domaine des dispositifs médicaux (implants orthopédiques, colonne vertébrale), je possède des compétences en tant que Chef de projet en Recherche et Développement, en études cliniques et également Responsable opérationnel dans les dispositifs sur mesure

Domaines : Dispositifs médicaux, implants orthopédiques, rachis, implants sur mesure

Mes compétences :
Dispositifs médicaux


  • Médicréa - Responsable des opérations / DM sur mesure

    Neyron 2013 - maintenant In 2013, thanks to both my R&D and clinical expertise, I have been given the task to develop, formalize and improve the process of custom made implants in Medicrea company. I have made the custom implants activity grown in a more reliable and adaptive way: development and improvement of processes, manufacturing tools and service. My job was to bring satisfaction to our worldwide users regarding brand new devices and service, with respect of good manufacturing processes and timeline. I have developed expertise in supply chain fields: ERP, MO, logistics, scalability, manufacturing tools, reporting and operations improvement.
    I am also in charge of promoting the custom made implants to surgeons and partners.
  • MEDICREA - Chef de Projet en Etudes Cliniques

    Neyron 2010 - 2013 2010 to Mid 2013:
    In 2010, I had the opportunity to evolve within MEDICREA Company. In effect, I joined in early 2009 the brand new Clinical Affairs department, as a clinical project manager. I took part in the development of the department’ activities: clinical studies management, synthesis and utilization of collected data (for regulatory or scientific aims) and clinical and scientific promotion of Medicrea.

    Trained to European, French and American regulatory expectations and requirements on Medical devices, I have been able to adapt qualities and abilities as Project manager and engineer to “clinical affairs” activities and missions. Thus, I have broadened my expertise and skills by working on scientific, clinical and regulatory tasks and activities.
  • MEDICREA - Chef de projet en R&D

    Neyron 2005 - 2010 From September 2005 to 2010:
    Project Manager in Research & Development (R&D) department for MEDICREA, company specialized in conception and manufacturing of implantable Medical Devices for Spine Surgery.
    I was in charge of managing the development of new projects, since the original idea to its marketing.
    My missions were wide ranging but can be resumed to:
    o Conception: To translate a need, an idea into an innovative concept; To bring technical solutions to concept
    o Project management : Planning, Data compilation, Follow-up and validation of key steps of the project
    o Communication : External with the surgeons involved in the conception and Internal with others departments : Marketing, Manufacturing
    o Mechanical validation
    o Built, wrote and updated CE Mark files, 510(k) files for FDA approval