En résumé

Mes compétences :
Commodity market
Gas operations
Project management
Natural gas
Visual basic
Mechanical Engineering
Energy market


  • EDF Trading - Gas Operations

    Paris 2012 - maintenant
  • EDF - Short Term Gas Optimisation

    Paris 2011 - 2011 My main objectives were:

    - Liaising with EDF Trading desks to exchange information with respect to portfolio optimisation
    - Optimising physical position out of office hours by storage usage adjustment
    - Carrying out all operations in a manner that complies with the storage and shipping rules
    - Ensuring that entry capacity requirements are satisfied, and buy-back opportunities are taken
    - Liaising with operators of physical assets on a regular basis to ensuring revenue optimised and potential imbalances avoided
    - Monitoring after the day allocation information, validate against nominated quantities and highlight and resolve discrepancies.
  • Dalkia - Gas Analyst

    Saint-André 2010 - 2010 As part of my 6 month placement in the Energy Markets Department, my main objectives were:

    - Development of counterparty risk monitoring tools (VBA)
    - Development of a forward curves interpolation tool for European markets (VBA): PEG, TTF, NBP, ZEE, NCG
    - Analysis of client portfolio opportunities
    - Development of a new supply offer, worth several million euros annually
  • EDF - Mechanical Engineering Intern

    Paris 2009 - 2010 Final graduate project (5 months) for EDF R&D in Nuclear Energy: development of a test bench to measure the ageing of polymers in nuclear environment.
  • Schlumberger - Test and Qualification Engineering

    Paris 2008 - 2009 Eight month long internship within the Department of New Product Development. Involved in the development project of a drilling tool, my main objectives were:

    - Identifying the issues related to material wear in a drilling tool
    - Building up a test plan to assess lifetimes of several material solutions in conditions of High Pressure and High Temperature
    - Liaising with material engineering experts from universities and manufacturers
    - Carrying out material analysis in Bristol and Cambridge Universities facilities : hardness, elasticity and SEM
    - Producing a detailed report with results and recommendations.

    Presence of strong technical and economic stakes during this project.


  • IFP School

    Rueil Malmaison 2010 - 2011 Master of Science

    IFP School is a French graduate engineering school, a leader in oil and gas industry:

    - Economics in the energy industry (Commodity markets, Oil and Gas economics)
    - Upstream/Downstream oil-gas engineering
    - Corporate economic environment (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics)
    - Financial and corporate management (Economic calculation, Investment decisions, Project finance)
    - Quantitative techniques
  • Arts Et Métiers Paristech (ENSAM)

    Paris 2006 - 2010 Master of Engineering

    Nuclear industry and mechanical engineering - Arts et Métiers engineers are given a generalist training that prepares them particularly well for designing products and production systems.
    The training is organized into 3 departments:

    * Mechanics, materials and processes
    * Fluids and energy systems
    * Design, industrialization, risk management and decision-making
  • Lycée Saint Louis

    Paris 2004 - 2006