En résumé

Research and Applications Engineer with more than 8 years experience in the Medical Imaging Field, within Private/Public companies, National Lab, and Universities.

Particularly interested in
- Collaborations with clinicians, researchers, CROs.
- Implementation of new medical applications
- Business development in Medical Imaging

You can visit my former academic webpage at

Mes compétences :
Efficacité énergétique
Énergies renouvelables
Imagerie médicale
Ingénieur R&D
Medical Imaging


  • Exogen Biotechnology - Chief Data Officer

    2014 - maintenant
  • Mission scientifique, Consulat de France de San Francisco - Attaché pour la science et la technologie

    2010 - 2014 The Office of Science and Technology has several roles :
    to strengthen the role of French science and technology in the US,
    to channel back to France information on American R&D policy as well as current events in science and technology.

    Our partners:
    research organizations,
    universities and engineering schools,
    centers for technology transfer, incubators,
    businesses and technology clusters.

    Our tools: promotional actions, Franco-American collaborative development, and technology watch.

    The largest consular chapter in the world, it covers the states of North California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, North Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Guam and Samoa.
  • GE Healthcare - Chef d'équipe

    2006 - 2010 Lead a team of developers working on the advanced applications in cardio-vascular pathologies for CT images.
  • Terarecon Inc. - Sr Research Engineer

    2004 - 2006 Designing innovative algorithms and providing solutions for several packages of the medical imaging workstation
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Postdoctoral Fellow

    2002 - 2004 Creation of a library for Fast Filtering and Segmentation of 2D & 3D images.
    Development of applications to Microscope Imaging for Breast Cancer Analysis, to Fast Filtering of Electronic Microscopy images, to Blood-Flow Simulation in Arterial Stenoses and Aneurysms
  • Philips Electronics - Research Engineer

    Suresnes 1998 - 2001 Creation and implementation of algorithms for Pattern Recognition in 3D medical images (4 patents).
    Applications to Visualization and Quantification of pathologies in arteries.
    Collaborations with Clinicians for validation, and Product Division of Philips Medical Systems for integration into commercial products.